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    5 months

    hi everyone! it’s me jinx! today is my 5 month birthday. i’m getting so big! soon i’ll be able to jump on the bed like my sister, annie. but right now i can only get half of me up there and then i need help. i hope i get lots of food today since i am the birthday boy! apparently the only real birthday date that counts is the one when i turn a year old… but why not try to milk it, right? i’m so gosh darned cute, maybe i’ll win them over anyhow. also, mummy wanted me to let you know that she’s super duper busy at work. i don’t see her for HOURS these days. it’s lonely. apparently she’s been so busy she’s worked right through her lunch hour three days in a row! poor mummy, lunch is important. i LOVE lunch. and breakfast and dinner… and oh, boy! yum! maybe mummy should let me have her lunch each day if she won’t take it? i’ll eat two lunches! yummy yum yum! happy birthday to my litter-mates! koda, skyla, ilo, teddy, nifty and siro! meet koda: 

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    my name is jinx

    hullo! i’m jinx! i’m the new puppy in cat’s life. i am so cute! i thought i’d show you all how cute i really am…   my mummy says i’m handsome. she also really likes it when i am a good boy and lie quietly on my bed.   every so often i sleep…. but at the first sign that someone is looking at me…. i’m ready to spring into action!! it’s play time!! i love to play outside in the back yard. this is my friend, smiley. he’s a fun toy! i love how he squeaks and i love to run around the yard and the apartment chomping on him and making him go SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK!! he’s also got these really cool dangly arms and legs and i like to swing him around with them! i really love to play with smiley!!! but daddy says i have the attention span of a carrot.. i don’t know why he says that… i love to play… huh?? what’s that??? what smiley toy? huh? oh my.. i LOVE…. BUBBLES!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE BUBBLES!!! chomp! chomp! chomp!! they are so fun to catch in your mouth!! i love bubbles!! i also love riding in the car! i’m so happy in the car! there are all sorts of new smells that come in through the window. when i’m bigger i’ll actually be able to SEE out the window…. actually when i am in the backseat i can sit on the seat…

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    meet jinx

    this has been the best weekend ever (so far!). i have a ton o’ photos for you guys but no time.. WHY i am up and awake at five in the morning is beyond me.. i think it had to do with extreme starvation since i think i forgot to eat yesterday. (why the hell do people LIKE having others over to entertain?? why? what the hell? NEVER again!!) meanwhile, adore my little puppy piddle pants (he was so excited he just kept peeing on the floor! we’d let him outside he’s run around and then come in to pee. 20 plus people undoes house training reeeeeally quickly!!) jinx was so well behaved yesterday and is just such a loveable pup! he and annie’s brother dan played together most of the day. annie wasn’t sure what to make of him. she played for a little bit, but then decided the boys played too rough and besides, if they were off playing together she could scam a lot more food fo herself from the guests! we had an earlyish night, we left from old montreal around nine – it was pouring. i am sure it cleared up for the ten o-clock fireworks but we were all falling asleep! even these guys were sleepy! annie wasn’t too thrilled that the little piddle-pants came home with us. and she kept moving away each time he tried to go near her. ha! she was tired, she didn’t want him swatting her head with his…