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canadian tire makes me happy

For a while now, we have been thinking of maybe moving our TV from the basement to the main floor. Not that we watch it. Heck, we don’t even have cable! We do have Apple TV and various gaming consoles, but we don’t go in the basement nearly as often as we used to. I hardly ever go down there anymore, except to shower (and since our shower is broken, I normally take a bath up on the second floor!). I have my grandmother’s old cedar chest in the living room.

Sometimes I decorate it.

Most of the time it looks like this…

Not a pretty sight, you know?

I have been lusting after those electric fireplaces forever… they would be great to hang stockings from with care! So imagine my surprise when I looked at the Canadian Tire circular this weekend and saw that they had sales one something that combined both a TV stand AND an electric fireplace!

I like this one:


And Shawn likes this one:


They are both pretty expensive, but they are on sale until Thursday. Not sure what to do about it. Anyhow, we went and looked at them to get an idea of what they looked like in person. (Sort of cheap.) We also want a wheelie kitchen cart/island thing and the ones we keep seeing are SO EXPENSIVE! Ugh. Looks like you can’t get a nice inexpensive ones, but the ones we keep seeing LOOK and FEEL so cheap. Decor is so pricey. Blah.

But there there were some other things I wanted while there – and one of them was on sale.

Why yes, that IS a popcorn popper. I have an old air popper that I don’t really like and it shoots popcorn everywhere except into the bowl placed under it (much to the delight of all canines that have ever lived with me whilst I owned it). This baby above was on sale for $29.99 and it’s a popper AND bowl all in one. Woot! I was also ecstatic to discover that they finally had the mini mason jars in stock. Many, many moons ago, I visited Monkey at her apartment in Ottawa and I discovered she had all her spices in these cool little jars and they were stackable! I have lusted after this idea for years!

So I can finally better organize and store my spices. Spices that have grown considerably since I started cooking my own food!

I was highly amused by putting the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in order. hee!

What I discovered while filling these little jars (after washing them, of course!) was that a) I am out of red pepper flakes and b) I had way too many packets of chili, cumin and basil. I guess I kept losing the packets in the pantry and buying more thinking I was out of them. Oops. I think having 3 or 4 large packets of one spice – most of them open – is a little much.

So I organized my packets, and filled my jars.

Much to my delight these take up less room than the old jars I had bought from IKEA a decade ago. I can put FIVE jars in a row on the shelves my father-in-law made me when we moved into this house. I can buy MORE spices! Woo!! Now I just need to figure out what I want to add to my collection (not more chili and cumin, that’s for sure!) I left my smoked paprika in the container it came in for now because I was out of jars.

Then, since it was dinner time and I was desperate to try out the new popcorn popper… I might have had popcorn for dinner while watching America’s Next Top Model.

I am very impressed with this popper! The kernels all popped and it was light and fluffy! I added some sea salt once it was in the bowl and I had a lovely dinner of popcorn. *cough* I plan on getting much use out of this baby.

My problem now is that I am still slightly unfulfilled by not having the other furniture I was craving. I really want that cart/island thing and we’re tying to reorganize our kitchen to make it more efficient.  We’ll need at least two extra items that will be costly and I need to paint it so badly. I have hated the colours in my kitchen since we moved in. We’re not crafty or handy people and painting is such a chore. I don’t know what colours to paint the kitchen. I’m stuck with having the ugly yellow, broken tiled counter. I think I want to start by just painting everything (except the counter) white. Walls and cupboards. And then going from there. I have been looking at DIY ideas to add moulding to my cupboards and making them look different. Since we have an open concept and the living room is a dark forest green with brown furniture, I don’t want a kitchen that will clash too much with the living room. I am also having anxiety about where to move everything and how to best declutter.

I need help with this. I need someone to look at my kitchen with me and say “what about moving THIS over here? or THAT over there?” I have no idea how to cheaply and easily change the counter tops, but I want to so badly. I wish I was way more handy and that I could do this stuff myself.

Maybe I’ll just start with a coat of paint?

I also need to get rid of the small appliances that don’t work well anymore and all the extra crap I have in the kitchen I don’t use or need. The mugs and stuff I can give away (salvation army?) but I need to get boxes somewhere to put that stuff in. The things like the old popcorn popper and the blenders that don’t work… is there a point in giving those away? Can they be fixed? Should I just put them out on the days the city collects the junky electronic stuff? I don’t know what to do, but I need to get rid of all this stuff. It’s making me twitch. I HAVE to declutter. It’s like an obsession right now.

Declutter, paint and reorganize! I will be spending a lot of money at Canadian Tire in the next while, I think. 😉


  • Mishka

    I know how you feel…this house needs so many things right now and the budget just can’t handle it all. I am thinking I might tackle some painting soon since painting is relatively inexpensive and you get a bang for the buck. Fortunately I am pretty handy so that doesn’t pose a problem and I figure anything I don’t already know, I can learn but the money is the prohibitor right now.

    If I watch even one episode of hoarders, I am ready to clean out closets and give stuff away…LOL

    • Cat

      I haven’t even planned for the things that are broken in the house! The blind on the living room window has been broken for almost a year now. It doesn’t open or close and it’s in this perpetual state of “not really closed, but not really open” for so long. But spending the time, money and energy on having another one made and then trying to install it… ugh. Neither of us want to deal with that. So we just live in gloom on dark days. 😕

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