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    the most difficult goodbye

    Tonight we said goodbye to Jinx. The loss of every pet is beyond difficult, but some hurt in different ways and some seem like they hurt more. We were devastated when we lost Annie back in 2011. She was just shy of her 13th birthday, and she was old. And although Annabelly was my soulmate dog, Jinx… well, Jinx is our heart. This fluffy, perfect gentleman of a dog was the most polite, dignified, and happy dog I have ever known. Jinx was just so full of love. Love for everyone and everything (except for squirrels). He was the happiest of creatures, his tail always up and wagging. Jinx was diagnosed with lymphoma this month, and it was apparently very aggressive. Over Father’s Day weekend we noticed that Jinx was peeing a LOT. So much that we made a vet appointment a week later and we all thought he just had a urinary infection, but we did a blood panel anyhow, just in case. Aside from the excessive urination and drinking, Jinx seemed fine. Just tired from all the peeing. He was eating well, we was still happy and bouncy. He started having trouble holding himself up on his back legs, but we thought maybe he was just in pain because of the urinary issue. He had antibiotics and that seemed to help after a week’s time. But then we got the blood test results (2 days later) and Jinx’s calcium levels were 2.5 times what they should be. It…

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    jinx puppy turned nine

    Fancy dress for his birthday dinner Somehow, Jinx Puppy has grown up. It’s like we’ve blinked and he got old. But he’s not old. Yet, on February 28, 2014, our little puppy turned 9-years old! Shawn and I spent the last week of February shaking our heads in disbelief. This little guy – the best wedding gift ever! – was only 4 months old when we met him. How did he grow up so fast? Looking through photos, I noticed that he celebrated his third birthday in this house. This also means we’ve had the house a long time. Not to mention the fact that we’ll be married nine years come July. NINE. Next year will be 10. TEN! Shawn and I both still think of Annie as being 7 years old and yet it’s been three years since we lost her. Jinx will forever be our Puppy. Our gentleman puppy. Protector of All Things Proper. Are you really trying to take a selfie with me? Do you want to be THAT person? Jinxy sleeps a lot now. He also snores very loudly. He limps a little when he gets up from one of his naps, as I think his hips are possibly bothering him when it’s damp. Once outside, he’ll happily romp around with Sophie in the snow (he loves to pull her tail) but he’ll quickly plop himself down at the bottom of the stairs, in the snow, and chomp away on pieces of ice he has found.…

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    diary of a non-jogger – i will be the unicorn!

    End of  Week 1 Redux Today marks the end of the second time I have done the Week 1 training routine for my Couch to 5K app. This means I have successfully run 6 times in the last 2 weeks. (And there was that unsuccessful almost half-way through the first day of Week 2 in the middle, so did run 7 days, sort of…) As much as I have to push myself through those last 3 60-second runs, I am seeing progress in my distance while running and my pace. I don’t feel like collapsing and giving up before I read the half-way mark and I am not as beat up when I end the 31 minutes. I think I will give myself one more week of this schedule and then attempt the Week 2 schedule again. I am still not convinced I will be able to run for 90 seconds, since towards the end of this one I am struggling with the 60 seconds. I am not going to force myself to get through if it’s too painful/difficult. Right now I am at my limit of what I can push myself to do and I am not injured & beat afterwards. I think I might also open my Runkeeper app and see if the distance matches up, I’m confused as to how it’s always so different. Not to mention it stops calculating when the time is up, so when my 5 minute cool-down is over, the distance stops. I…

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    diary of a non-jogger – i get by with a little help from my friends *waggle*

