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    holiday wrap-up

    So, before I go and ramble on in one of those End of the Year thingies, I thought I would give you a small run down of the rest of the week following Christmas. 🙂 The night of December 25 Shawn and I went to Chateauguay to visit his parents and we got a lot of loot (more Tinker Bell stuff!). Shawn even got TWO Tinker Bell lip balms, which he kindly gave to me after finding them in his stocking. He also got a ton of his father’s shirts, too. I think my mother-in-law started getting confused in her wrapping (there was a TON of stuff, people and this was their idea of a small Christmas. Geez! :)) We of course made out like bandits all week. I like being a bandit sometimes. 🙂 My father-in-law picks out awesome gifts all on his own. He got me this scarf, gloves and earmuff set to go with my awesome plaid bag and red hair. 😉 It’s not Christmas unless Shawn and I take a silly photo. 😉 On December 26th I had my family over for dinner. My first roast beast turned out splendidly if I do say so myself. Yum! Again I had wanted to take a photo of the final product, but there was so much going on by then I forgot. I was much happier with my roast than my turkey, though I didn’t hate my turkey. And it’s pretty much impossible to mess up roast if…

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    10 years ago today

    On December 27, 1997 I moved out of my home and out on my own (well, with my girlfriend at the time) and started a new life. I always joked that it was a late Christmas gift for my father and an early birthday gift for my Mum (Dec 29). My parents didn’t think I’d last two weeks, and to be honest, neither did I. I was prone to major anxiety attacks if I slept anywhere other than in my room, in my bed and without anyone else in the room. Really bad anxiety attacks. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and was given medication which helped a little, but not all the time (along with other things). If it weren’t for Miriam I have no idea when I would have ever left the shelter of my childhood home. Things weren’t the easiest for me back then and it was hard to branch out onto my own for the first time and rely on myself and my ideas and not always follow what my parents wanted me to do. It was very hard at first and for a while I really didn’t even want to see my parents for a long time. There were so many emotional wounds that needed to be healed and so much stress in those days. My depression didn’t help and I desperately needed to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Miriam was a huge help and support,…

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    our merry little christmas

    You know, for the amount of stuff I have been doing, the number of people I have been seeing, I do not feel that traditional stress that I normally do by this time. Strangely, I feel like Christmas hasn’t even happened yet even though I have made a turkey, had Monkey and Ravi over, wrapped gifts with no wrapping stuff left, been to my sister’s for 9AM today, had our Christmas after that and then drove to the in-laws’ for Christmas there and will have my parents and grandparents over tomorrow, when I will be making a roast and still have to bake the pie and cookies. And yet, no stress. Just exhaustion. 😉 Here’s some of today in photos! Tree with loot! 🙂 What amuses me about this photo is the look on Jinx’s face in the background. Hee! He was busy chewing on a bone from Santa. See? See what I got? Hee! Tinker Bell Spa set. 😉 Awesome Snoopy PJs that go very well with my lovely Christmas shirt. Not that I have been hinting at this one since, like, October or anything. Winter Tinker Bell – to match the one Shawn got me last year for my birthday (which you can see here and here)! Awesome purple Tink PJs, which fit over the snoopy ones which fit over my Christmas shirt, all in the house that Jack built! (my in-laws got me cook pink Tink PJs as well. ;)) Pretty Hallmark faerie that my sister got…

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    cards!! (thank you!)

    Thank you SO much to those of you who helped me fullfill my wish of adorning my home with a plethora of Christmas cards! One day I had SIX in the mail! And on Christmas Eve I had another 5! Wheee! (Cindy’s made it in just under the wire today! :)) I love you all! (That llama card? It’s the best card ever! And from Monkey… ironically, the monkey card is from Cindy-Lou ;))

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    the turkey did not kill me

