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    24 Days of Tea – Days 2, 3 & 4!

    Day 2 – Alpine Punch This wasn’t my favourite tea, but it wasn’t too bad. I think it would make a decent iced tea in the summer. It’s sweet but a little sharp. It smelled really good and Shawn was interested in trying it – so I told him if he did, he had to be in one of Finnegan’s photos. Good sport, that man. His love for me is very strong and he’ll prove that by the end of this post. Rooibos, coconut chips and rasps, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almond flakes, artificial flavouring*. Allergens: Tree nuts and coconut – DAVIDsTEA website   Day 3 – Blueberry Jam I was highly sceptical of this one because I don’t like berry-flavoured anything. I am not looking forward to the Strawberry Parfait one that’s in this calendar somewhere. Yuck. But it smelled good when I opened it up and it’s a black tea and I love me some black tea, so I went ahead and made myself a nice cup of this one and… it wasn’t bad! Not something I’d drink every day and I did put a tiny bit of sugar in it to round it out a little (it was missing something) but overall I was happy with the blueberry tea! Organic: black tea**, blueberries, elderberries, pink cornflower petals, stevia. With organic and natural flavouring*. Day 4 – Forever Nuts I used to not drink this one at all because of my nut…

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    24 days of tea 2013 – day 1 – white chocolate frost

    Day 1 – White Chocolate Frost You’ve been warned… I’ll be posting about tea all month! Most of you who know me pretty much knew this already. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to post a photo a day blog sort of thing, but I’ll be collaging the tea drinking on instagram and I’ll link them here eventually. I was happy to see that the first tea was NOT the first tea listed on the back of the package. I know this sounds silly, but I’m totally keen on having the tea be a surprise each day. Although I love the sound of the name of today’s tea, I am not sure I am a huge fan of it. Plus side it’s decaffeinated so I can drink it later in the day. It sort of tastes like the mint, rooibos tea mix I make myself but with a hint of… sweetener? It’s the sweet part that’s bugging me I think. It’s not horrible, and I’ll drink the rest of the little sample because it’s sort of peppermint hot chocolate-ish. Peppermint, white chocolate, pink peppercorn, stevia leaf, natural sugar flavoring, natural and artificial white chocolate mousse flavoring*. – DAVIDsTEA website Bonus… it glitters!!

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    it begins!

    December is here! Bring out the decorations! Begin full out WHIMSY MODE! Start opening your 24 Days of Tea calendar! Although I already opened today’s tea, I have not yet tried it (though it sounds delicious!) It will be an after dinner tea, I believe (it’s caffeine free, thankfully!) or a later in the afternoon tea. This morning I wanted coffee. Although, Finnegan D Ephelant is primed and ready for his 24 Days of Tea photos which begin TODAY! Bring on the Christmas Whimsy! *tosses glitter & snowflakes*

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    24 days of tea – days 5, 6 & 7!

    Day 5 – Organic Cream of Earl Grey Finding time to blog this month is proving to be difficult. I have been updating my 24 Days of Tea collages though on Instagram, so if you follow me there (or on twitter, or facebook) you can see them. I happen to love the tea from Day 5 and I have a can of it in my kitchen already. It was late at night by the time I got to open my calendar and I wasn’t about to have caffeine or tea before bed (awake & peeing all night? No thank you!) I am happy to have a fresher stash of this tea though, since mine is pretty old. I did bring it to work but didn’t drink it because Day 6’s tea is one of my all-time FAVOURITES! Organic Cream of Earl Grey Black tea, cornflowers, with natural vanilla and bergamot flavouring. Day 6 – Glitter & Gold I LOVE this tea! It sparkles and it tastes like Golden Grahams cereal. I think I have talked about it before on the blog (or maybe on my book blog?) either way, this is one of my favourites! Alas, the sparkle in the tea does not show up in iPhone photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it. This is one yummy tea! Finnegan made sure it steeped properly by keeping the lid on nice and tight with his big ol’ ephelant bottom. He’s getting pretty good at making tea. Glitter…

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    24 days of tea – day 4 – salted caramel