    Me and my pink hi-lighter hair took to the streets again this evening when we got home from work. You can’t tell in this photos, but I had a cute little poof and aqua bow hair-style going on today. Aqua looks GREAT with fluorescent troll-doll hair, btw. I didn’t go to aqua fit today. My body hurt. Rather, my bones felt like they were hurting. I am great at listening to my body, so I made the call and skipped AF today. I went out to lunch with Mo and friends instead. They ate, I had a snack and looked forward to my home-made lunch back at the office. Thing was, on the way back to the office, a construction site dropped something that was so loud and sounded so similar to the jumper hitting the pavement two weeks ago that it freaked me out. A lot. Mo, Jo and Erin all fussed around me and I took deep breaths and we crossed the street. My heart was in my throat and tears were in my eyes. And just as I was telling them that I’ll be ok, but wow, it was exactly two weeks ago TODAY that the incident happened –  IT HAPPENED AGAIN! We passed a delivery truck that ALSO dropped something heavy and loud as we passed it. I swear I thought I was going to pass out. Mo, the blessing of a friend that she is, took my arm and petted me as we walked away saying “everyone is alive…

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    that time our dog beat us at cards

    Christmas vacation means that I get to spend time with one of my dearest friends, Jill. We’ve been friends since the first day of high school, way back in 1988. Yikes. We’re old. Jill is also Jinx’s girlfriend. He looooooooves her so much. More than I have ever seen him love any other female we have had over. Jill’s visit this year was during our huge snowstorm (45.5 cm in one day!) and it was iffy getting her to our house, but we managed. Sadly, our traditional meal of St Hubert BBQ chicken wasn’t a reality since the restaurant was closed due to the storm. (It takes a LOT for something in our area to close for snow, so that’s an idea of how bad it was out.) Jill brought with her a card game, much like Apples to Apples only for people with sick and twisted minds. Cards Against Humanity is a game of association. Everyone gets dealt a hand of 10 white cards and with each turn one person turns over a black card and you have to put down what you think would go best with the prompt. The person whose turn it is picks which response is best. If your card is chosen, you get to keep the black card. Jinx started off all sweetness and light, with “cuddling”. You need at least four people to play this game so Jill dealt a faux hand, then Jinx settled himself down next to the cards on the…

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    dogs do understand and they can be cheeky about it

    In case you didn’t know, the Finnish Lapphund is an arctic breed of dog. The breed is, well, bred, to herd reindeer in Finland. Finland isn’t known for it’s balmy, tropical weather. This means that Lappies are a breed of dog prone to heatstroke. It’s best to not have them out in the heat of the day during the summer and one of the reasons we used to lock Annie and Jinx in the bedroom when we went to work, June through August – it was the only room with air conditioning. Jinx, however, seems to have been absent the day the memo about Lappies not being good in the heat went out. Jinx likes to SUNBATHE. You didn’t specify that ALL of me had to be in the shade, Mummy. See that photo there? Well, that was what happened after I told Jinx “You can stay outside with me while I read, but you have to stay in the shade.” Trust me. Jinx understands this. You’ll often hear Shawn or I calling out to him “Get out of the sun, you moronic dog!” during the summer months. He’ll ask to go out, and we let him, thinking he has to potty, but no… he walks to the edge of the deck, or out into the middle of the grass and just flops down. Happy as can be. He loves to bask in the sun. So we’ll cry out “Get in the shade!” And he’ll pick himself up, blink at…

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    Seven years ago today, Jinx showed up at our house as a 4-month old pup. He was the best wedding gift ever and I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for seven years already. (Also note: as of tomorrow, I’ll have been married to Shawn for 7 years. Unbelievable!) I know this blog has been rather Jinx-centric lately, but I can’t help it. He’s the one taking care of the garden and he’s the one who happens to no longer be a 4-month old puppy. Also, just be happy I’m updating this blog because I’ve been way to neglectful of it. (Working on that!) The puppy photos in the collage above are from July 2005. They were taken a week or so after our wedding, so they aren’t quite from the first of July, like the two current Jinx ones.  It’s amazing how much he’s changed looks-wise, but his personality hasn’t much changed. He has become a lot more Prim & Proper than when he was a pup, but I think that was Annie’s influence on him. She had high standards for the way a dog should behave. July 6, 2005 & July 1, 2012 One thing I find hard to believe about all of this is that when we got married, Annie was 7. Jinx is now 7. Seven is not an age I’d ever associate with Jinx. It seemed strange enough that Annie & Dan were 7-year old members of our wedding party, but Jinx has always been…

