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lucky 7


On July 2 we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I find it hard to believe that we’ve been married for this many years. We’ve been in each other’s lives for 13 years. Thirteen! (My lucky number!)

We’re lucky because our wedding anniversary always falls on a holiday since Canada Day is the 1st. This year the Monday off was our anniversary and we spent the entire long weekend doing fun things and then spent the day out in the Old Port of Montreal as we normally do.

This year, rather that eat at Pub St. Paul as per the norm, we mixed it up and went to The Keg in Old Montreal where I was delighted to discover they had a lobster fest going on. Mmmm. Lobster. We had gotten Keg gift certificates at Christmas and originally were going to use them for my birthday in January but we ended up not going (weather, I think) so lucky us! We even splurged and bought a bottle of wine, too!

We decided to go see the Star Wars Identities exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre before going to dinner. I bought our tickets online (even though they charge $3 each in processing fees for ONLINE tickets. Geez.) and I would highly suggest if you want to go over the summer to buy your tickets online because the days sell out FAST. So we drove to the Old Port under ominous cloud coverage and of course as soon as we stepped out of the car it started to rain. Thanks, nature.

We skeedaddled from the parking lot towards the Science Centre and managed to get out from under the rain clouds. Halfway between the car and the Centre we ran into this:

If you’re not from Montreal you might not realize how awesome it is to find a truck that sells Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton cookies. You might not realize how DELICIOUS these cookies are. Seriously. If you look really close you can see the little TV in the truck is playing videos of Cookie Monster. Awesome! We got 6 cookies and each scarfed three as we hoofed it to the Centre. We had to be there 15 minutes before our slotted time and we were cutting it close. But… COOKIES! And I was starving.

As for the Star Wars exhibit… I’d suggest you go when there are no crowds. It wasn’t that bad on July 2 towards the end of the day, but you get awfully bottle-necked even though they only let in groups of 15-20 every 15 minutes. There are 10 interactive stations where you get to create your own character and though some stations have really quick flow, others have people lined up and trying to cut in line so it doesn’t flow as well. We got stuck at two stations pretty bad, but you didn’t want to skip them because you wanted to create your character! And there was supposedly a place where you could put in your email at the end and have your character information sent to you. We didn’t see this at all, so all the extra questions we answered about personality, etc seemed sort of moot. I did take photos of our characters though!

If you squint really hard you can see tiny characters of each of us in the background of each photo. It shows the character yours is friends with. So Shawn’s in the back of mine (Wookie) and I’min the back of his. I didn’t even notice that until my friend Elise told me we should be in the photo. heh We’re both bounty hunters! Wookies look silly with bounty hunter armour.

Then we went to dinner, ate a lot, drank some wine (I know! Me! I’m getting to be quite the lush this summer!) I even went out and actually BOUGHT the wine I liked from The Keg. It’s a rosé. I am sure you were all dying to know that.

We both had Tuesday off for various reasons so it was nice to go out, eat, wander around and not have to worry about getting up early the next day. It was a relaxing and fun anniversary.

So much has happened to us in the last few years, heck, there have been challenges all throughout the 7 years we’ve been married but each and every time we’ve come out stronger and more in love. We have our silly moments that just fill my heart with love. We don’t call each other on the phone every day or email back and forth from work as much as we used to (way back in the early stages) but we find new ways to love each other. We always travel to and from work together and if we can manage it, we’ll grab lunch together too during the work week. I will stay later at work just to make sure I catch the same bus as my husband and he comes in earlier than he needs to just to take the bus with me.

There were no gifts this year (although I did go to NYC for a week and Shawn did get a new computer, so that’s good enough. Oh! And I bought us tickets to see The Muppets at the end of this month as one of the Just for Laughs Galas!) and no cards even – our days were such that we ran out of time to actually get to a card store! But we spent the gorgeous weather long-weekend together and just did things at our own pace and on our own time. That is bliss as far as I am concerned.

Seven years is a long time, yet it’s no time at all. I think that a great marriage is one that only gets better with age and the years seem to pass so quickly that you can’t believe how many have gone by because it feels like you just had your first date only a moment before. Being with someone whom you can always laugh with, even through all the crap that gets thrown at you is more precious than any wealth or bauble you could have. I am so thankful and grateful that I have Shawn in my life and because of his strength and support I can handle anything that gets thrown my way.

I love you, Pook. For all of forever.

