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    bath time fun!

    Oh, it’s bath time for Jinx Because he stinks! He won’t be happy But he rolled in cat pee So he brought this on himself And though she’ll try to protest Sophie is next! Because it’s the end of the summer Sort of a bummer And I don’t know how many warm days we’ll have left! Hose, lather, rinse Lather, lather, lather! OMG Lappie fur! Lather once more Spend 30 minutes trying to rinse all the soap out Wonder why you didn’t adopt goldfish instead Oh! It’s bath time for Jinx! Because he stinks! And though she’ll protest Sophie is next! That’s how we do Sunday!

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    and you can’t forget sophie

    Since I have been a horrible blogger and never posted photos about my lovely dogs over their respective birthdays, I thought perhaps I should show some Sophie Love on the blog. All of this Jinx’s Garden talk is going to make her bratty. heh This is my best side, yo. Actually all of my sides are the best because, duh. I’m ME! The more comfortable Sophie gets living with us the more vocal she becomes. She doesn’t bark but she sings – not the singing that was happening when we first got her and she was crated, but she talks to us in a sing-song RooooooooOoooooo sort of manner. It’s…

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    the hazards of gardening

    Someone got tangled in the cucumber vines and couldn’t get out of his garden. Bwahahahahah! Oh, Jinxy. I couldn’t have staged a better photo for today’s challenge if I tried. #photoadayjuly Day 7 – #garden (why, yes, I did actually take a photo of Jinx before untangling him from the vines. I am a wonderful doggy mummy!)

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    Seven years ago today, Jinx showed up at our house as a 4-month old pup. He was the best wedding gift ever and I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for seven years already. (Also note: as of tomorrow, I’ll have been married to Shawn for 7 years. Unbelievable!) I know this blog has been rather Jinx-centric lately, but I can’t help it. He’s the one taking care of the garden and he’s the one who happens to no longer be a 4-month old puppy. Also, just be happy I’m updating this blog because I’ve been way to neglectful of it. (Working on that!) The puppy photos in the collage…