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not even a hint of a superpower!

Well, my bone scan went off without a hitch. And in fact, since it was an hour earlier than I was told originally, I was all done by 10:55 in the morning! This of course put a damper on the lunch plans that I had tentatively made with a friend who works at the hospital. I was tired, Annie wasn’t doing well (yes, again! I’ll get to that) and I just wanted to get home. Since she didn’t have a lunch break until at least noon, I stopped by to say hi and then went on my merry way.

I did not glow, nor did I obtain any cool mutant super powers from the radioactive dye injection. I was sadly disappointed by that.

Meanwhile, when I managed to stumble down the stairs before 7AM yesterday¬† morning I was informed by Shawn that there was something wrong with Annie – AGAIN! She wouldn’t eat her food and had thrown up a little. Sigh. So I was anxious to get home from the hospital to make sure she was ok. The trip home was like some reality show challenge. I phoned my Mum after the test to let her know I was walking down the hill toward the metro station. She offered to pick me up when I got to the South Shore to save me a ticket. We decided I would go to the Longueuil metro station and she’d pick me up there. Except when I got off the Green line to transfer to the Yellow line, which would take me where I needed to be, I hear the following message (but in French) “Yellow line down for an in determinant amount of time”. Lovely. So I dished out $0.50 for the pay-phone (YES! FIFTY cents! Money gougers!) in hopes that my mum hadn’t left the house yet. Luckily no one had left yet. So we decided I would take the Orange line, take the bus over the bridge and they’d pick me up there. So, technically this did NOT save me a bus ticket as I had to pay for the bus over the bridge. Ah, well. My dad was the one in the car to greet me (too hot for my Mum, and I agree!) and he kindly bought me lunch as well! Also he came in with me when we got to my house to make sure Annie was ok. I was concerned I would get home alone and Annie would be worse.

She was fine.

She also ate her dinner just fine. (which was actually her breakfast ;)). However then I thought, huh… what she DID do in the morning was fish out the anti-biotic and break it in half and spit it out. And she wouldn’t touch the food after that. She did the same thing this morning. She took a mouthful of food and then choked it back up and spit out the pieces of pill. Then she sniffed the rest of her food and walked away and lay down.

Smart dog.

Looks like we’re going to have to pill her manually now. I think she’s over-dosed on meds and I know she’s constipated (yes! I’m talking about dog constipation! I know you’re all thrilled!) and she’s having trouble pooping (more so than normal). I think her stomach hurts and she KNOWS it’s the pill.

Why do I think it’s this and not that she’s not feeling like eating? Because I put Jinx’s food in front of her when he was done with it and she vacuumed it up in one breath. Huh.

Also… just when I was starting to feel sort of bad about all the wasps we seem to have caught in our wasp trap (11 +!!!), they were out there in force this morning when Shawn was leaving for work! GAH! Of course the 3 I saw were scoping out the wasp trap, so perhaps they are goners now, too. (Ugh! Sorry, wasps!) but at the same time – WHY WON’T THEY JUST ALL DIE AND LEAVE US ALONE!?

We need to buy some caulking stuff for the wall so hopefully we’ll get some this weekend. Then, I think one more spray of the Raid and we’ll seal up the teeny hole they are coming in and out of. Will that work? Will it trap them in the wall? Wait… do we WANT them trapped in the wall? Will they burrow through into the house? Eeek! Anyone know?

This week off has been far from relaxing. Stupid heat. Stupid public transportation. I need at least another month off.

keeping the week in balance

First off, I forgot to mention in my Week of Suck post about how it all started on Sunday night with the discovery that water had backed up into our broken dishwasher. Water that had the lovely aroma of rotten eggs. Water that we had to remove with 3 SHAMWOW!s, almost an entire roll of paper towels and a turkey baster. Yes, you read that right. A turkey baster… the water was under the bottom ring thing and there was a LOT of it, but it was too awkward to get at any other way.

And, yes, the dishwasher that broke back in November is still there, in the counter. And my actual dishwasher is sitting in the kitchen being used as a table top. I don’t want to talk about it.

And now, back to today.

The good news is that Annie’s paw was a billion times better this morning after only one application of cream and an extra dose of her cortisone pills. She was semi-walking on it and she’s not holding it up close to her body. When I put the cream on this morning the skin was just lightly pink and not the blood red of last night. Huzzah!

Shawn went to work and I sat around watching Annie to make sure she didn’t have a bad reaction to her antibiotics, which she got this morning with two more cortisone pills and more cream. Shawn phoned at 1:00 when he was leaving work and said he’d stop and pick up lunch on the way home (yay! Because I was starving!) When Shawn pulled in the drive way Annie got up and did a little Daddy’s Home! dance and her paw is being used much more now. I actually think it’s doing better enough that she’s forgetting that it still hurts because she appears to startle herself if she puts too much pressure on it.

Then I see Shawn’s face… uh oh. “What’s wrong, love?” I ventured…

So, this morning, when Shawn left for work, he pulled right back into the driveway after pulling out. I was concerned but he was just checking the front left tire as the car was informing him the air pressure was low. No biggie, I mean we just got these tires about 3 weeks ago, maybe it just wasn’t full enough to start with right? So he just stopped at a gas station on the way in this morning and put air in the tire.

