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body design – a realization

We have this cool thing through work that we can do Staff Fitness classes for only $15 a semester. It normally gives you 26 classes of the fitness you sign up for. I have done Yoga this way but I do not like the new Yoga teachers they have now so my friends Elise and Maureen joined me in signing up for Body Design.

I just had my first two classes this week, they are every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 – 1:45. The kicker is that I have to climb up to the McGill gym, for those of you who know how steep the hill is you know that is almost a warm up in itself. I generally catch my breath from the hill by the time I get to the Aerobics room. Which is good because the next 45 minutes are bloody INTENSE.

On Tuesday we have one teacher and she uses the big inflatable yoga ball thing along with weights. We also do lunges and squats. I have my Highland class on Monday nights and normally I am sore on Tuesday but I managed to make it through the class and not bail out of the exercises. I might not have been able to do all repetitions but I did most of them full on.

Wednesday I could barely walk or sit or stand. My lower abdomen, upper thighs and my knees were killing me. Today the thighs were better but the abdomen was painful so when we got to the ab stuff in today’s insane class I thought I was going to die.

Thursday’s teacher starts the class with everyone running around the room, jogging, stopping doing something like jumping jacks, more jogging until she has you sprint as fast as you can for 8 seconds. I was actually surprised at how much of the jogging I was able to do since I have zero endurance for running. I am hoping that by the end of this course I will be able to jog decently! Maybe even outside!

Thursday looks to be the more brutal of the two days and I can tell you that if this class doesn’t kill me I think it will do great things for my body after 26 classes plus the highland on Monday nights. AND it should also, hopefully help my highland endurance!

What I noticed though, is that after my class I crave only healthy things. Vegetables or fruit I don’t want anything junky.  We ended up having stir-fry tonight, just veggies and chicken because the thought of having anything crappy was just not on my radar.

I am hoping that this keeps up because I want to eat healthier and of course it will help when it comes to fitness and losing any weight. I don’t know how much, if anything, I will lose but if I keep this up with no cutting and keep having the healthy food urges I think I might slim down a little.

I am not out to lose weight by doing this. I am just trying to be more active and it’s a whole lot easier to do it when you have friends who are going with you and you can suffer and sweat together. I am tired of being lazy and I am tired of eating fast food or frozen food. I want to snack on fruit instead of chips. I just don’t normally crave fruit and if I am not craving something I can’t eat it.

The thing about gym memberships is that they cost a ton of money and I get bored really fast. I think having a 26 session work out thing for only $15 is awesome. And this course seems to promise something different each class and that will keep my attention longer, too! If we really like it we’ll probably take it in the summer (if it’s offered) and next Fall.

If you’ll excuse me I have to see if Shawn can carry me upstairs so I can take a 45 minute scalding hot bath with lavender bath salts to try and loosen up my body because right now? Everything from my neck down to my ankles is killing me.


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