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tuesday night, a love story

Best Halloween costume purchases I think my husband has ever made. I will better collage the photos from Tuesday night and print out the photo and hang it in my home, I think.

Isn’t this how everyone spends their Tuesday nights?

dogs do understand and they can be cheeky about it

In case you didn’t know, the Finnish Lapphund is an arctic breed of dog. The breed is, well, bred, to herd reindeer in Finland. Finland isn’t known for it’s balmy, tropical weather.

This means that Lappies are a breed of dog prone to heatstroke. It’s best to not have them out in the heat of the day during the summer and one of the reasons we used to lock Annie and Jinx in the bedroom when we went to work, June through August – it was the only room with air conditioning.

Jinx, however, seems to have been absent the day the memo about Lappies not being good in the heat went out. Jinx likes to SUNBATHE.

You didn’t specify that ALL of me had to be in the shade, Mummy.

See that photo there? Well, that was what happened after I told Jinx “You can stay outside with me while I read, but you have to stay in the shade.”

Trust me. Jinx understands this. You’ll often hear Shawn or I calling out to him “Get out of the sun, you moronic dog!” during the summer months. He’ll ask to go out, and we let him, thinking he has to potty, but no… he walks to the edge of the deck, or out into the middle of the grass and just flops down. Happy as can be. He loves to bask in the sun.

So we’ll cry out “Get in the shade!”

And he’ll pick himself up, blink at us and then slowly wander back up the steps into the shade on the deck. He then plops down HEAVILY and glares at us.

So, Jinx knows the word shade. He does. But this time he looked at me, looked down, circled, shifted, looked at me, looked down and then plopped down so that just his butt and tail were in the shade.

Tricky bastard.

As I snapped the photo I said, “I see what you did there. Don’t think I don’t see that.” And gave him a Don’t Mess with Mum look and said “Shade. All of you. Now. Or you go inside.” So he got up and moved.

Happy now? Now that you’ve killed my dreams?

And he thunked down so heavily and sulked. I told him to suck it up, I was just trying to keep him alive and I went back to reading.

Oh, the humidity.. er.. humanity! Or animality? Whatever… MY LIFE IS TRAGIC!

This shot was taken moments after a BIG DRAMATIC SIGH where Jinx pulled his paw under his chin and just SIGHED! Seriously. You’d think he was about to call Animal Abuse and report me. Imagine. Making him lie in the shade, when it was very, very hot out and having a bowl of water RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. I’m a monster.

He tried to sneak around the chair I was in once and pretended to be sniffing something near the barbecue and suddenly flop down in the sun again. I watched him as he did this and noticed he kept sneaking glances back at me to see if I was watching. What a sneak! I caught him before he fully hit the ground the first time and startled him with a bark of “Shade!”. He slunk, dejectedly, back into the shade near my chair. The second time he wandered down the steps to the grass and made like he was going to do some potty type business, looked back over his shoulder at me and flopped right down in the sun.

Good grief.

After I scolded him once more, he went and lay down by the backdoor, I guess thinking if he can’t lay in the sun, he’d rather be inside with Shawn and Sophie (Sophie who much prefers the air conditioned house and NO SUN).

I might be overly paranoid about Jinx and heat stroke, but I know of Lappies who have succumb to it and it was sudden and sometimes during weather that you’d think would be ok. I just don’t need Jinx frying his brain in the sun in 40C weather.. or 30C weather, for that matter!

Alas, my furry little cheeky monkey doesn’t seem to register the danger. He just liked to sunbathe. He’s been like this since a pup. Strange dog.


Seven years ago today, Jinx showed up at our house as a 4-month old pup. He was the best wedding gift ever and I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for seven years already. (Also note: as of tomorrow, I’ll have been married to Shawn for 7 years. Unbelievable!)

I know this blog has been rather Jinx-centric lately, but I can’t help it. He’s the one taking care of the garden and he’s the one who happens to no longer be a 4-month old puppy. Also, just be happy I’m updating this blog because I’ve been way to neglectful of it. (Working on that!)

The puppy photos in the collage above are from July 2005. They were taken a week or so after our wedding, so they aren’t quite from the first of July, like the two current Jinx ones.  It’s amazing how much he’s changed looks-wise, but his personality hasn’t much changed. He has become a lot more Prim & Proper than when he was a pup, but I think that was Annie’s influence on him. She had high standards for the way a dog should behave.

July 6, 2005 & July 1, 2012

One thing I find hard to believe about all of this is that when we got married, Annie was 7. Jinx is now 7. Seven is not an age I’d ever associate with Jinx. It seemed strange enough that Annie & Dan were 7-year old members of our wedding party, but Jinx has always been The Puppy. Heck, we still call him Jinx Puppy, or Billionaire Jinx Puppy (like Billionaire Bruce Wayne. I honestly don’t remember how we started that one). Sophie is two, technically she’s the puppy now, but we’ve never called her puppy.

Jinx still has the same, sweet, soulful eyes that he’s had since we first met. He’s got the same extremely gentle manner. He’s polite (always way) and sensitive. He’s not as curious as he once was and sometimes is a little more timid about new things than he used to be, but he still takes everything on nose and paw first. If he hasn’t bumped something with his nose, it’s not something he’s interested in.

Seven years is a long time and yet it feels like no time has passed at all. We never thought our little Winxish Joe would be anything other than scrawny with big ears. He’s grown into those ears and now looks a lot more like a regal lion than a scrawny pup. It’s not something you really notice until you look back at photos.

