i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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festive fail

I have failed you, my readers. In the 6+ years that I have been blogging I have always had a Halloweeny blog theme as of October 1st. This year? Not so much. I haven’t even sat down to create new images for this new layout. I don’t feel like putting my old one back up because I am tired of it. So, we’re 3 days into October and I am still as summery as I was in July. Oh, well.

The decorations aren’t even out in my home to be honest. I haven’t felt at all like decorating or being holiday festive. I feel like I’ve lost that creative side of me. The one that cares about these sorts of things.

Heck, I’ve hardly had the computer on in the evenings when I get home for the last couple of weeks. Just not feeling it.

I sort of want an October theme, but I don’t feel like making one.


I might have lost my sense of whimsy. So sad.

under construction

If you happen to stop by on a whim and not from a google reader you might notice that today my blog looks like crap and is all over the place. I have been playing with the theme to get it to look like something I want it to look like but it’s not going so well.

Grr and argh is what I have to say.

When I get tired of trying to figure this out I’ll just put my old theme back and then pick up where I left off tomorrow. This is the weekend I will get both of my blogs updated and changed, darn it! Especially the book blog because I have wanted it to be a 3 colum theme for a long time and I am tired of the blog themes I have been using for so long.

So, there is no need to email me that my blog is broken, because as of the time of this post – I have not broken it… yet.

UPDATE 8:20 pm: I think I am done for now. Good heavens. Stupid CSS. I can’t get the comments to format the way I want and I  can’t seem to figure out where to change the bullet style in the options. I’m tired now though. I’m at least fairly happy with how things look for now and with the easy to customize header and colours I can update the blog nicely when the seasons change! (So tempted to put up an autumn theme now but I am trying to enjoy what summer remains!)

blog blahs

I’ve had this blog theme forever. In fact it’s so old it hasn’t been compatible with any of the new wordpress widgets or updates in over a year.

The only problem is I can’t see to find anything else that I like. I’d like something similar to this one, easy to edit and play around with (because I like to make my own graphics) and have three columns.

Like this:

Column  POST Column

You wouldn’t think that would be so difficult would you? Well, it is apparently. Anything 3-column seems to have both columns all squished together on one side, like this:

POST ColumnColumn

I do not want that.

Easy to create and customize themes is something I miss from my Blogger days. In fact they just updated their theme thingy to make it easier to design your own blog. Only blogger uses HTML and wordpress uses the complicated pHp and style sheets. Style sheets I can muddle my way through, only I do not know how to add an extra column to an already existing column theme.

Why is this so hard? It’s driving me crazy. I have just spent over 2 hours on google going through various wordpress theme sites and the best thing I have found is a site where you can pay a crapload of money to install something to customize your own wordpress blog!

No thank you.

I downloaded a bunch of potential theme possibilities and I am going to see how easy they are to manipulate and edit to my liking. I will admit I am highly particular about how I like my post titles to look and where the comments link is placed. At the same time I am feeling pretty stagnant when it comes to this blog theme AND the one on my book blog.

I need themes easy to edit so I can change them seasonally like I am wont to do.

This shouldn’t be depressing me as much as it is, but I can’t help it.

I guess this means I have been off from work too long and need to go back soon to occupy my mind with other more important things.

Only problem is I really do not want to go back to work. I like being home and doing all sorts of creative things.

just pretend

It’s October 1st today and I haven’t had time to change my blog to the Halloween theme. So just pretend it’s up and all orange and spooky and stuff. I will try to get on it when I get home!

Spooky UPDATE: Booga booga! It’s done!

of course this post ruins the pattern

Ok, I am so not loving the new WordPress Dashboard layout at all, but it DID show me this right after I posted the last post…

1234 posts

Want to know another reason this amuses me? Well while we were out today, I noticed that gas is WAY expensive, but most gas stations had a price of $123.4 per litre. Ha! I told Shawn we had to get gas at one of those stations because it was cool (yet, so so sad at the same time). However our gas tank wasn’t playing along and let us know it was about to stop giving and we ended up at our old gas station in Verdun on the way back from the vet and the price was $124.9 or something. Drat!

(Ugh! Just noticed my stupid time stamp is off! How long has THAT been wrong, I wonder??)