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    not even a hint of a superpower!

    Well, my bone scan went off without a hitch. And in fact, since it was an hour earlier than I was told originally, I was all done by 10:55 in the morning! This of course put a damper on the lunch plans that I had tentatively made with a friend who works at the hospital. I was tired, Annie wasn’t doing well (yes, again! I’ll get to that) and I just wanted to get home. Since she didn’t have a lunch break until at least noon, I stopped by to say hi and then went on my merry way. I did not glow, nor did I obtain any cool mutant…

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    keeping the week in balance

    First off, I forgot to mention in my Week of Suck post about how it all started on Sunday night with the discovery that water had backed up into our broken dishwasher. Water that had the lovely aroma of rotten eggs. Water that we had to remove with 3 SHAMWOW!s, almost an entire roll of paper towels and a turkey baster. Yes, you read that right. A turkey baster… the water was under the bottom ring thing and there was a LOT of it, but it was too awkward to get at any other way. And, yes, the dishwasher that broke back in November is still there, in the counter.…

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    oh, annie

    Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to watch a dog who is the complete opposite of sure-footed on FOUR feet try to hop around on THREE feet? Well, let me tell you it is so completely heartbreaking that I want to hid up in my room until this all blows over. But I can’t do that because the second I am away from Annie I have this full-blown anxiety of how she might need me and she’s all alone attempting to hop around! Last night Annie’s left paw/leg wasn’t any better so we tossed around the idea of whether or not to take her to the vet…

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    Westside Lappie

    “Why aren’t there any musicals for dogs on Broadway, Mummy? Those silly Cats had one, so do those street gang humans. What about us gorgeous Finnish Lapphunds? I grow tired of this award show.” “Also, why aren’t we eating popcorn? And why are Neil Patrick Harris’ pants so shiny?” * photo snapped with Shawn’s iPhone, hence the grainy and dark quality.

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    annie turns 11 and other things

    We went back to Petcetera today for Annie’s birthday. It wasn’t actually planned, only Shawn let me know that we were out of dog food so we had to go anyhow. Off we went with the dogs in the back of the car for another Saturday of fun in the pet supply store! So we were all, “Hey, Annie! Wanna go pick out your own birthday treat?” And Annie was all, YUM! GRAVY! So, we took that as a yes and piled into the car (which was a good thing since she was already on leash and that meant we weren’t just teasing her). So, like, can I drive? Why…