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The Faerie Path (a.k.a But…but… the cover is so PRETTY!)

The Faerie PathThe Faerie Path
by Frewin Jones

Do you know? I almost put this book down and picked up Eclipse at one point? I was about to choose the book that I had been avoiding over the one I was trying to avoid it with! Luckily this was a very quick read and it was over before I could make up my mind about switching books.

There is nothing I hate more than being disappointed in a book that I was hoping I would enjoy. The write-up on the inside cover sounded promising and I have to admit I was quite enchanted by the cover. So pretty and sparkly. Ooooo! But when I started reading the story… I was disenchanted pretty quickly.

I did not like the characters. I did not like the writing style. I did not like the unoriginal-ness of the story itself. I felt the author was trying too hard to make this a fantasy faerie novel and tried to throw in all sorts of common, over-used ideas.  A 16-year old human girl, turns out to be the long lost Faerie Princess who vanished from the Realm of Faerie 500 years ago. She is found by the servant of the evil guy, who had fallen in love with her in the human world (the servant, not the evil guy). She of course is the one destined to have the Great Power of being able to walk both in the Mortal World and Faerie World. Blah, blah, blah. But she’s an irritating character. Or at least she’s written in an irritating manner.

For the most part she thinks she’s in a dream so she goes along with everything. But I was getting so sick of her saying “Well, this is only a dream so…” that I was suddenly about to throw the stupid book across the room.

Finished it in one night though. Not even three hours. It’s more of a younger reader book than I think they are trying to peg it. I don’t recommend it at all. Which is sad because there’s a sequel coming out in September and originally I was happy to have found this book right before the next one came out and I almost as enchanted with the cover art as I was with this one. But I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover and this is a very strong lesson in that! Oh, and I just saw that there is a THIRD book due out in January! Goodness! How long can this story go on? Seriously? It’s not that exciting!

The Lost Queen
and forever lost you shall be as I shall not read you!

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