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The number of songs currently on my iPhone, and I don’t want to listen to any of them.

They are all annoying me. I just skip, skip, skip, past each one. I stop, thinking I’ve found a song I want to listen to, but then skip it half-way through. I hate this feeling. I hate days like this. Well, more like weeks. I had over 2000 songs on here until recently, but got rid of most of them, keeping only those I was more inclined to let play.  Alas, not so much any more.



So, I can’t read, and now I can’t listen to music. My two main outlets are currently out of service. I keep rustling my feathers, unable to sit still. I could really use a break from all of this.

blogust the ninth: 10 song shuffle

Day 9: Put your iPod on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that pop up & share why you have them in your music library.

1. Pray Your Gods – Toad the Wet Sprocket (Fear)

I bought this CD at a used bookstore in Plattsburgh, NY a million years ago. It’s the only TtWS album I really loved. It’s been a part of music library as long as I can remember. It makes me miss the 90s sometimes.

2. Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons (Sigh No More)

I’m not a huge male vocal fan, but the first time I heard Little Lion Man on the radio, I knew I needed to find out more about the band and bought the album almost immediately.

3. Coming Around – A Fine Frenzy (Bomb in a Birdcage)

I’m always desperate for new female vocalist music. Somehow, somewhere (maybe on TV?) I saw the video for Blow Away and I was hooked. It has a pig in the video. The pig reminded me of Annie (as pigs are wont to do). I bought the album when it came out.

4. White Horse – Taylor Swift (Fearless)

Hmm, I didn’t think I had this song active. I guess after I had to reinstall all my music when my hard drive crashed in the fall, I didn’t quite edit my song lists the way I wanted to. Oh, well. I don’t even like this song, but I DO like other songs on this album. (Should have added that to my guilty pleasures post.)

5. Everyone’s a Hero – Captain Hammer (Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

You have no idea how much I just squealed when this came on! If you don’t know what Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is, you NEED TO SEE IT NOW. Because it’s not enough to bash in heads, you’ve got to bash in minds!

6. I’m in Love – Meiko (The Bright Side)

This album was on repeat for 4 weeks from the day it came out in May until I needed to switch it up a little bit. I discovered Meiko from a Christmas song she had on a compilation and I fell head-over-heels in love with her music. This album itself is just fantastic.

7. On the Radio – Regina Spektor (Begin to Hope)

There was someone whose blog I used to follow that turned me on to Regina Spektor. She made a photo/video montage to one of the songs on this album and I loved it so much I looked up the artist. On the Radio is one of my favourites from this album. Regina Spektor is an amazing singer/songwriter. Vocals and piano are the way to my heart.

8. Circle the Drain – Katy Perry (Teenage Dream – The Complete Confection)

Turns out I like a lot of the songs on the latest Katy Perry album (as you can see it’s on my sidebar as Currently Listening). I always give an album a bunch of listens before I deactivate the songs on it I might not like. Yes, I do that. This is one that I was originally going to uncheck, but it’s grown on me and it breaks my heart because I’m pretty sure it explains what happened to Ms. Perry and her now ex-husband. Poor lady. 🙁

9. Path of Thorns – Sarah McLachlan (Mirrorball)

Oh, YAY! iTunes is being nice to me and playing the one song that started my love affair with Sarah McLachlan way back when I was 14! It has always been my dream to sing this song live. Next to Elsewhere, this is my second favourite song from Sarah McLachlan and the reason I have bought every album she’s ever put out since. Of course this version of the song is a live performance, but still. I have the album BECAUSE SHE’S SARAH MCLACHLAN. Duh. I’m still waiting for the day I can meet t his woman and thank her for helping save my life through her music. Seriously.

10. Blue Farewell – Melissa McClelland (Stranded in Suburbia)

Oh, well, I almost had a perfect ten. It’s not that I don’t love this album, but I just don’t particularly like this song and generally have it deactivated. (Which I am going to do now.) That being said Stranded in Suburbia is one of my top 10 favourite albums of all time AND Melissa McClelland is Canadian. Represent!