(Even if we can’t seem to ever take a proper photo of ourselves. ;))

celebrating the man I love

When you have been together as long as my husband and I have, you’d think it would be easier to figure out what to get one another for their birthday. Alas, that isn’t always the case. This year I gave Shawn the chest cold I have been suffering from since last Thursday. Guess it takes a week to incubate, since I started it almost a week to the day Shawn started coughing. THE ROMANCE NEVER DIES, PEOPLE!

Today the man I love more than anything (even vanilla cake with butter cream icing!) celebrates another year of life. This also means that in another week we’ll have known each other for 13 years. We’ve been married 6.5 of those. I wouldn’t trade a day of that time.

Shawn has always been the one person who could make me feel safe and like I could handle anything. After years and years of anxiety and panic attacks, once Shawn was around full time, I honestly felt like I could take on the world. He’s always been the calm one, and I think that has rubbed off on me over time (who’da thunk it?)

I am a spoiled brat. I know it. I admit it. I cherish the fact that my husband treats me like a Queen. I still feel guilty when he tells me to sit and relax and he’ll take care of things. He’s got long work days, too, but I let him spoil me rotten. He won’t have it any other way and who am I to complain about that, right?

This past week Shawn’s been out to many stores, many times to pick up various cough remedies, food cravings, dropping off and picking up my computer. He’s vacuumed so the house wouldn’t be as furry and dusty as I struggled to breathe. He took a day off to take me to the clinic and stay with me since I was having such a hard time breathing and coughing and not breathing and coughing and coughing and coughing.

I love him. Everyone loves him. ANIMALS love him. He’s got the biggest heart even if he likes to pretend he’s all crotchety and mean spirited. He’s really not. I know you all know that. He’s a gentle soul.

Not only does Shawn treat me like a Queen, he’s also got the best sense of humour. There’s really not a day that goes by that we’re not laughing over something. Even now, as we’re both suffering from this chest cold and all we can say through coughing is “Don’t make me laugh! You know I can’t laugh! Can’t…stop… coughing!” But we can never stop laughing. Even a trip to the grocery store results in uncontrollable giggles. Just driving around the block causes jokes or something that we laugh about.

We’ve had our share of head butting moments, but they are never really very significant and more often than not we end up laughing about everything in the end. But that’s what love and life with someone is, right?

For you, Shawn, the person who makes me laugh, sing and feel like my heart will burst any second from overwhelming love. I love you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I’m really, truly sorry about the cold.

(For those of you wondering about the toilet paper and toilet seat photo up there, well, since I always get birthday TP as a joke from my parents, I thought it would be a nice idea to wrap up and put a bow on the toilet seat I bought to replace the broken one in the basement bathroom. I even used the same bow my parents used on my TP. Pooks of a feather get similar themed birthday gifts, of course!)

(Though I actually did get him a real present…)

it was a nice weekend

As I write this, it is 31C (91F) inside and out. I could close myself and the dogs in the bedroom with the a/c, but to be honest, I can only spend so long in one dark room without feeling like I have cabin fever. I have fans pointed at the couch where I sit and the dogs are lying on the floor (they could come on the couch and have the fans blow on them, but they don’t like that. Silly dogs.) Sophie keeps trying to climb into my lap to tell me she doesn’t like being warm and that I should do something about it. I keep trying to explain to her that her being in my lap doesn’t help EITHER of us. I could spray both dogs with the hose but Sophie hates that and yesterday she hid behind the BBQ and almost fell in the crack between the deck and the fence. Sigh. It’s not really as bad in the house today as it was yesterday, so I’ll give them a little longer before I put them upstairs.

Meanwhile, I thought I would regale you all with photos from our anniversary day. (You’ve likely seen them on facebook already if you’re friends with me there.)

Saturday found us visiting Loblaws before noon has I had to refill prescriptions for that morning (if I miss one of my stomach pills my stomach burns FIRE all day). After that we tossed around either hitting up the Farmers’ Market and then lunch or going to Pub St-Paul for lunch instead of dinner. The market meant I could remain in the driver’s seat and take us there. The Pub meant I had to change positions and let Shawn drive because I will not drive over the bridge or into town (especially not Old Montreal). We opted for the market, picked up some fresh bread, creton and pie and drove back home to drop it all off. Then we went to the pub.

Neither of us really remembers how we ended up with this tradition of eating at Pub St-Paul on our anniversary, it’s just something that happened before we got married and we’ve kept it up. We parked farther away so that we could a) be assured to get a spot and b) could walk through the Old Port there and back and enjoy the day. The pub is pretty much in the centre of Old Port where all the action happens. At 2pm it was practically empty and we got a seat next to the big open windows like we normally do. The photo above is the view from the window and I didn’t even notice until I shot the photo that the railing along the window (no screens) is heart-shaped. How perfect for our anniversary!

