i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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Finnegan’s Christmas Theatre 2017

Finnegan’s take on the classic Christmas movie, Die Hard.

24 Days of Tea – Days 2, 3 & 4!

Day 2 – Alpine Punch

This wasn’t my favourite tea, but it wasn’t too bad. I think it would make a decent iced tea in the summer. It’s sweet but a little sharp. It smelled really good and Shawn was interested in trying it – so I told him if he did, he had to be in one of Finnegan’s photos. Good sport, that man. His love for me is very strong and he’ll prove that by the end of this post.

Rooibos, coconut chips and rasps, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almond flakes, artificial flavouring*.

Allergens: Tree nuts and coconut – DAVIDsTEA website


Day 3 – Blueberry Jam

I was highly sceptical of this one because I don’t like berry-flavoured anything. I am not looking forward to the Strawberry Parfait one that’s in this calendar somewhere. Yuck. But it smelled good when I opened it up and it’s a black tea and I love me some black tea, so I went ahead and made myself a nice cup of this one and… it wasn’t bad! Not something I’d drink every day and I did put a tiny bit of sugar in it to round it out a little (it was missing something) but overall I was happy with the blueberry tea!

Organic: black tea**, blueberries, elderberries, pink cornflower petals, stevia. With organic and natural flavouring*.

Day 4 – Forever Nuts

I used to not drink this one at all because of my nut allergy but that seems to have vanished in the last year and a half (doctor tested and approved!) but I am still not a fan of nutty things. This one had the added yuck of apple. Dried apple makes me shudder. Yuck. But this drink – which has NO tea in it – turns red and smells like apple pie and I feel like brewing it just to let it make my house smell good. Shawn took this one for the team – as he did last year, but this time let me include him in the photo montage. Heh.

Apple, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot and artificial flavouring*.
Contains almonds

I love my husband. He helps me keep my head together.

24 days of tea 2013 – day 1 – white chocolate frost

Day 1 – White Chocolate Frost

You’ve been warned… I’ll be posting about tea all month! Most of you who know me pretty much knew this already. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to post a photo a day blog sort of thing, but I’ll be collaging the tea drinking on instagram and I’ll link them here eventually. I was happy to see that the first tea was NOT the first tea listed on the back of the package. I know this sounds silly, but I’m totally keen on having the tea be a surprise each day. Although I love the sound of the name of today’s tea, I am not sure I am a huge fan of it. Plus side it’s decaffeinated so I can drink it later in the day. It sort of tastes like the mint, rooibos tea mix I make myself but with a hint of… sweetener? It’s the sweet part that’s bugging me I think. It’s not horrible, and I’ll drink the rest of the little sample because it’s sort of peppermint hot chocolate-ish.

Peppermint, white chocolate, pink peppercorn, stevia leaf, natural sugar flavoring, natural and artificial white chocolate mousse flavoring*. – DAVIDsTEA website

Bonus… it glitters!!

it begins!

December is here! Bring out the decorations! Begin full out WHIMSY MODE! Start opening your 24 Days of Tea calendar!

Although I already opened today’s tea, I have not yet tried it (though it sounds delicious!) It will be an after dinner tea, I believe (it’s caffeine free, thankfully!) or a later in the afternoon tea. This morning I wanted coffee.

Although, Finnegan D Ephelant is primed and ready for his 24 Days of Tea photos which begin TODAY!

Bring on the Christmas Whimsy! *tosses glitter & snowflakes*

24 days of tea – days 5, 6 & 7!

Day 5 – Organic Cream of Earl Grey

Finding time to blog this month is proving to be difficult. I have been updating my 24 Days of Tea collages though on Instagram, so if you follow me there (or on twitter, or facebook) you can see them. I happen to love the tea from Day 5 and I have a can of it in my kitchen already. It was late at night by the time I got to open my calendar and I wasn’t about to have caffeine or tea before bed (awake & peeing all night? No thank you!) I am happy to have a fresher stash of this tea though, since mine is pretty old. I did bring it to work but didn’t drink it because Day 6’s tea is one of my all-time FAVOURITES!

Organic Cream of Earl Grey

Black tea, cornflowers, with natural vanilla and bergamot flavouring.

Day 6 – Glitter & Gold

I LOVE this tea! It sparkles and it tastes like Golden Grahams cereal. I think I have talked about it before on the blog (or maybe on my book blog?) either way, this is one of my favourites! Alas, the sparkle in the tea does not show up in iPhone photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it. This is one yummy tea! Finnegan made sure it steeped properly by keeping the lid on nice and tight with his big ol’ ephelant bottom. He’s getting pretty good at making tea.

Glitter & Gold

Chinese black tea, sugar crystals, gold sugar balls, vanilla, orange peel, cloves.

Day 7 – Organic Crème Brûlée

This was not a favourite. I tried it and drank a cup of it because I promised myself I’d drink one cup of each of these teas, but I can’t say I’ll be buying it any time soon. I had to add sugar and cream because it just didn’t make me all that happy. However I DID have a ton of fun turning my collage into a cheesy 70s type Christmas photo. heh Look at that oval in the middle! And the filter from instagram! At least I am having fun, right?

Organic Crème Brûlée

Green and red Rooibos, safflowers, calendula marigold.