Except, when Shawn got back to the car when he was leaving work the car told him the air was low in the front left tire again. So he looked and… there was a screw in the tire. A screw had punctured our 3-week old tire. Lovely.

You’ll note that it’s Annie’s front, left paw that’s infected.

So our car is having sympathy pains for our dog??

We thought perhaps our plans of attempting to go to Costco would be foiled once more as we drove to Canadian Tire to see if they could fix our tire, or if I needed to put a new tire on credit. Thankfully it’s pay day today.

Turns out they could patch our tire (yay!) and in fact there was no one there waiting and when the mechanic dudes were done their breaks ours was the first car to be looked at. The damage? $28. That’s it. And 30 minutes later we were… on our way home and not to costco. Why? Because the zipper on my shorts broke of all bloody things. And there was no way I was going anywhere else with my pants all wide open!

Then we were off to see if the snobby folks at Costco would let us in. Our membership cards still had not arrived, but darn it all! It was a week since Shawn paid so we were hoping we’d at least be in the system by now. And we were! So we got this temporary pass – a printed piece of paper with a barcode on it. And we shopped! $132 later we’re good to go with toilet paper and kleenex for like 3 months! Shawn’s got enough ketchup to last at least 2 weeks for him.

Sadly they kept our ghetto temp pass when we paid. It would have been nice to have been able to fill up on gas since we NEED gas and it’s only $0.99 a litre as opposed to the $1.09 every where else. I mean, damn, we PAID the $60 membership fee already, we should be allowed to partake of what we PAID FOR. Bastards.

But I have about 3 pounds 2-bite cinnamon rolls with my name on it in the kitchen right now, so I am not complaining too much. ūüėČ

To summarize our week so far:

Sunday – rotten egg water backup in broken dishwasher
Monday – car wouldn’t shift out of park and had to be towed to dealership, who never called us
Tuesday – car would be ready for pick up, but 1 week for part to come in to fix shifter (covered by warranty!!)
Wednesday – Annie’s limping and holding front, left paw up close to body, reasons unknown
Thursday – Annie’s paw is worse and she falls over while eating, rush to vet $166 later learn it’s skin infection
Friday – Car having sympathy pains for Annie, screw punctures front, left tire. Trip to Canadian Tire $28 later patched tire with 100 day or 5000KM warranty

So, now I’m wondering what Saturday will bring. =/

oh, annie

Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to watch a dog who is the complete opposite of sure-footed on FOUR feet try to hop around on THREE feet? Well, let me tell you it is so completely heartbreaking that I want to hid up in my room until this all blows over. But I can’t do that because the second I am away from Annie I have this full-blown anxiety of how she might need me and she’s all alone attempting to hop around!

Last night Annie’s left paw/leg wasn’t any better so we tossed around the idea of whether or not to take her to the vet in the morning, or just phone the vet in the morning and make an appointment for Friday afternoon when Shawn got off work. When we got home last night we took her outside and put her on the patio table so I could examine her paw and leg. I couldn’t find anything wrong, she doesn’t pull away when you poke, pull, prod and so it was impossible for us to figure out exactly what part hurt so much that she¬† was holding her entire leg close to her body. Shawn carried her out back before he came to bed and then carried her back into the house, so she didn’t have to climb down the three steps on our deck.

This morning she was limping but in good spirits. The only problem is that she gets so excited when we wake up and come down the stairs that she was falling all over the place trying to dance around in GOOD MORNING!!! excitement. So we had to firmly tell her to calm down because she would hurt herself more.

We still weren’t sure when to go to the vet. Until she fell over while eating her breakfast. Her back legs gave out (I am pretty sure she’s got arthritis in her hips because she occasionally has some trouble getting up when it’s damp and cold). My guess is that they were just tired from holding up her weight. Heh.

So we decided a trip to the vet it would be. They opened at 9AM and I phoned at 8:57 to see if we could be fit in. The wonderful tech guy who works during the week and remembers me (between Annie and Kewpie (from back in the day) I have had a lot of vet time. ;)) and he said to bring her in and the vet would try and see us between the two surgeries he had scheduled that morning. If he couldn’t see her then we could leave her there.

So off we went to make it to the vet for 10AM. And we got seen and my vet is just so fantastic. For regular check-ups he’ll sit on the floor with the dogs and cuddle them while examining them. Fantastic!

Turns out Annie’s left paw has a skin infection. Between the pads. I didn’t even notice it yesterday, but this morning her paw was hot to the touch, whereas the other 3 were cool and he said it was slightly swollen. The skin infection is likely from her already known allergies. So we walked away $166 poorer (thank god for credit!) and with a medication routine – Annie already takes 5mg of prednisone Mon-Wed-Fri for her asthma/allergies. So we’re upping that for 3 days to 10mg in the morning and night, decreasing to 10 mg a day for 1 week or so, plus antibiotics (1 with breakfast for 14 days) and some cortisone cream which also has anti-fungal properties (he’s concerned that a fungus might form. Ew.)