I snapped this photo while Shawn was looking out the window at the passing calèches (horse and carriage). I thought it was a pretty awesome shot. My husband is so handsome!

Shawn stole my phone and started taking photos too. I call this one “He liked it, so he put TWO rings on it!” Take that, Beyonce. (I hate that song so much!)

I used to be way more the photo taker in my youth. Now I just find it time consuming. heh But Shawn and I rarely have a photo together and it’s hard for me to take one of us because I am so much shorter than he is! Since I tend to only use my iPhone for photos now it’s even more difficult, but I did get one of us that was supposed to have an Old Port marina background…

You can sort of see a part of a boat between our heads. Sadly, self-portraits with the two of us just don’t show scenery. However I rather like this photo so I might just print it out and frame it one day. Maybe. That requires effort.

Each and every time I am at the Old Port I am terrified by the building below. I swear it’s there just for murders and other nefarious deeds.

You can’t tell how rusted and creepy it is from this photo because of the filter I have on it, but trust me, it’s scary as anything. I don’t even know what it is (was??) used for. It should just be taken down. *shudder*

I took a second photo of the two of us, where no background is showing but I have to post it because when I got home and reviewed my photos all I could think was “My, GOD, I look exactly like my MOTHER in this shot!”

My mother is all I see when I look at my face here. I think she snuck in, stole my tinker bell sunglasses and posed with my husband. 😉 I love you, Mummy!

We were hot and tired (ok, well, I was mostly tired) when we got home around 4pm after walking slowly back to the car and so I went up to the air conditioned bedroom to take a nap. We had closed the dogs in the bed room when we left and went I went back up after letting them out, Jinx followed me. He’s a fan of cool air like me.

Jinx did something he rarely ever does, he laid his head across me for a snuggle while we both drifted off to nap. Jinx doesn’t like to be touching you when he’s close, he just likes to be close. Sophie is the one who has to be in constant contact with you. A paw, nose, leg, butt, something has to touch you in order for her to be happy. Jinx and I dozed contentedly for an hour or so and then came down to have grilled steak and potatoes and that pie I mentioned earlier! (Er… Jinx didn’t get the steak, potatoes and pie, that was Shawn and I. Although Jinx and Sophie did each get a tiny piece of steak when we were cleaning up.)

Freshly made lemon meringue pie from the farmer’s market is the perfect way to end a perfect day. It was delicious! I love our little bakery place at the market that we go to!

And before I leave you, I would like to share two more fun things! Yesterday I pulled off the first ripe tomato from my plant (I got the plant at the market last weekend and yes, I am late, so there were already little green tomatoes on it!)

It’s not as large as it looks, but boy was it delicious! I ate it just like an apple, it was that firm and it was so juicy. It didn’t even need salt. I am looking forward to these tomatoes on the plant because they seem to be very tasty!

And lastly, last week I made an outrageous purchase but I am happy with it. After three trips into this one store, I finally picked up the shoes that caught my eye and kept drawing me back. When I like something that’s a little stupidly priced I tend to wait now and see if I keep thinking about said item before I do anything about it. If the item keeps popping into my head I go back around pay day. If the item is still THERE by payday, I figure it was meant to be.


They are Birkenstocks… so yeah, they were a pretty penny (but that penny was 35% off, so they were cheap Birks!) I desperately needed summer shoes that were not flip-flops and I could walk in. These were just SO happy and so unlike anything I would ever buy but for some reason I kept going back and looking at them. They had one pair left (the demo) and they fit my foot perfectly, which is so very, very rare for tiny footed me. Also, the matched the nail polish I had on. I mean, how is that not meant to be? I have worn them every single day since last Thursday when I got them. My feet haven’t been happier. They do not chafe, my arches are supported, I am just comfortable and they are great for summer. Also, Birks last a while. They are also waterproof(ish). I was looking at a pair of dressy Crocs the other week and I wasn’t sold on them, I don’t quite like the feel of the plastic or whatever they are made from, so this replaces that likely poor decision. (I never thought of the Crocs again after trying them on, so I knew they were not meant for me.)

I do a lot of things by gut feeling and these shoes kept nagging at me even in my dreams. Since they had one pair left in my exact size and it was still there 3 weeks after I had first seen them… I couldn’t pass it up!

I also apologize for the photo of my ugly feet. I think feet are gross and would never post them on my blog, but the shoes look nicer on than off. heh

I have rambled long enough and I have laundry to pull in off the line. Happy 4th of July to my American friends and I hope both Canadians and Americans have enjoyed their long weekends as much as I have!