And yes, I had these songs playing as I wrote up this post. Made it more fun and the music makes me more creative. Easier to dream with music playing.


Instagram Photo a Day 

Photo a day August: Day 9 – Messy: I have books, bookmarks and paper EVERYWHERE! This is not an exaggeration. I’m lucky my husband doesn’t leave me.

cat the singular

Oh, my friends, do I have a story to tell! I bit the bullet and bought us some CATS tickets earlier in the week because I was running out of time and not winning any of the contests  I had entered. I could not live with myself had I let this weekend’s run of CATS go by without getting to see them in all their graceful and furry musical glory. Money is tight these days and I wasn’t going to buy tickets, but this was the most phenomenal thing I had ever seen when I was 12 and just knowing those dancing creatures were right near me and I wouldn’t be able to see them made me twitch.

So I went to Place des Arts armed with my credit card and I justified that this will be paid off by the fall. Hell, I spent a crap load of money on my eyes in February and they aren’t bringing me much joy, I thought for a mere pittance of that price I could at least have SOME joy. And my husband graciously said he would go with me. I love him. And he wasn’t bored out of his mind, either. Woohoo!

So we dressed up:

And we got in the car and attempted to drive to the theatre… then our adventure began!

The show started at 8PM and we decided to leave at 6:45 just in case we had any trouble finding parking. Little did we know it wasn’t the parking we had to worry about. We decided to take the Victoria Bridge for many reasons, most of which were we take it normally, there’s little traffic and it was closer to where we wanted to go. So we drive there only to notice – it’s CLOSED to inbound traffic. What?! Gah! Now it was closer to 7PM and we had to turn around, go in the opposite direction back to the Champlain. (Yes, we could have taken the Jacques Cartier, but neither of us are all that familiar with where to get ON it from our end and Shawn had already turned the opposite way.) We thought we were in luck because our exit for the Champlain wasn’t backed up. Easy as pie, right? Until we merged onto the bridge and everyone stopped. I read the sign on the bride “Electrical Work – CAUTION”. They had the outbound side of the bridge completely closed and one lane with outbound traffic on the inbound side. Argh! It took us a while to get over and take the exit for downtown – only to be stuck behind TWO CARS GOING HALF THE SPEED LIMIT! Argh!

I was really hoping we could get to the PDA parking lot, and we did – behind a line up of cars waiting to get in. But we managed to get there with 15 minutes to spare before the show. I was agitated though. I tell you!

But then I picked up my program and my excitement quickly distracted me from the road rage. When we got to our seats I was happy as a cat on a roof!

The program was pretty chincy – back in the day (read 1988) I am sure they had cast photos next to their names, but whatever. Did I mention I know the guy who knows Rumpleteazer? He’s a student in my Faculty and he grew up with her. I was totally hoping for a shout-out before her song, but alas, I was not recognized!

I wish I remembered from my 1988 experience that I wanted to be on the FLOOR of the show. I would have gotten to meet and see the CATS up close as they wandered through the audience a couple of times and even at intermission. Drat my lack of 22 years ago memories! We were still happy up in our 3rd balcony box seats though (the cheaper ones). Had I bought the tickets when I first heard it advertised I would have had closer seats. Oh, well, next time! (if there IS a next time! I mean the last time they were here was 1988 (I think!) hence my justification for these tickets, it’s a once (twice) in a lifetime deal!)

The show was breath taking, even from our vantage point. We were a little too high up to hear the words very clearly in some songs, but I do know most of them by heart so it was ok. 😉 Shawn was also in awe of the grace and ease with which these actors moved. Not a sound was made as they leapt and fell and jumped. Such grace. I think that’s one of the things that filled me with such wonder when I was 12. I still have that wonder today. I still want to be in CATS (and sing the Mcavity song!)