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    taunted by squirrels

    My poor Jinx puppy is a Lappie of high standards. One of the things that offends him deeply is the existence of squirrels. Just this morning, I looked up and saw a huge, fluffy squirrel tail right outside our living room window. The squirrel had the nerve to be on our windowsill trying to hide food in the flower box for the winter. Of course I drew Jinx’s attention to said offensive act  and he ran from the backdoor (where he was keeping a vigilant watch for squirrels in the back yard) to the front window and nearly had an aneurysm. Seriously. He was foaming at the mouth in outrage! Little Sophie had no clue what was going on, but she happily bounded around, wagging her tail and trying to look out the window, too. If Jinx was excited about something she had to be excited, too! YAY! Something is HAPPENING! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! (What’s going on?) I DON’T CARE! YAY!!! Once Jinx was back on all fours and looking at me with a mix of  “How rude!” and “I am so proud of the way I protected you!” on his face, I couldn’t help but give him a treat. After all, squirrels are terrifying and he did save my life. Sophie, of course, still had no idea what was going on, so she put two and two together (Let’s see… Jinx got all huffy and whiny and grumbly about something and Mummy gave him a cookies. I can do this!) so…

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    tomato plant obession

    Last year I had a cherry tomato plant. This year I have a, um, real tomato plant. I don’t know why, but I have this deep fascination with tomato plants and how they go from leaves, to flowers to fruit all so quickly. I had a thought, albeit too late in the season, that I should photograph one flower-to-tomato every day at the same time of day to chart the progress. A sort of time-lapse photography thing. Maybe next year I’ll do that. I was hoping to have my own little garden in the yard this year but that didn’t work out due to various whatnots, so as I wrote a week or so ago, I picked up my already budding plant at the farmer’s market. It had 3 tomatoes on it already, but only one ripened, the others took their time growing. I now have a second tomato about to finish its ripening phase and I can’t wait! You can sort of see the other tomatoes hiding among the leaves. I just love looking at the new green ball of fruit through the plant. I don’t know why, but it makes me happy and calm. There is something so peaceful about fruit through leaves. It’s like looking up at the sky through a tree. I have been thinking that I should have picked up one of those hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes in the end. Even if I didn’t really have a great place to put it. I love…

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    can i knit you a sweater?

    Guess who finally started moulting? This little quacking sheep is in awe of the bounty that we got from sheering, er, brushing, Jinx. I think he feels slightly inadequate. And my little boy is now about 10 lbs lighter than he was an hour before. Thanks to Shawn who got down on the kitchen floor voluntarily and started to thin out Jinx’s coat. With the heat that we’ve had these past few days I am sure this will make Jinx feel a little less of the heat. The sad part is, there’s still a ton more dead fur to come off him, but we ran out of time. This was almost over an hour of brushing. I got in on the action for the last 30 minutes. He’s about 2 months off schedule for this de-furring.

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    attack of the croooooooooows!

    I have had all the blinds pulled this afternoon due to a migraine and it’s just that kind of glare outside that kills me the most. But I was opening the back blinds to let some light in when Jinx noticed this huge crow staring into our living room from the wires outside. Jinx did not approve. I wasn’t about to let him out since I knew he’d just bark at it and frankly, I’m scared of crows. They are evil. That’s when I noticed there were about 50 billion crows in the back yard and surroundings. Gah! So I let Jinx out to defend our home. Take that, crows! These ones are SMALL. There are rooster-sized ones hovering around as well. But they must be camera shy because they fly away as soon as I try to snap their photo. Probably afraid I’ll capture their evil souls. Jinx was quite concerned about the crows in his yard. Not quite as bad as squirrels, but even the squirrels know better than to stick around with the evil crows. The yard is crow-free, however they are still up on the electric wires and in the trees. Right before they settled in these trees they all flew up from the yard below (not mine) and it was SO LOUD – and that was just their wings! *shudder* The one good thing about all these crows? I got this awesome shot of my Winxy Jinx! (You can click some of these to enlarge…

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    happy 5th birthday jinx puppy!