    It wasn’t fun, but it didn’t kill me and the people who ate it are still alive as well. Good sign. Ravi had four servings, so I guess it was ok. 🙂 Thought my stuffing was a little too soggy and sage-y but then again I am comparing it to my Nana’s stuffing (and now my Mummy’s stuffing) so you know… I have a lot to live up too. A HUGE thank you to my mother who started answering the phone “Turkey Hotline!” when I’d call. How’d I get through this? With a panic-stricken phone call every hour and a half or so to my wonderful Mum for THREE DAYS. Heh. I love my Mummy! And now, Turkey Dinner in Photos (however, though my plan was to take a shot of the blasted turkey as soon as it was done cooking, I was so hungry, exhausted and frustrated by then I completely forgot! ARGH! So I have a shot of it being massacred. Hee! Ahhh, such a Domestic Goddess. *snort* I am no Meritt, I have no idea how she can do all this stuff all the time and make it look so awesome and easy! I am also not as skinny and blonde as she is. 😉 Mostly carved turkey… (with stuffing). The legs were yummy. 🙂 All the trimmings… Monkey and I in our traditional photo holiday-style. Can’t say I’ll ever do this again, the stuffing nearly killed me, but it turned out ok and I slept like…

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    faking the joy 2007 : not really faking it this year

    Well the weekend is almost over, I have spaghetti sauce attempting to cook on the stove and our home is almost as festive as I want it. Friday night, Shawn and I went out and bought our Christmas tree. This is the third year in a row we are somewhere different for Christmas. In 2005 we were in Verdun, 2006 in my in-laws’ basement and this year… our first Christmas in our new home. I’m still not 100% at ease with the way things are yet, but I am feeling better than I was. I’m not quite happy with where the tree is, but it’s not a horrid decision. 😉 And now for PHOTOS! (you know you’re waiting for them!!) Shawn’s ornament gift to me (our yearly tradition). It reads “Your heart will always lead you home”. Awww. My ornament gift to Shawn – the Fox and the Hound (aka Jinx and Annie). Our gift to ourselves – New Home 2007. Our first Christmas in our new place! It isn’t Christmas unless Blind Sylvester who used to be holding a candy cane is on the tree. I got this from Santa in 1979. 🙂 My greatest achievement off eBay! I got the second Puppy Love ornament for cheap! I am almost complete with my Puppy Love collection. I think I am missing 4 of them now. Soul mates – the Christmas Angel and her boyfriend, Harry Potter’s Severed Head. (HPSH). Putting the Angel on the tree… Putting HPSH on the…

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    new brunswick chronicles – October 19 – 23, 2007

    Friday, October 19, 2007 6:25 pm Well, here I am on VIA train 14 waiting to pull out of the station. I don’t have wireless access because a) I didn’t buy it and b) I have no idea if it would even work. J So I have no idea what is going on here on Train 14, car 21, room 9. I know that I am slightly glad that Shawn isn’t with me because there is no way he would FIT in the hallway/doorway/bathroom OR this room it is SO tiny! I am very happy that I decided to check my suitcase because it would have taken up most of the room. Looks like we’re about ready to pull out. Wheeee! I don’t know how the seat pulls out into a bed, so I hope someone comes by to explain that. I am having a meal at 8:15 but I am thinking maybe I should have chosen the one at 6:45 because I am starving. I have this tiny little plastic thing that I think is a key card for my room. Not really sure about that either. I don’t even know where the dining car is. Hmm. Hope someone comes by to tell me that little bit of information, too. It’s now 6:32 and we haven’t started moving yet. We’re supposed to leave at 6:30. Bastards. I wonder if there are vending machines somewhere on this train? I’m hungry. Think I mentioned that already though. You know, for $350…

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    ok, so this is a week late. whatever!

    Migraines and dance clubs don’t mix. Except for the part where we weren’t even AT a dance club. We were at a cigar bar. A nice, mellow, uncrowded, generally un-loud place. But not this past Saturday night. Oh, no. I tried to stay as long as I could, but by midnight I was sure my ears were going to bleed and my left eye was about to burst. So Shawn and I came back home and Monkey stayed out with Ravi and he drove her home afterwards. But I was determined to take pictures, darnitall!!

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    house pests guests!

