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    because jinx didn’t want to be left out

    Even though it’s 20 below zero or something out, I am tempted to open all my windows and freeze to death because right now? My apartment does not smell so great. Ah, life with dogs, huh? For about an hour, my poor little puppy dog threw up.. and a LOT. And boy was it disgusting and boy does it smell. I let him outside because he was gagging so I thought, ok go throw up outside. And he did. And then he just sat there and I thought he was just being his regular stubborn self and refusing to come when I called. So I stormed out there in my slippers, picked him up and carried him back inside. It’s cold. I can’t leave him out there (any one can just reach over our back fence and take the dog, so I don’t trust him out on his own for long…). And I sit back down and I go to watch TV and Jinx walks over to me and.. BLEH! throws up next to the coffee table. Ugh. Then he staggers over toward the kitchen table and BLEH… and I have never seen so much stuff come out of a puppy. Oh my god. Ew. So I let him back out and he proceeds to throw up over and over and over as I am trying to clean up the stuff in side… it looks to me that he’s been busy cleaning up after Annie and her tummy troubles. NO…

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    i love…

    That this little guy is always so happy. His tail never stops wagging and he’s so sweet and loving. He’ll come up to you tail wagging away and just poke you with his nose and nuzzle your hand or leg. He’s just a happy pup and that makes ME happy. Thank you, Jinxy! 

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    where are my gifts?!?

    hullo everybody! it’s me, JINX! it’s been a long time since i’ve written anything on my mummy’s blog, but i have been really busy. today i am nine months old. i’m such a big boy! almost a man! this weekend my parents were talking about how i used to be so little that my head didn’t even reach the top of the coffee table. now? now i can just walk over and take whatever i want right off of it! haha! only mummy and daddy don’t really like that game. they are soooo boring!   my tail is so fluffy now and i have this puffy cream coloured fur on my back legs. my parents call them pantaloons. then they call me Stinky Pantaloons and laugh! i don’t think that’s so funny. i much prefer the game where i take stuff off the table tops… or the game where i eat one of each sock so that mummy and daddy only have one sock per pair. hahahahaha! one of the best things about being a big boy is that now annie likes me! we play almost every day! i jump all around and pounce on her and she just lays there and swats me with her paw. ok, so she wins a lot more than i do, but i’m much more agile…. despite what this looks like, we’re actually in the same photo. mummy was sitting in the lazyboy and i was playing with annie. when she sat down we…

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    when the hell did this happen?

    Jinx is HUGE! Last night he was just laying there next to the bench and I was like, WHOA! When did he get so big? When did he suddenly take up over half that space? To compare… here’s Jinx laying down in July: Ok, so he’s not really laying the same way.. but you can tell, right??? Also, he’s bigger than Annie now (not if you look at his head) I thought this was cute see how they were sleeping in the same position? Heehee! To compare… here’s a shot from July of the two of them together: Thank goodness Jinx is growing into his ears. 🙂 I guess it had to be, right? I mean he IS eight months old. I just suddenly realized how big he got last night. Wow. (he’s still under 30lbs, though!)

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    jinx discovers the bathroom sink

    Jinx loves running water. He doesn’t like to get wet, but he loves to try and bute water when it runs. Occasionally he’ll bark at it too. Not sure what that accomplishes, but it’s sure cute. And now we know Jinx is a Big Boy because he can reach the bathroom sink. He really is a cutie. Yesterday while I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth, Jinx came in and sat in the bathroom like he tends to do. Normally he just checks out the bathtub to make sure there is no one hiding behind the shower curtain and to make sure the water isn’t running without his knowledge (he’s like a Water Inspector or something). I don’t know what sparked his interest this time, but suddenly I had a puppy head besie me as I was rising my mouth. Jinx doesn’t quite reach the spout yet, but I am sure he’ll get there once he stops growing. He was fascinated by the running water. He got all excited and ran in and out of the bathroom as I turned the water on and off. His little tail was wagging with all its might. It was funny. I had to whisper frantically to Shawn to get the camera, because if I moved, the moment would be lost. He was certainly interested in my little collection of rubber duckies. I have two small ones and a bigger one. They squeaked and we all know how much Jinx LOVES…

