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home pook home

The keys were obtained Friday night. Boxes have been slowly brought over. Today more stuff is being brought over. By Easter, we should be there full-time. This is pretty exciting, except of course for the lifting and unpacking. 😉in the car

Here we are in the car on the way to the New House. Yay! There are many, many traffic lights between the in-laws’ place and ours and I am too impatient to sit at a traffic light when I COULD be in my new home!

front door

Here is our lovely front step. Whereas I am a little sad we don’t have a large enough front porch for me to sit on, it’s still nice to have some steps!

front door foyer

Once you walk in, enjoy our back and white tiles in the foyer. I certainly do!


This is the view you get from the front door. I love the hard wood stairs up to the second floor. There is also a huge skylight window above that mirror on the left wall which brightens up the entire staircase.

living and dining room

Off to the right of the front door is our living room slah dining room. Currently we have nothing to go in this room other than boxes. We will quickly be getting rid of that dining room light as it is beyond tacky and so far Shawn has hit his head on it about 17 times.

powder room

Between the front door and the stair to the second floor is our lovely powder room. It’s good to have a bathroom on every floor. At least in my case it is. 😉

Cat in the mirror! Yes, this powder room is very pink.

Yet another mirror shot. This is the full legnth mirror at the (almost) bottom of the staircase. I thought this was a nifty shot, although crooked.

I swear our home is much more level than my photographs make it out to be.

cat's bathroom

This is My Bathroom. It’s the bathroom on the top floor, which I have already claimed. I have a lovely black & white dog & cat theme going on here. Thank you Wal-Mart. It’s too hard to get a full bathroom shot, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the garbage pail, cups and soap holders match. 😉


Aren’t my towels the cutest? The answer is of course yes!


Here is Shawn in our basement which will be the “family room”. I am quite happy that we have that built-in wall unit down here. It will make things easy for all our DVDs and games. Yay!

kitchen table

I shot this from the kitchen as Shawn and his father put our kitchen table back together. It was originally built by my FiL but it warped pretty badly from water damage during the fire. My FiL has since redone the top of the table, all straight and varnished and brought it over to the house to put the legs back on. It will be in our kitchen ultimately, although with nothing to put in that large room, we will most likely put it in the dining room portion of the house.


And lastly for now, our kitchen. Well one half of it. They left us their old dishwasher which will be changed for mine since it’s pretty much brand new. It’ll be nice to have it actually under the counter rather than having to move it around all the time.

Everyone else is currently packing up truck and cars as I sit and write up this post. We’re taking more stuff over today. I should probably go help with that. 😉

keys tonight!

I swear I had planned to write a big long thing today… but then the day just slipped away from me. I have been packing up all our DVDs, books and videogames. Once Shawn gets home from work tonight, we’re filling the car with boxes and then driving off into the sunset to go pick up the keys for our new house. This weekend will be spent cleaning and bringing more boxes and clothes over. All the big stuff should be moved next Friday – we just have to remember to book the truck. Oops.

I am covered in dust and grime from the piles of things we stacked up last year at this time and then never looked at again. But boy do we have a lot of crap around for having spent a year in a basement with 99% of our possessions in storage!

I’m going to need to start a new category for this house thing, since it’s technically not House Hunting any more. Hmm, not sure what to call it.

So, I’m off to get a few more things together for tonight and I will also be bringing my camera with me so that this entire weekend shall be documented!

Sorry for the lack of updates….


After today:

8 working days left until I have time off.

11 days until we get the keys to the house.

8 days since the anniversary of the fire.

20 days (approx.) until we’re completely moved into the new house.

I am anxious and eager for all this to happen. It’s very hard to wait when you always want instant gratification. 😉


I don’t feel like doing anything today. I think because I had yesterday off I feel very Sunday-ish today. It doesn’t help that I still have the tail end of a migraine (stupid hormones) and my throat is still sore. My mother-in-law has a cold and I am hoping that all I get is this sore throat. I slept for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon trying to get rid of my migraine. It helped a little bit.

I am also sore all over from a fun skating excursion on Thursday night with a friend from work. I have not skated in about 12 years and I even had to rent skates since mine are packed away in boxes. God, I was a flailing mess on the ice. I was so discouraged and angry at myself because I used to be a figure skater. 12 or so years and 60 pounds later and I can’t even do a cross cut! I fell backwards twice. Both times hitting my head, but luckily due to my hat and the padding from the hoods on the backs of my sweater and jacket it wasn’t that hard. I did whack my elbow pretty good the second time (which really wasn’t my fault when I fell, the ice had melted and I got stuck in a rut) and I now have this awful bruise/bump on my arm so I can’t lean on my right arm at all. But man… I didn’t realize how many muscles I used skating. Really. Back when I was a skater and in shape (ha) I could skate and not feel anything. Within minutes this time I had pains in the muscles in my shins and thighs. And when I woke up yesterday my lower abdomen was sore, too. And today my back… I need to skate more often, it’s an incredible work out.

But not until I can wear my own skates again. Those rented ones were hard to use since they didn’t give me the proper ankle support.

Shawn was supposed to work all weekend, and luckily he doesn’t have to work tomorrow. At least, as of this morning that was the case. Who knows what’ll happen when he gets home tonight. If he’s off, we might hit IKEA and some other places tomorrow to look for house stuff. We also need to go upgrade our bed purchase from Queen to King. Yay! And we can actually tell them where they can deliver it now. heh.

Speaking of new addresses… I am all obsessing about having to send out the email with our new address. But then I think.. well, we’re not moving until April and maybe I should send it closer to the end of March. But then I think… well, it doesn’t really matter if I said “IN ONE MONTH” at the start and then people will know in April they can use that address, and even if they send it to the current address, it’s my in-laws’ place and we can totally trust them to give us our mail. So I don’t know what to do. Being Instant Gratification Girl, I want to do it now. But we’re not 100% sure when we’ll be there full time.

Yes, we get the keys March 30, but we’re probably not fully moving in that weekend. That weekend will be spent bringing over small boxes and cleaning stuff. I will be taking the first two weeks off from work and we should hopefully be doing the Big Move over Easter weekend. Although staying there will totally depend on if the mattress store can deliver the bed the first week of April (I will go sit there, in an empty house, save a computer and internet connection 😉 and wait for the bed and stove to be delivered!). My plan is to slowly unpack boxes of things we can bring over the first weekend.

So Easter weekend – April 6-9 – we should be moving in and hopefully living there.

The sucky part is that to get from here to there during the week, I need to hitch a ride into town with Shawn and then double back and take public transportation to the house.

See the purple line? That’s how I would be going… over the bridge into town, hop on a bus, and back over another bridge back to the South Shore. The red line shows you what we do if we’re driving. As I do not drive and Shawn will be working… There is NO transportation from where we are now to where I will be. The transportation in Chateauguay sucks big time. The transportation over where I am going, even though it is on the South Shore and not Downtown, is much, much better. Closer to what it is in town. See where it says “Verdun” that’s where we were when the fire happened. I work to the right of the word Westmount. (Much closer to where we’re moving.)

I find it funny that when I search google maps for how to get from Here to There, it actually recommends crossing the two bridges rather than driving on this side of the river on the highway. Weird. Both drives are about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. With the south shore route, you’re less likely to get stuck in bridge traffic twice. You know, since you won’t be taking them.

it’s official!!

Deed is signed.


wooty woot!