So, today we celebrate our Jinxaversary* and Canada Day. What shall we do? Likely lounge around at home and not go outside. Tomorrow, Shawn and I will spend out time wandering around the Old Port. Yes. The dat AFTER Canada day. Where there are less people and little to do. Lately, the Old Port hasn’t had much of interest going on on Canada Day itself, so why go stand in a crowd? Though I might like to see the fireworks. Jinx, however, does not approve of fireworks and would like to start a petition to have them banned.

Happy Jinxaversary!

*Jinxaversary was coined by an author-friend of mine on twitter this morning and then stolen by ME so I could title this post. heh

taunted by squirrels

My poor Jinx puppy is a Lappie of high standards. One of the things that offends him deeply is the existence of squirrels. Just this morning, I looked up and saw a huge, fluffy squirrel tail right outside our living room window. The squirrel had the nerve to be on our windowsill trying to hide food in the flower box for the winter. Of course I drew Jinx’s attention to said offensive act  and he ran from the backdoor (where he was keeping a vigilant watch for squirrels in the back yard) to the front window and nearly had an aneurysm. Seriously. He was foaming at the mouth in outrage!

Little Sophie had no clue what was going on, but she happily bounded around, wagging her tail and trying to look out the window, too. If Jinx was excited about something she had to be excited, too! YAY! Something is HAPPENING! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! (What’s going on?) I DON’T CARE! YAY!!!

Once Jinx was back on all fours and looking at me with a mix of  “How rude!” and “I am so proud of the way I protected you!” on his face, I couldn’t help but give him a treat. After all, squirrels are terrifying and he did save my life. Sophie, of course, still had no idea what was going on, so she put two and two together (Let’s see… Jinx got all huffy and whiny and grumbly about something and Mummy gave him a cookies. I can do this!) so she barked once at me and pranced around. Of course she got a treat, too.

I really wish that the front window episode didn’t happen so fast and I was able to get a photo or video of it. Drat.

BUT! The squirrels were not to be deterred from their winter preparations! Oh, no! Just moments ago, Jinx started freaking out again (which of course scared the crap out of me since it was so quiet up until then) and even managed to somehow OPEN THE SCREEN DOOR in his outburst! I figured there was a squirrel on the back fence (as is the norm) and got up, scolded Jinx with all my might and made him go lie on his bed at the other end of the room. Only while closing the glass door over the screen did I notice the lone peanut sitting about a foot and half away from the door.


Next thing I knew, there was a little squirrel face peering at me from around the corner of the railing by the deck steps. I grabbed my phone and in my indecision over whether or not to take photo or video, I almost missed this:

Oh, yes! Mr. Billionaire Jinx Puppy’s outburst was justified! That little squirrely bugger was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE!

That’s just beyond rude.

(Although, I was upset at Jinx for the outburst, I was more scared of the fact that the screen door opened before I realized it was him that did it. I thought someone was breaking in!)

The nerve of some creatures. Seriously.

Mr. Proper Lappie (aka – Billionaire Jinx Puppy) shall don his top hat and monocle and make sure this doesn’t ever happen again. How offensive.

My husband made a warning sign for those evil little rodents…

Take note.

tomato plant obession

Last year I had a cherry tomato plant. This year I have a, um, real tomato plant. I don’t know why, but I have this deep fascination with tomato plants and how they go from leaves, to flowers to fruit all so quickly. I had a thought, albeit too late in the season, that I should photograph one flower-to-tomato every day at the same time of day to chart the progress. A sort of time-lapse photography thing. Maybe next year I’ll do that.

I was hoping to have my own little garden in the yard this year but that didn’t work out due to various whatnots, so as I wrote a week or so ago, I picked up my already budding plant at the farmer’s market. It had 3 tomatoes on it already, but only one ripened, the others took their time growing. I now have a second tomato about to finish its ripening phase and I can’t wait!

You can sort of see the other tomatoes hiding among the leaves. I just love looking at the new green ball of fruit through the plant. I don’t know why, but it makes me happy and calm. There is something so peaceful about fruit through leaves. It’s like looking up at the sky through a tree.

I have been thinking that I should have picked up one of those hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes in the end. Even if I didn’t really have a great place to put it. I love how this plant is falling over the side of the railing, looking all wild. That also makes me very happy.

Thanks to Instagram, I never have to see a normal-looking photo of tomatoes again. ha! Tomatoes with funky filters and evening lighting makes me happy. A lot about this plant makes me happy – especially when I tasted that first tomato last week!

The tomato plant makes me miss Annie a lot, though. She loved tomatoes. Almost as much as bananas. She’s steal the cherry tomatoes off the plant at my in-laws’ place and I am sure she stole a couple from my plant last year. Jinx hates them. He’ll beg for a piece and spit it out disgustedly and then beg for a different piece. I wasn’t sure what Sophie thought of the fruit until I gave her a piece of that first one and she nearly took off my hand. Then tonight, as I am watering and photographing the plants I see her nibbling on a tiny green bulb that was just starting to grow. I, of course, told her NoSophie! and then thought “Crap, I have to watch this one” and then thought – oh, this will make a cool photo. Only it wasn’t Sophie I got…

Mr. Jinx puppy had to come over to the plant to see what all the fuss was about. He sniffed the plant, I took a shot and this is what I got. ha! It looks much more ominous than it really is, since I believe he was trying to get the tomato smell off his face.

It’s not him I have to worry about…