Every year I write something terribly mushy and sweet about how happy I am to be married to the man I love more and more every day. I am not running out of mushy, sweet things to say but I feel like I say the same things over and over again. This doesn’t make them less true, I just feel like a broken record. I can’t help being so in love and happy. These feelings continue to increase every day rather than diminish. I want to spend 70 years with this man, like my grandparents spent together (this July 12 would have been their 70th anniversary had they not passed away. However they would have been a couple for 73 years. I find that truly amazing.)

Canada Day has always been our thing. This Canada Day we relaxed, enjoyed time together, saw a movie (X-Men: First Class – very good!), did some groceries, practiced my driving and ordered pizza for dinner. We didn’t go out to the festivities. We didn’t see people. We just spent the day together. Today will be much of the same. We have to go back to the grocery store because when we got there the pharmacy was closed and I need pills for today. Heh.  We will be having dinner at Pub St. Paul as is the norm (with the exception of last year) and we will spend time together today and just enjoy each other’s (others?) company.

It seems sort of cheesy and corny (and other food producty things) to say but Shawn has changed my life for the better. We can be as silly as we want and as serious as we want (silly tends to always win though) and we’re always on the same page. We finish each others (other’s? GAH!) thoughts, sentences and tend to say the same jokes at the same time. He’s there to help me up the stairs when my switch gets flipped and I am about to fall over from exhaustion. He tucks me in every night. He’ll tell me stories to help me fall back asleep if I am up in the night with anxiety or a bad dream. He makes up the best stories on the fly.

Today we have been married for 6 years and I love him more every day.

Thanks for your patience with me, Pook, you make me a better woman just by loving me.

a birthday letter to my husband

Us: 2000 or 2001? To the love of my life,

Had you not walked into the store I was working in 12 years ago this month, I don’t know how my life would have turned out. I thought I would never be happy, even though I had everything around me that meant I should have been happy. Even with that rocky start to our friendship I knew I needed you in my life. When presented with the idea that I would never see you again I was sick to my stomach for almost 24 hours. I’m a gut feeling sort of girl, that reaction pretty much hit me over the head with – DUH! Don’t let him leave!

Meeting you was the best thing that could have happened to me. You have saved me from so many things, mostly from myself. I now know what true happiness is and I can’t believe I could ever feel this way. We’re not big and loud about our love, we don’t buy shiny expensive things. I am possibly the most content just driving around in the car with you. Doesn’t matter where we are going, those are some of the best moments together. Especially when the sun is out, I don’t know why but I just get so filled with joy even as we just drive somewhere non-exciting like the grocery store. Being with you makes me unbelievably happy and calm. Even our grocery store trips are fun. We always find something to laugh uncontrollably about.

That’s the thing about this relationship, no matter what, no matter what is thrown at us (and believe me we’ve had way too much thrown at us), we always find something to laugh about. We always laugh and we’re always talking. There is so much love between us and we are so similar, we’ll even make the same stupid random joke that we think we’re pulling out of nowhere at the same time.

When we first met, I was super excited about the fact that I was friends with a guy who wasn’t making fun of me or putting me down. I was thrilled that the shyness I have had with other male acquaintances wasn’t there. Everyone else told me you were in love with me. I didn’t believe that could be true. But I do know there was something about that first meeting when I sold you a book and we spoke about dogs and pets that clicked. I knew you would be special in my life.

You have been there through everything, as a friend, as a boyfriend and now as a husband. Things that would have other times caused a major mental breakdown in me were met with a calm and collective “I can handle this” because I knew you always had my back. Even now, through everything we’re currently going through, I know it’s hard and depressing but for some reason I feel like it’s made us more solid and more in love if that was even possible.

Every day I think I can’t love you more than I do and yet it happens. Is there a limit to love? I don’t know because I have yet to discover it with you. Each day I look at you and love you more than I ever have. You always bring a smile to my face and you always make me laugh. You make the best Kraft Dinner and the best tomato soup and the best grilled cheese sandwiches. You spoil me rotten with actions rather than gifts (and I am ok with that, because I don’t really want for many things other than food and love ;)). You make me feel special and important and I have never really felt that way before.

You are the smartest, wittiest, big-heartedest person I have ever known. Animals love you, people love you (you just don’t think they do), I love you. My family loves you, your family obviously loves you. You make an impact on those you meet and you don’t even realize it.

I love you with all my heart and soul and I thank you for choosing me out of every other person in the world to spend your life with.

Happy birthday, Pook. I love you for all of forever.