• annie,  life with dogs

    i love turkey

    If I had to have a last meal it would consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, my grandmother’s stuffing and vanilla cake for dessert. yum. I love turkey. I love mashed potatoes. Yum! It would appear I didn’t take any photos of humans… but it doesn’t matter, I got this one shot of Annie after dinner that pretty much summed up how we were all feeling… *urp* So much food, so little time and so sleepy! [hey, look! you can see my hella cool wallet in this photo! it had to be a part of the holiday, too you know!]

  • annie,  finnish lapphund

    adore me, darnit!

    i am so tired of everyone always ooohing and ahhhing over that stupid puppy. i was here first and i am the most beautiful lappie that you will ever see. it’s about time i have my own post on this webpage so that you can all see just how wonderful i am and all know that i am mummy’s favourite cuddly dog. i am annie i am beautiful. i am gorgeous. i am coy. i am cute. so you’d better all adore me. you’d better all remember who was here first. i expect attention before the puppy. i just want to be loved. please do not forget me, i’m afraid you will. if you need me, i’ll be on eBay trying to sell the puppy…

  • annie,  life with dogs

    things i learned from my dog

    veggies are yucky, unless they are covered in dip. except carrots. carrots are just yucky no matter how you have them and deserve to be spit out on the floor in a big ol’ carroty dippy glob. bananas are exciting unless you actually give me a piece. then that too deserves to be spit out in a glob on the floor. it’s much more exciting when someone else is eating it. if someone other than my mummy offers me food – like hard boiled eggs – that is yummy beyond belief. also eggs are good because they are smelly and smelly = yummy!