    It really just feels like yesterday that Jinx arrived in our lives all tiny and fluffy. Jinx turning 5 today means that in 4 months we’ll have been married for 5 years. Wow. Time sure flies and a hell of a lot of things have happened in those 5 years. Our baby turns 5 which is hard to get in our heads. He still acts very puppy-ish and has the same puppy expressions he had at 4 months old. Heck, we still CALL him Jinx Puppy. Timid, good natured, hater of everything squirrel and a great soccer player, that’s our Jinx. Some said that naming him such would cause us nothing but trouble but they were wrong. Aside from the Chewing & Digging Year (which we thankfully spent living with my in-laws so he got all of that out of his system then!) Jinx has been a wonderful dog. He’s gentle and inquisitive, and really, unless you are a squirrel, he won’t ever show any aggression. He really, really hates those squirrels though. And now Jinx is two years away from being considered a senior in the dog world. I can’t imagine Jinx ever seeming like a senior citizen, he’s still got way too much puppy in him. Big ol’ milestone this 5th birthday. And next week I have to live with the fact that my Annabelly is turning 12! Where does the time go??

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    the curious incident of the dog in the backyard

    Poor Jinx. Really. He’s not having a very good week. I have transcribed last night’s events for you here: SHAWN: Crap! Jinx! Get inside there’s a skunk somewhere! *nothing* SHAWN: JINX! COME, NOW! JINX! *nothing* *Shawn runs out further onto the deck to go grab Jinx* SHAWN: SHIT! That’s NOT Jinx! So Shawn was running after this BIGASS skunk which was in the far corner of the yard. Jinx was on the other side of the yard. (As depicted by the image below. Click to enlarge.) Thankfully, Annie was already at the back door and so we didn’t think it was her – but if she wasn’t we wouldn’t have known the difference just by looking out into the dark. This skunk was BIG. So, at 10:00 PM, as I was about to go to bed, Shawn, Jinx and I had some family fun time in the bathtub. Hmm, that sounds wrong, doesn’t it? Does it help if only Jinx and I were in the tub and Shawn was outside of it? We dumped the rest of the dog shampoo on Jinc and scrubbed. Of course we didn’t do his HEAD because his head didn’t smell skunky. Hooooboy does it smell skunky today. Yuck. He wasn’t sprayed directly, in fact we don’t even think he knew the skunk was there! He seems to have been misted though because the poor guy is fragrant today. We’re supposed to be going over to my in-laws’ place for dinner tonight for Father’s Day…

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    time can fly, but those squirrels had better stay grounded!

    My super guard Lappie Jinx does not like to be taunted by squirrels. Oh, hell no! And this pudgy little one just wandered along the fence and climbed up onto the roof of the shed in the neighbour’s yard and just sat there being all pudgy and taunting and all around squirrel-ish! This did not make Jinx happy. He’s 4 today. A MAN. And Men don’t let squirrels just pudge around all day! Jinx is devoted to keeping these squirrels off our property and out of our line of sight. Which makes me happy since I am terrified of them. However the squirrels now feel the need to show up in force and dance along the fence just to stick it to the MAN that Jinx has become. So I let him out. Heh. I am horrible. But it was almost 11:00 and so his GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY barking shouldn’t have woken too many people up. Actually he was way more barky than he normally is so I felt bad for letting him out, but  hey, it’s his birthday today! I had to get him something! If you click on the photo it’ll open up a larger one so you can see the squirrel better. And did you know the more you write “squirrel” the more it looks wrong? I had to finally look it up in the dictionary to make sure I was getting it right. Ha! A better birthday post for my little Lappie will…