    Now that we have a house, we should have people over. At least that’s what other people with houses seem to do. In no way are we professional entertainers or even remotely into dinner parties… but for close friends, we’ll let them in. We can be nice once in a while. So this weekend Monkey is staying with us… well, sort of, she’s not here right now, but she will be. And then she’ll be over on Wednesday to watch ANTM with me. Whee! And last night we had Ravi over as well and we put some meat on the Barbie and ate and played Cranium and then went out to Stogies for cigars and martini’s. My only problem with all of that was the awful migraine that was threatening to burst my left eye (especially at the bar, which was unlike it’s normal mellow, quite place and full of freakin’ parties and really… REALLY loud music… especially if you have a migraine.) Anyhow… Jinx was quite enamoured with Monkey. Especially when she had cheese. Annie? Not so sure… The boys got into a little tiff over the BBQing. Shawn won. I missed out on taking photos of the actual dinner spread (I blame the migraine) but I did get a shot of the men cleaning up… Monkey and I just sat and looked pretty while that was happening. And Jinx wanted everyone to know he was pretty, too. Or rugged and manly… One everything was (mostly) cleaned and put…

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    so, here’s that thing, right? the one everyone has been doing? so, yeah, here it is

    Various friends have been doing this and I actually thought it was a neat idea. But I thought I might mix it up a little and not only post the first sentence of the first post of each month [I think that’s the rule, right?] but if something happened that month, I would list it as well. A LOT has happened to me this past year, so I figure, hey! why not? January (79 posts) : it’s now January 1st here in Montreal. [wow, I’m full of excitement, I can just see where this post is going!] dogs got incredibly sick on a treat and threw up and crapped all over the apartment. Had to take them to the vet and have them rehydtrated. turned 30 on January 23 had a week off from work February (40 posts) : I would like them to stop. [in reference to nightmares] Jinx turned 1 on Febuary 28 applied for a new job at the end of February March (20 posts) : Take me Out – Franz Ferdinand [I am in awe of how thrilling I am… I need to start writing better posts on the first of the month!] Annie turned 8 on March 7 Shawn turned 29 on March 15 after interviews and tests all month, found out I got the new job on March 24 March 27 our apartment burns down April (27 posts) : Noone ever really talks about the aftermath of a tragedy. started my new job on…

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    [this space for rent] What is better than over 4 hours of Karaoke Revolution with a best friend? Nothing I tell you. I was in such a great mood when I got home I couldn’t even go to sleep and it was after 10:00 PM! I was so happy to see Jill yesterday and get to spend a long time with her as well. I should have stayed longer, but Shawn was the chauffeur on-call and it was getting late to drive from here to there and the roads were getting pretty icy. We left here about one-ish and headed into town to pick Jill up and then go eat something. Ended up at La Belle Province so she could have some *real* french fries since it’s been so long. After the three of us ate and gabbed for a while, Shawn dropped us off back at Jill’s sister’s uber swanky condo (I want the bathtub in that place). After being locked out for a while as we searched for Jill’s other sister who was supposed to be there to let us in… we started with the karaoke. heh. All four games. It’s been a long time since I have had so much fun and not had to think about anything else. It was great just joking around with Jill and singing and mimicking the stupid dance moves of the game characters. We ordered dinner at about seven and then after a short break, went back to singing. Shawn picked…

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    christmas day : part two

    I think I just experienced the most stress free, quite and subdued Christmas at my parents’ place ever. Seriously. I am a little bewildered at the lack of stress. I think it helped that not everyone was there. Just me and Shawn, my parents and my grandparents. Fewer people in a small space tends to calm things down I think. My sister and her family had Christmas earlier in the day at their house, it was Lilly’s first Christmas, though at 4 months I don’t think she quite got any of it. But Shawn and I went only to my parents’ place later in the evening for family, food (TURKEY!!) and gifts. My dad was right when he commented on the post below about our tree being bigger than theirs. Heh. But their tree is still cute. The tiny tree was brought into our lives when my mom got her two cats. They seem to looooove the tree and especially *whispers* ribbon! Tiny tree it is. Easier to deal with it and the kitties. 🙂 Stockings were opened by me and Shawn and gifts were distributed. Ever the tricksome one I fooled my Dad a little. Yay! A gift! I like gifts! Oh, ha! ha! Look, she got me gauze! Just what I have always wanted. Oh, ha! ha! It’s not gauze at all! It’s a giftcard to Future Shop! What a little rascal you! Haha.. am I not so cute and clever? I sure am! You never know what…

