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    missing: me, myself, and I

    Sometimes a lyric deeply resonates with you. You hear it and your entire world stops. The only thing you know is, “This. This is exactly what I feel but I couldn’t put words to it.” And it’s amazing how much can change in a decade. And it’s strange what dates we cling to as we keep track of time. Some people have said I should let go of these dates, but I can’t. I don’t want to. They are a reminder of how much of the battle I have fought, and not lost. ——- Ten years ago today, I was 30. I had just been offered a new job a…

  • after the fire


    There’s a major, major fire happening down the street from us. I first noticed the smoke out of the corner of my eye through the back door around 4:30pm this afternoon. At first I thought it was a dark storm cloud but then it moved super fast and got bigger. So we went out, around the corner and tried to find the source. It was all just SMOKE. Huge, dense clouds of smoke, yet we couldn’t smell anything. Not a thing. We couldn’t get far because the sidewalks still aren’t ploughed from the snowstorm this weekend and we couldn’t walk in the street because of the traffic. The cops and…

  • after the fire

    two years… really?

    While Shawn and I were sitting in the living room tonight trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner, talk turned to our house and how we’re happy where we are right now, but don’t plan on being here forever, but we’re at least enjoying making this place ours. But then… I suddenly said, “Oh my god! It was two years ago TODAY that our place burned down!” “Can’t be,” said Shawn. But it’s true. March 27, 2006 was the night of the fire. The fire that burned for over four hours. The fire that changed everything in our lives. This also means that I have been in this…

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    keys tonight!

    I swear I had planned to write a big long thing today… but then the day just slipped away from me. I have been packing up all our DVDs, books and videogames. Once Shawn gets home from work tonight, we’re filling the car with boxes and then driving off into the sunset to go pick up the keys for our new house. This weekend will be spent cleaning and bringing more boxes and clothes over. All the big stuff should be moved next Friday – we just have to remember to book the truck. Oops. I am covered in dust and grime from the piles of things we stacked up…

  • after the fire

    one year

    One year ago today was the fire. So much has happened since then. We were pushed down but we got back up. And on Friday? WE GET OUR HOUSE! So, that long rambling post I was thinking about writing all week to express all the despair I was feeling about the fire and the rat bastard landlord? Well, it’s not needed, but I find that I am NOT in despair. I’m actually quite content with the way things turned out.