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    jinx and the potato adventure

    [aka.. yes I took a whole bunch of photos of my dog with a potato. Shut up.] So last night we made mashed potatoes. I say "we" because Shawn does the mashing, I did everything else. I was also the only one eating them. I love mashed potatoes! Apparently one of the potatoes got away, I didn’t notice that it fell… Jinx found it though and boy was that funny. It took him about 45 minutes to eat it. ha! And of course, I am now going to share this adventure with you all. Aren’t you just THRILLED? Of course you are. Behold… Jinx and the Potato Adventure! this toy is cool. it’s just little enough for me to play with and roll around the kitchen!   what’s this? i can eat it too? oh, joyous of joys! i love eating things!   *CHOMP* *CHEW* *CHOMP* maybe there are more of these in the kitchen… i’ll check when i go get a drink of water. [please ignore the dust bunny under my table.. *ahem*] do you have to take pictures of everything i do? what the hell are you, the puparatzzi?? leave me be, woman! *CHEW* *CHOMP* *GULP* *MUNCH* *CHOMP* are there more, daddy? please, sir, may i have some more? darn i’m adorable, no matter what i do! i also really, really, really love potatoes.

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    jinx helps makes the bed

    I have such a helpful puppy. When he saw us changing the sheets the other night, he stepped right in to help! shhhhh! it’s me jinx! i see that mummy and daddy are playing with the bed, so i thought i would go help them! i’m a big boy now and big boys can help with things like this! i don’t think you’re doing this right, mummy. you have to do hospital corners! do you hear me? i want to be able to bounce a dime off these sheets! GAH! what are you doing, woman?! leave me alone! i can’t possibly help you make the bed if you insist on smothering me! this is not cool! big boys don’t like to have their mummy hug them! stop embarrassing me! this is just fine. i only need the bottom sheet. you can both leave now while i test this out by taking a nap. shoo! you’re bothering me! So, as you can see, Jinx decided that he was the better puppy to do the job. We tried blocking him out of the room but he just jumped over the stuff in the doorway. Ha! Then we covered him with the comforter because we’re mean like that. But we did manage to get the bed made in the end, thanks to super Helper Puppy! 

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    not enough time in the day to adore me

    hello again! today was thanksgiving and so we went over to grandma and grandpa’s place for turkey! i didn’t get any turkey though, i was told it’s not good for doggies. even growing ones! but that’s ok, i found other things to chew on… i also got to play with my cousin sassy. she’s much more fun than annie because she lets me play with her. we have a lot of fun on grandpa’s lawn. as always, mummy took many photos of me and i am going to show them to you, because what’s a long weekend without adorable photos of me, jinx!? sassy is a 10 year old standard schnauzer. i didn’t notice on my other visits, because i was just a little boy, but sassy smells like a girl! i am starting to be very interested in girls. i’m not quite sure why, but they are awfully interesting. sassy is fun to play with. we run and jump all over the yard. it was unny today because the last time i was here sassy was bigger than me but this time.. hahaha! i was the big one! muahaha!   i found this great stick today. i found a whole bunch of them! it seems that grandpa has a whole corner of his yard dedicated to growing huge sticks! i had to pull them out of the ground, so they were even fresh sticks! mummy and daddy and grandpa were all helping me play with the sticks by chasing…

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    bring it on

    i am jinx… and I am the destroyer of toys! i can destroy any toy you give me. i have that power. i loved my frog until i turned him into a zombie, then my parents took him away from me. who doesn’t love to eat frogs’ legs, right? i don’t see what the big deal is. this is a toy for big brutes. but i had it ripped open and was eating out the stuffing within 15 minutes of it being given to me. i also ate the reciept that fell on the floor so mummy and daddy couldn’t go back to get a refund. heehee! i am so naughty! squeaky bear came up from memphis with me. i love him very much. he used to be the only toy that wasn’t destroyed. but i am a big boy now and seven and a half month old puppies do not need a teddy bear any more. i tore out his squeaker and all his stuffing, except for the stuff in his head. my parents now call him war amp bear. but i still sleep with him (just don’t tell the other puppies!). why won’t you give me more toys? tearing them apart and eating their insides is so much fun! bring on the toys!!

