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    what i did on my christmas vacation

    I painted. I know I have uploaded photos to facebook and twitter already but because I couldn’t upload them to my actual blog server until it was fixed late this week, I’m finally updating my blog. 😉 This paint job took 4 days because our King size bed is too much bed for anyplace other than our bedroom. We took everything else out of the room, covered the bed with plastic and pushed it into a corner. We did two walls first and then finished with the rest of the room. This takes a while because paint takes a while to dry and we had to make sure that the…

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    look what i can do!!

    I can load dishes into a dishwasher AND CLEAN THEM!! *dances* *dances some more* *dances with the dishwasher* If you don’t know the story, you’ll not understand exactly HOW BIG OF A DEAL this is. You see in early November 2008 the dishwasher that came with the house died a horrible, messy death. My father-in-law was very sick at the time so we never mentioned the problem as he would have tried to come over and replace it with my old (new) dishwasher which was sitting at the other end of the kitchen at the time. We didn’t mention it for a long time as he got better and then…

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    the vegetation war rages on

    Wages on? Is it the war wages on? Stupid idioms. Anyhow, today I recruited Shawn to my cause – Dig Up Evil Vine Roots. The palms of my hands are bruised and swollen from Friday’s adventures in gardening and I am just not strong enough to have dug up that stupid tree-like root. Shawn almost wasn’t either but – we got it! Here is half of it. The root is so thick and goes so deep, we’re actually worried it’s made its way into our foundation. I was going to leave the middle vine as some sort of “greenery” but once we had the “oh, crap! The foundation!” thought, away…

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    what to do? what to do?

    So I am off work this week. Well, it’s only 3 days really since tomorrow and Tuesday work is closed due to the Canada Day holiday. Plus I’m about to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary (what? already??) but my point is this… I wanted to paint things this week while off. I wanted to finish the trim and baseboards in the living room (saving the ceiling for later when I am not alone and can fall off ladders – and yes the living room is still unfinished, but the walls are done, so who cares?). I want to paint the basement. Not the main room where we watch TV and…

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    what’s going on in my backyard – right now!

    You wanted deck photos, I got you deck photos – only it’s not finished so you’ll just have to be happy with what I have. The men are out buying more screws and I am in the basement appeasing my demanding readers! Note Foreman Jinx inspecting the work… Hmm, this seems to be level. Foreman Jinx is wiped out from a morning of supervision. And, more importantly my new hair cut (self-inflicted).