i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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happiness is new music

Someone at work asked me yesterday if I had heard “that sweater song”. My reply was, “the Weezer song?” but no. “That sweater song” is the song in the Old Navy commercials for sweaters. The artist is Ingrid Michaelson and my coworker sent me the link to her MySpace page. Since I am not on MySpace and I hate it with a passion, I happily clicked on the “Official Home Page” link to her site.

When I got home I listened to all the music clips on her web page and watched the Carson Daly video clip and was instantly drawn to her music and lyrics like a moth to a flame. I found myself on iTunes checking out the rest of her music and I am now the proud owner of her two albums.

Few things make me as happy as an exciting and refreshing new music discovery! And to think it all happened because I was wearing my awesome and warm new sweater from Old Navy which prompted my coworker to ask “hey, have you heard that sweater song?”

what the hell happened here??

Seriously, I mean it. What the hell is this? Not that she was the best before, but at least it wasn’t… this. THIS! WTF?

So, we were in the car on the way to the new house on Saturday and while flipping through the radio stations to try and find something decent to listen to, I came across this song. I said, “Hey, this totally sounds like a really bad Avril-wannabe!” Turns out.. it’s not a wannabe. It’s the real thing. And to think by only hearing one line from the song I could relate it to Avril Lavigne. And you know something else? From watching this video a couple of times today… the song is sort of growing on me. I don’t know what to do. Eep.

apple / iTunes

Why the hell is there a new version of iTunes every bloody time I open that program? I mean, REALLY. What needs to be updated so freaking often?? Grrr.

rethinking the panic! situation

My miniPod still isn’t working. Currently I am writing this on the laptop (iBook) as I download the latest iPod updater thingamabob. I am hoping this will help. What’s happening now with my machine is that it plays a snippet of some songs, all of others and just plain freezes on the rest. I have no clue what happened or what went wrong.

I only pray that this updater software actually DOES something. After that I am at a loss with what to do. There doesn’t seem to be a section in the Troubleshooting site for my problem.

I cannot travel without music. I just can’t. Please think positive thoughts for my lovely little blue friend.

[I had a bunch more things to post about tonight, but with the laptop and this iPod thing and my migraine, I think I’ll post tomorrow or something. This already makes number 3 for the day. I can’t over do it or ..I don’t know.. I just can’t. :P]

*UPDATE* I am currently trying to restore my iPod… sigh.. I got it into Disk Mode, so I guess it’s not a hardware problem.. or something. Only the “Restoring iPod” thing has been going on for a while now. I am a little concerned that it won’t stop. At least the Apple logo isn’t on my display anymore.. that’s all I was getting tonight. 🙁

*Yet Another UPDATE* Dead. Dead. Dead. 🙁

new music alert!! – jenny lewis

I wandered around HMV for about an hour yesterday and left with nothing. Why is all music crappy these days? What I wanted to get was Madonna’s Immaculate Collection, but it was $28!! Good heavens! It was on special for 2/$25… but do you think I could have found ONE other CD on special that I would like? NO! So I put it back.. I went home and bought the songs I wanted from Madonna on iTunes for $0.99 each. Gotta love iTunes.

Anyhow one CD in particular stood out while I was in the store. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins. However I was hesitant to buy it since the last two CDs I bought on a whim sucked BIG time.

So.. when I got home I googles her and liked the two songs I heard on her website and then since I was busy downloading songs on iTunes, looked her up there and listened to clips of the other songs. I liked what I heard and so bought the entire album for $9.99 – rather than $24.99 in store. HA! Take THAT HMV.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

So… go check her out – she used to be in Rilo Kiley (still is?) and I checked out that site too and liked what I heard… but one of the videos made me cry for about an hour so I won’t be watching anymore of their videos.. poor little unipine… *sniffle*