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bath time fun!

Oh, it’s bath time for Jinx
Because he stinks!
He won’t be happy
But he rolled in cat pee
So he brought this on himself

And though she’ll try to protest
Sophie is next!

Because it’s the end of the summer
Sort of a bummer
And I don’t know how many warm days we’ll have left!

Hose, lather, rinse
Lather, lather, lather!
OMG Lappie fur!
Lather once more
Spend 30 minutes trying to rinse all the soap out
Wonder why you didn’t adopt goldfish instead

Oh! It’s bath time for Jinx!
Because he stinks!

And though she’ll protest
Sophie is next!

That’s how we do Sunday!

and you can’t forget sophie

Since I have been a horrible blogger and never posted photos about my lovely dogs over their respective birthdays, I thought perhaps I should show some Sophie Love on the blog. All of this Jinx’s Garden talk is going to make her bratty. heh

This is my best side, yo. Actually all of my sides are the best because, duh. I’m ME!

The more comfortable Sophie gets living with us the more vocal she becomes. She doesn’t bark but she sings – not the singing that was happening when we first got her and she was crated, but she talks to us in a sing-song RooooooooOoooooo sort of manner. It’s sort of like a purr and growl and r-rolling woo.

She sings a lot.

Sooooomewhere ooooooover the roooooooOoooooobow!

Dooobee doobee roooooooOooooOOooooO!

All, I’m askiiinnnng is for a litttlleeeee rooooooooSPECT!

This morning Sophie crawled into my lap when I came down from bed and we had a mini sing-a-long together.

We are looooooOOOoooost togethrooOoooooooOooooOOOoo!

 And she might be beautiful and a fabulous singer and a champion snuggler, but sometimes you can catch her at her goofiest (just don’t tell her we have this photo…)


(and just ignore how fat my arms look at this angle. Not my most flattering photograph, either. See Sophie? We can suffer together!)

the hazards of gardening

Someone got tangled in the cucumber vines and couldn't get out of his garden. Bwahahahahah! Oh, Jinxy. I couldn't have staged a better photo for today's challenge if I tried. #photoadayjuly Day 7 - #garden 
Someone got tangled in the cucumber vines and couldn’t get out of his garden. Bwahahahahah! Oh, Jinxy. I couldn’t have staged a better photo for today’s challenge if I tried. #photoadayjuly Day 7 – #garden

(why, yes, I did actually take a photo of Jinx before untangling him from the vines. I am a wonderful doggy mummy!)


Seven years ago today, Jinx showed up at our house as a 4-month old pup. He was the best wedding gift ever and I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for seven years already. (Also note: as of tomorrow, I’ll have been married to Shawn for 7 years. Unbelievable!)

I know this blog has been rather Jinx-centric lately, but I can’t help it. He’s the one taking care of the garden and he’s the one who happens to no longer be a 4-month old puppy. Also, just be happy I’m updating this blog because I’ve been way to neglectful of it. (Working on that!)

The puppy photos in the collage above are from July 2005. They were taken a week or so after our wedding, so they aren’t quite from the first of July, like the two current Jinx ones.  It’s amazing how much he’s changed looks-wise, but his personality hasn’t much changed. He has become a lot more Prim & Proper than when he was a pup, but I think that was Annie’s influence on him. She had high standards for the way a dog should behave.

July 6, 2005 & July 1, 2012

One thing I find hard to believe about all of this is that when we got married, Annie was 7. Jinx is now 7. Seven is not an age I’d ever associate with Jinx. It seemed strange enough that Annie & Dan were 7-year old members of our wedding party, but Jinx has always been The Puppy. Heck, we still call him Jinx Puppy, or Billionaire Jinx Puppy (like Billionaire Bruce Wayne. I honestly don’t remember how we started that one). Sophie is two, technically she’s the puppy now, but we’ve never called her puppy.

Jinx still has the same, sweet, soulful eyes that he’s had since we first met. He’s got the same extremely gentle manner. He’s polite (always way) and sensitive. He’s not as curious as he once was and sometimes is a little more timid about new things than he used to be, but he still takes everything on nose and paw first. If he hasn’t bumped something with his nose, it’s not something he’s interested in.

Seven years is a long time and yet it feels like no time has passed at all. We never thought our little Winxish Joe would be anything other than scrawny with big ears. He’s grown into those ears and now looks a lot more like a regal lion than a scrawny pup. It’s not something you really notice until you look back at photos.

So, today we celebrate our Jinxaversary* and Canada Day. What shall we do? Likely lounge around at home and not go outside. Tomorrow, Shawn and I will spend out time wandering around the Old Port. Yes. The dat AFTER Canada day. Where there are less people and little to do. Lately, the Old Port hasn’t had much of interest going on on Canada Day itself, so why go stand in a crowd? Though I might like to see the fireworks. Jinx, however, does not approve of fireworks and would like to start a petition to have them banned.

Happy Jinxaversary!

*Jinxaversary was coined by an author-friend of mine on twitter this morning and then stolen by ME so I could title this post. heh

video tour of jinx’s garden & tomato taste test!

Jinx shows off his garden.