    Day 4: Salted Caramel As much as I wanted to open my tea this morning, I was having a Typical Cat Morning where nothing was going right and I was lucky enough to leave the house wearing clothes. (I am not the best of morning people.) So, since I’d forgotten Finnegan upstairs after going up there TWICE before I left, I just said “Forget it! I’ll do it tonight!” So of course I was spoiled on what today’s tea was by the time I got home, but I’m also happy to see that the teas aren’t coming out of the box in alphabetical order. That was a worry for a while (and takes all the excitement out of it!) I’m a little weary about having a caffeinated drink in the evening, but I didn’t have a lot of tea – despite how large my mug is. 😉 However, I’m falling asleep as I type up this post, so I think I should be fine tonight. I think this tea would be better if it didn’t have coconut in it. It was VERY coconutty to me and not so much carameley. And on the subject of coconut – WHY DO ALL THESE TEAS HAVE COCONUT IN THEM? I hate coconut. Argh. Twenty days of tea to go! Perhaps on the weekend we’ll get video-ish with Finnegan. After all, Christmas is Finnegan’s time to SHINE! Salted Caramel Black tea, coconut (argh!), caramel bits, English toffee bits (yum!), sea salt.

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    24 days of tea – day 3 – coco chai rooibos

    Day 3: Coco Chai Rooibos Finnegan is back in his Festive Hat! I even brought him to work with me today so we could continue this silly idea of capturing my tea of the day through Finnegan montages. I will now have to bring him back and forth to work every day. What was I thinking? I know we’re only 3 days in, but I really enjoyed today’s tea! I am very happy there’s enough for a second cup. AND I actually filled my cup up twice with the first half. Yum. I have a bunch of rooibos (red tea) in the office already and I mix it with mint. It’s decaf and has a light taste. I think red tea is my second favourite after black tea. As you can see I even have a new festive winter mug from DAVIDsTEA which I shall leave at the office for those tea days. I have my own Christmas mug at home and a ball infuser for the tea. Trying to find ways to get myself, the mug and Finnegan in the photo is becoming more difficult though. Especially when taking your own photograph. I’d be happy if my phone had a timer. Alas. You likely all couldn’t care less about my tea of the day, but this is what you’re getting for holiday posting, so deal with it. Heh. Coco Chai Rooibos Rooibos, coconut, cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom, cloves, pink peppercorn.

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    24 days of tea – day 2 – chocolate rocket

    Day 2: Chocolate Rocket I will admit, that I was sceptical about today’s tea. I don’t like chocolate and I don’t like pieces of nuts in things (and thankfully, this year I discovered that my tree nut allergy seems to have vanished!) But I am game to try each tea from this 24 days of Tea. I will find something new I love and I will undoubtedly discover teas that I do not like. But in the spirit of a surprise tea each day, I shall suck it up and try something even if I don’t think I will like it. And I didn’t hate today’s tea. It doesn’t taste chocolatey at all. Although it did need a pinch of sugar and a dollop of milk (nowhere near what I put in regular tea!) Yesterday’s tea I had without sugar and with just a smidge of milk. But that was black tea and black tea needs milk, yo. I will still visiting Monkey this morning so we opened our teas together. I had mine right away since I wanted to have the tea out of my system before I got on the train. Tea makes me pee. I can’t help it. And I hate having to pee every five seconds when I’m traveling! I realize I will have to bring Finnegan to work with me this week for the rest of these photos. My brilliant idea to have Finnegan’s 24 Days of Christmas Tea is slightly hampered by the fact…

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    24 days of tea – day 1 – buttered rum

    Day 1: Organic Buttered Rum Last year I found out about DAVIDsTEA‘s 24 Days of Tea too late. I believe each of the stores in Montreal only received 3 boxes each and I didn’t even know you could order online (maybe last year you couldn’t?). This year I was following DAVIDsTEA on every social media platform I could and as soon as I saw them post about the advent calendar on facebook I went and looked it up. A friend mentioned ordering it online and I thought, YES! That is exactly what I’ll do since who knows if I’ll find it in the store and who knows when I’ll get to a store! I was thrilled when it came in. It smells so wonderful. And of course, I packed the ENTIRE THING when I came to visit Monkey for the weekend because it’s December 1st today (hello, Christmas blog theme!) and there was no way I was a) going to miss out on the first two days of December and b) open it EARLY. I’m persnickety about calendars that way. And who better to help me go through all 24 days of tea, than the Internet Sensation Finnegan D Ephelant himself! I am going to try and get a Finnegan photo each of the 24 days of tea. I make no promises, but I need an excuse to blog about something, so why not this? The tea was delicious! Finnegan enjoys the fact that it comes in a tiny container that he…