I am so happy I went and I got to share it with Shawn. He even found the same parts boring or exciting as I did. I knew he was perfect for me somehow!


  • Mr. Mistoffellees was a FANTASTIC dancer. His spins were awe-dropping to watch. I don’t even think figure skaters could do a better job.
  • Sadly Rum Tum Tugger wasn’t as awesome as normal. We didn’t feel the voice of the actor playing him, but his personality was hilarious. He made up for his less rugged voice with his actions.
  • The woman playing Grizzabella made me WEEP with her version of Memories. When she fell to the ground I just started crying. Shawn even said “all of a sudden her voice was IN OUR BOX” when she hit the climax of the song. Brilliant performance.
  • Old Deuteronomy wasn’t as large and deep voiced as I would have liked. He was ok, but I am used to my Old Deuteronomies sounding and seeming like large black men!
  • Every time they make that train in Skimbleshanks I tear up and get totally giddy. I don’t know why, maybe because I love trains and the musical? It’s just so EXCITING!
  • The guy playing Munkustrap had a fantastic voice and I realized his costume resembles this stunning grey cat that’s in a ton of tv commercials these days. (the costume has been around longer, but the resemblance is uncanny – or is that uncatty? heh)

This is one of those shows I think I could watch over and over again and never tire of. I remember I used to sing along with the Original Broadway Soundtrack from the 80s’ in my room and dance around. The music and songs are just so thrilling to me.

I just need to lose about 50 pounds, regain my flexibility and learn to dance and I think I would be a perfect CAT!

I have the 1920s glamour down, does that count?

(When I am an official rock star, I am totally making a music video with the cats of CATS! I don’t know what the song will be yet, but I swear I will be in CATS regalia and dance around with the cast in one of my videos. Mark my words!)

breaking up with sarah mclachlan is hard to do

Dear Goddess Sarah

When I was 14 I first heard the song “Path of Thorns (Terms)” and I fell in love. There was something in the melody, the vocals and the instruments that just reached deep into my soul and completed me. I had to know who you were, where you came from and needed to own whatever album it was that I could find that had your voice on it.

I usurped my father’s copy of your Fumbling Towards Ecstasy TAPE that he’d gotten through one of those monthly music subscription things. I had stolen a few of his albums back then, but this one… this one was a part of me. I couldn’t get enough of the music, the melancholy, the vocals, the harmonies, the emotion, the piano. You quickly became my goddess of all things musical and to be honest, of all things in general.

As I had no other aspirations other than become a professional singer at that young age, all I could think about was meeting you, working with you, going on tour with you. I longed to share my musical wants with you. That never happened of course. You continued to tour and I continued to be miserable in school and work and while you’re still singing I’m now a secretary.

You could do no wrong. It was an eternity between your albums once Fumbling came out. I wasn’t the hugest fan of Surfacing, but with that album came your entry into the US music market. I hadn’t been worried about that at the time because you seemed just so down to earth. So Canadian. You weren’t obsessing over your looks or over how in the media you were. You were just making music because you loved to make music. You were real. You were my inspiration. You didn’t even have super-groomed eyebrows until the release of Surfacing.

And then that album got over played. Your touring seemed to be 95% US and 5% Canadian. All your record company released were remixes of songs you’d already released. I under stand if you weren’t able to write music for a while, heck I know what it’s like to not be able to get a song out of your head or heart. Then again, I’m not the one writing songs for a living.

In 2004 you released Afterglow and while it held a little more appeal for me than Surfacing it was starting to sound over produced and synthesized. Where was the raw guitar and piano and vocal feel of the first few albums? This was starting to sound more like light rock than East Coast folky rock. Even your voice was different. There are voice lessons and then there are voice lessons. Your harmonies were not as creative and haunting as they once were. And while the 2004 release is special to me due to the fact that I was proposed to in the front row of your concert in Montreal that year and a song from the album became my wedding song… it just wasn’t Fumbling or Solace.