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    christmas day : part one

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! [this is me pretending to be all happy and excited and stuff] Last night Shawn and I exchanged gifts. It was a tiny Christmas to go with our tiny tree. But it still looked nice! Among that booty was: She-Ra Princess of Power season one DVD (yay!), RAW vs Smackdown XBOX 360 game, Family Guy Season 4, a plethora of chick singer CDs and a charger/speaker thing for my iPod nano. Yay! After that I pretty much crawled into bed and shivered for a while hoping the newly taken gravol would start working soon. Christmas Morning I suppose you could say I am actually content this morning. Shawn and I woke up a little after nine this morning and after showers and e-mail checking (heh) we went upstairs where we were greeted by this: And this is what my in-laws consider a small Christmas (most of this was for my MiL as she got a ton of new towels and many were individually wrapped :)). My FiL was making a Christmas brekky – bacon, sausage and french toast. I managed to keep two little pieces of french toast inside me and there really wasn’t any pain. Whee! Christmas miracle! I also snuck a couple of pieces of bacon and was none the worse.. so, yay! Annie claimed the gifts and tree as her own. Oh boy! Oh boy! My gifts! Can we open them now? Huh? Can we? Now??? PLLLEEEEEEEAASSEEEEEEE?????????????? So we let them each have a…

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    christmas time is… here?

    Looks like 2006 is a Year of Firsts for me… first time my home burned down, first time I was evicted by a rat-bastard landlord and the first time I will be celebrating Christmas with not a flake of snow on the ground and temperatures above zero. Currently? It is raining and plus 3°C. Blech. It’s supposed to be 6°C tomorrow. And then we might see snow on the 26th. Pah! I always said that I never wanted to be anywhere without snow for Christmas because to me it’s a huge part of the season and the festive feeling. My choice. But apparently this year is just against anything that might possibly make me happy. Yesterday in the car I yelled out “Fuck you, Mother Nature!” and Shawn thought that was funny and wanted to turn it into a t-shirt (I swear that man should start his own t-shirt company). But then again, the lack of snow/ice/etc. is making our commute to and from work a lot less miserable. Of course I was totally hoping for snow today and tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen. Oh, look the sun is coming out. Bah. ** Last night Shawn and I wrapped the gifts for our family. Since we’re all home the next few days, we even decided to put them under the tree (if no one is around anything paper tends to get eaten by a certain full figured dog). I think the gifts make our little Charlie Brown Tree…

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    faking the joy 2006 : have yourself a cellar dwelling christmas

    As mentioned in the previous post, I am totally stealing this idea from my dearest Monkey, I thought it was a great subject line, and well, we are rather faking our joy this year. Sure Shawn’s parents have a real tree up on the main floor and it’s very pretty…but it’s not ours. You know what I mean? We don’t really have the room to get our own tree. We certainly can’t do anything like we did last year. But we wanted our own something special. So tonight we stopped at the Atwater Market on the way home [and it was the first time either of us had ever been there!] and picked out our very own Charlie Brown Tree. It would appear that Jinx didn’t think too much of our attempt at festivity and fake joy. you’ll notice he’s sticking his tongue out at our tree choice. And to give you an idea of how tiny our tree is – it’s even shorter than I am!! I know that’s a hard thing to accomplish… Here’s our little tree almost fully decorated (many, many decorations stayed in the box! Our tree was much too small for them all). But now tree is finished without the angel – which is always the last to go on the tree… …unless you’re us. For us, the last decoration to go on the tree is the traditional Harry Potter disembodied head in a cage! Up close: Ah, yes… we know how to fake the…