After Annie’s dinner (+10mg garnish) I applied the cream to her paw. IT IS SO RED! The poor thing. Even the fur around the infection is reddish (no blood though, I checked!). Now it’s noticeable, if we had waited until looking at her tonight before going to the vet I’d probably be in one hell of a panic.

Our vet hopes this will clear up with the 3-4 days of uber prednisone, and then the rest of the pillings will just prevent it from coming back. I certainly hope so as Annie is in obvious pain. Her panting has tinges of crying at times and it’s just killing me inside. I don’t know what else to do for her!

Westside Lappie

“Why aren’t there any musicals for dogs on Broadway, Mummy? Those silly Cats had one, so do those street gang humans. What about us gorgeous Finnish Lapphunds? I grow tired of this award show.”

“Also, why aren’t we eating popcorn? And why are Neil Patrick Harris’ pants so shiny?”

* photo snapped with Shawn’s iPhone, hence the grainy and dark quality.

annie turns 11 and other things

We went back to Petcetera today for Annie’s birthday. It wasn’t actually planned, only Shawn let me know that we were out of dog food so we had to go anyhow. Off we went with the dogs in the back of the car for another Saturday of fun in the pet supply store!

So we were all, “Hey, Annie! Wanna go pick out your own birthday treat?”

And Annie was all,


So, we took that as a yes and piled into the car (which was a good thing since she was already on leash and that meant we weren’t just teasing her).

So, like, can I drive? Why aren’t we moving yet?

Last week’s trip, which I never wrote about, was huge excitement for Annie! She was more excited and interested in things than Jinx was – almost. She was jumping up and trying to get a squeaking tennis ball that another shopper was showing her. She tried to climb up and into the display of cat scratch-posts (she was VERY interested in those!) she loved the bunny in the cage (so did Jinx – and the chinchillas (chinchilli?) only they didn’t like Annie and Jinx very much and were trying to bite them through the bars. heh) We were going to let the dogs check out the bunnies again but there were people in the way and so we wandered through the other aisles. We also needed dog shampoo since it’s so mild this weekend the dogs were getting bathed. Yay!

A boy and his dog.

I have very good dogs. Seriously. Or, maybe not that bright. But I’m chalking it up to them being VERY polite. We went down the aisle with all the dog treats and many of these are just out in the open on low shelves, ripe for the pickin’! First – and this I will give point to “not bright” – both dogs get all excited about the PACKAGED boxes of treats on the opposite side of the aisle to the Free Range treats. But then when they notice the other side, they sniffle, waggle and look at us and go from one end to the other. No licking, no picking anything up. Jinx and Annie had like, 2 feet of pigs ears to pick at and they just sniffed them and bounded down the row. I was impressed.

Jinx got scared when he accidentally backed into some metal pooper scoopers and actually “wuff”‘d at them. HA HA HA! It was a low, irritable woof too. Like it was telling it off in a whisper. Oh, my dogs. So we got the food, the bones, the gourmet wet food and the shampoo and we headed back to the car.

It’s like being pulled by a very slow dog-sled team – going about 5 inches an hour.

When we got home, oh the joy! The dogs thought they were getting their bones. But, no! We had something MUCH more exciting planned. First we strategized… who goes first? Annie won that round, and after being carried up the stairs, Annie got her Birthday Bath (lucky dog!), followed by Jinx. He was very helpful, because when we opened the bathroom door to let Annie out he was standing RIGHT THERE and eagerly came into the bathroom to see what was going on. Oops.

Does this look like a dog who turned 4 last week? He’s still a puppy!

I’m blurry on purpose to tick you off because you BATHED me on my BIRTHDAY. And there was NO GRAVY!

But after the bath trauma (they just sit or stand there and don’t even try to get away. They are exceptionally good dogs to bathe, we are very lucky) they each got their treat. We didn’t realize how big those treats were mind you.

It didn’t go much above 7C today, but that was still mild enough that we could finally wash these dogs and keep them from stinking up the house anymore. Of course now the house smells like wet dog, but that will go away soon and the dogs will smell much better. Next time they should need a bath we will likely be able to do it outside.

Meanwhile, I have a bathroom to clean now. I am glad I didn’t actually clean it all the other night like I was wanting to do because I would have had to do it all over again.

We didn’t feed the dogs until late tonight since they’d each had such a hefty afternoon snack. They did get the special stew-like dinner. But we ate at a normal time and had our first BBQ of the year. We cheated and bought the pre-made burger patties since we were rather wiped from the afternoon fun, and they shrank down to tiny little oreo-sized burgers, but they were still good because they were done on the barbecue!! Yum!

I think Annie had a good birthday. She’s 11 now and with each year she gets more and more playful and puppy-ish. Which is strange. I think Jinx has rubbed off on her. Eleven is old for a dog, but Lappies seem to have a good track record of living to 14-17 years old. I’m hoping that Annie falls into that category because I can’t imagine not having her in my life.


Happy birthday, Bellygirl.