Then you released two singles with a greatest hits album. Those singles were just not good. One was better than the other but you shocked me by using freaking chat speak to title it. Really, Sarah? Really? You stooped as low as using number and letters to convey real words? That is one of my biggest turn offs and there was my goddess, my inspiration teaching a whole new generation of music lovers that it is ok to massacre the English language. We’re you trying to stay hip and relevant? Do you not care about your loyal fans?

But the biggest, hugest betrayal you could ever do came just this past winter. You cheated on me with the United States, Sarah McLachlan. You cheated. While us proud Canadians revved up for the 2010 Winter Olympics that were held in Vancouver this year we thought there’s no one better to represent us that Sarah McLachlan! She lives in Vancouver! Her record company is in Vancouver! We are PROUD CANADIANS! *fanfare*

But… your song, that lousy over-produced and sickeningly sweet One Dream wasn’t recorded for Canada. It was recorded for the US Olympics on NBC.


Your record company, Nettwerk Records, sent out a newsletter letting fans know they can watch the World Premier of your video by clicking on a link. Except it was only viewable in the US. I was so upset I wrote a letter. I do not write letters. I wrote a letter to Nettwerk calling them on their stupidity. I read the comments on your Facebook fan page and on Twitter before I promptly deleted myself as a fan and stopped following your news updates online. Canadians from coast to coast (though especially those in Vancouver) were livid. I was livid.

Was this your decision? I don’t know. If it was is was certainly a horrible one. It was obviously a money-driven decision and it is such a superbly horrible song I am almost happy it didn’t represent Canadians.

And now you have a new album coming out in June. And the new Lilith Fair tour that has a line up that I find just miserable. I always said I would go again if the tour resurrected, but I am not. There’s no one on the tour that I want to see bad enough to pay the admission fee. Your songs aren’t enough for me anymore.

And this new single you just premiered? Loving You Is Easy? It’s so different from your regular stuff it’s mind boggling. Shawn said it sounds like a cross between Michael Buble and Feist. I listened to it this morning and you sound like you’re trying to mimic Sara Bareillis’ Love Song. Do you remember the time that you didn’t sound like anyone else? In fact other people were compared to YOU, Sarah. YOU. And now I listen to this new song and think that it sounds like a fairly new artist on the scene. One I loved when I heard her. But it’s not you.

In fact your current songs are ones that I feel like I will hear playing over my head the next time I go have my teeth cleaned. You’ve become dentist and elevator music. Not raw, real, emotional music that grips your soul.

What has happened to you? I can always find at least one or two songs on an album to appease me, but the betrayal with the USA is just too much for me to over look. You don’t feel like a real person anymore. You seem like you’re trying to get in on the hype and the media sensations. I can’t even look at you.

I will listen to your new album when it comes out. And yes, I did buy the new song. But only because I seem to be holding onto a dream that has actually become more of a nightmare than a good one. I am clinging to my childhood goddess in hope that she’s still there to save me. But at the same time I am bopping to a really great new Sara Bareillis tune… er.. wait.. I mean Sarah McLachlan.

You used to have your own sound. Now you sound like everybody else. I guess it’s better that the US  has you.



PS – After the Barenaked Ladies let me down I always thought “At least I have Sarah McLachlan”. Are there any Canadians that won’t betray me?

because my parents aren’t on facebook or twitter

I’m embedding these here, too! It’s been 2 years since I’ve played my guitar so I pulled it out of the closet last week when I was feeling really down. There’s a hair-style change between the first and second. 😉

Long Gone

I Thought I Loved You

I still haven’t been able to write a new song in what seems like forever, but hopefully my downward spiral will convince my muse to resurface and help me create again. I’m itching to write something, I just can’t. Nothing comes out when I try.

Anyhow, my long weekend is over and I’m back to work tomorrow and I never got out to the store to buy my fruit for the day. Oops. At least I had a relaxing long weekend! Weather was perfect and I got to see Monkey and Mr Monkey on Saturday morning for a bit. I needed this break!