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blogust the twelfth: favourite book(s)

Day 12 – Your favourite book(s) and why.

Oh boy! Oh boy! A post about BOOKS! I love books! Almost as much as I love music, Sarah McLachlan and Jem!

I have three favourite books, and by extension, series. And they all have to do with witches. Go figure!

Book(s) the FIRST!

The Secret Circle (The Initiation / The Captive / The Power) – by L.J. Smith

When I was fourteen or so, I found the first book in this series in W.H. Smith in Plattsburgh (I loved that bookstore!). I was devouring all the RL Stine books at the time and this just jumped out at me. At the same time, I had a friend who loved the Vampire Diaries series by the same author, but I couldn’t care less. I hated vampires (and still do). I was all about the WITCHES. Because I was going to BE a witch. I was just waiting for those powers to kick in any day. Bring it on! I have read these books so many times, the pages are just so fragile. I can’t imagine my life without this set of books. They have a place of honour on my shelf. When I branched the bookish talk on this blog onto my book blog way back in 2007, these were one of the first books I wrote about. You know what? I need to reread these books again this summer. I have been feeling down and out and I think they will pick me right up. Also… don’t even try and mention the short-lived, crappy, CW attempt at making this show, ok? I refused to acknowledge it because they RUINED EVERYTHING GREAT ABOUT THIS SERIES and then it was cancelled. Oh, yes, I was very smug about that. TAKE THAT, YOU RUINING BASTARDS AT CW!


Book(s) the Second!

Polgara the Sorceress – by David & Leigh Eddings

I discovered this gem of a book when I worked at Coles bookstore (1998-2001). Believe it or not, of all the books I borrowed off my fantasy-loving father, I NEVER came across The Belgariad. Which is a huge shock if I think about it. I had NO clue that that epic fantasy series existed when I read Polgara! For shame! I quickly fell madly in love with this sorceress and when I grow up I want to be her (and Jem!). This is yet another book I have reread so many times it’ s a fragile entity on my shelf. Of course I quickly went through all 11 other books that came out before this once I was done. I’m sort of happy I read it as ass-backwards as I did, because I had a whole bunch more insight into the series and I think it made me love it more. This is still my ultimate favourite of them all though. Polgara is one kick-ass lady! I should reread this one, too. Hmm.

Book(s) the Third!

The Witches of Eileanan (Book 1) – Kate Forsyth

This is the first book in a series of six and I also happened upon it in the fantasy section of Coles (my boss and I had the BEST sci-fi/fantasy section of all the mall stores!) Once more a story about witches, sorceresses and fantasy. Are you catching a theme here? Of the six books I think the first and second remain my favourites. There’s just something so wonderful about this first book from the descriptions to the world of Eileanan to Isabeau and her journey. The entire book was just one fantastical discovery after another and although it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s possibly my favourite fantasy series of all time (yes, even ABOVE The Belgariad!)

And yes, although there have been non-fantasy type books that I have adored, my tastes tend to run in the same direction. Magic, witches, whimsy… and you have me. Although Polgara never was able to hide the white streak in her hair, I suppose being her would totally conflict with my magical power of changing my hair at will. I’ll have to work that kink out before I become all powerful.


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a Day August: Day 12 – Spoon: I got this spoon at a farmer’s market in Ottawa when I was visiting Monkey, many moons ago. I love it to pieces. I call it my Witch’s Spoon (wow – totally unrelated to today’s blog topic, but it ties in nicely, no?). Sophie was helping me photograph it this evening. 

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  • I loved The Secret Circle when I was a teenager, too! And I still have my original copies. I’ve read them so many times I’m not entirely sure I could read them again, but I undoubtedly will at some point.

    Wasn’t the TV show horrible? Uhg, it was so boring.