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    stay tuned

    my mummy is working on a halloween blog. it is supposed to be up for october first. i hope you’re all still around then… no really. i need someone to help me. help me. please. look at what she’s doing to me. this isn’t cool. help?

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    watch me grow

    jinx here… can you believe i have been in canada for almost three months? my mummy says i’m getting to be a big boy. i’m letting you all see the progress i am making at growing up! here i am on july 6, 2005 – i’m only 4 months old here!   july 15, 2005   one month later – august 13, 2005   one day before i turn 6 months old – august 27, 2005 here i am today! in 11 days i’m going to be 7 months old!  

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    it’s not easy being this cute

    hullo, world! it’s me jinx! it’s been a while since i posted an update of all my puppy shenannigans, so i thought maybe i should do something about that. i have grown up a lot since the last time i said hullo, and i am such a big boy now! when i first came to live here, i was smaller than the coffee table and couldn’t reach the tv to change the channel… now i can reach the remote so i can get rid of stupid tv shows that insult my puppy intelligence! i like to watch smart shows like snoopy and scooby doo! i can also see if there is anything good to eat on the table… only when mummy and daddy aren’t looking though! if they see me they yell… i don’t think that’s very nice of them. i mean, wouldn’t you want to feed this face? wouldn’t you like someone with this face get away with anything? of course you would! so please send emails to my mummy and daddy and explain that to them. ok? thanks! [ps – i just dented the garbage pail with my head while playing with daddy! i ran right into it. i’m ok though, but now daddy doesn’t want to play anymore… wuss!] 

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    happy half-birthday!!

    jinx would like to wish his litter-mates a very happy 6 month anniversary!! they are getting to be big doggies now. jinx and koda at 5 3/4 months skyla, the only girl!! ilo teddy (this is at 9 weeks, i didn’t have any recent photos!) not pictured are nifty and siro. i don’t have any photos of those little boys…  hard to believe that only 6 months ago they all looked like this. 

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    window seat

    jinx has found a new favourite place to relax and occasionally chew his bone. our windowsill. he just fits in the window. he has to jump from the chair to the sill, since he’s still to little to hop up from the floor. he doesn’t bark, he doesn’t scratch to get out. he watches. he listens. he makes little soggy dog nose prints on the screen. it’s so cute really. we’re pretty sure he first got there by accident. he doesn’t jump up from the floor, he jumps from the chair next to the window. generally he stands half on the window and half on the arm of the chair. but the chair rocks. we think he got a little overzealous one day and fell onto the windowsill. i think my flash was a little to bright for him in this shot. i find jinx looks quite cat-like in this photo (not ME, cat, but you know, the kitty porn kind of cat, only much more innocent and with better morals). he has since decided that this is a marvelous place to chew his flexi-bone. he’ll lay there and chomp away as calm as can be. as i write this post, jinx is in the window licking the spider webs. there is something so satisfying seeing a happy puppy just going about his day. everything is full of wonder and adventure. spider webs are tasty, the birds on the front lawn are captivating. i kind of like watching him in…

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    my family reunion

    hi everyone! it’s me, jinx! today my brother koda came to visit all the way from philly-dal-feea! it was so exciting! i was so excited to see him i couldn’t sit still all afternoon! here i am in my new favourite seat! i love to be on the top of the couch… look, even annie was happy that there was going to be a new puppy in the house! mummy said something about me trying to sit here when i get to be a big boy.. i don’t know what she’s talking about as i am a big boy now! silly, mummy! so koda came over along with his mummies…. we had a lot of fun! but apparently we had way too much fun for the cameras.. here’s an idea of what we did this afternoon: mummy says all her photos were blurry… it’s not our fault! we were having SO MUCH FUN! koda is a much better playmate than annie is! he wrassled with me! we did occasionally take a little break to catch our breath, or drink from the water bowl. silly koda liked to stand in the water bowl, i’ll have to try that some day. he gave me all sorts of ideas of things i could do! even when we did lie still we never let the camera get our faces too closely. you never know when you might end up in a tabloid!! it’s hard work being puppies! but gosh darnitall, ain’t we cute?! finally…