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the vegetation war rages on

Wages on? Is it the war wages on? Stupid idioms.

Anyhow, today I recruited Shawn to my cause – Dig Up Evil Vine Roots. The palms of my hands are bruised and swollen from Friday’s adventures in gardening and I am just not strong enough to have dug up that stupid tree-like root. Shawn almost wasn’t either but – we got it!

Here is half of it. The root is so thick and goes so deep, we’re actually worried it’s made its way into our foundation. I was going to leave the middle vine as some sort of “greenery” but once we had the “oh, crap! The foundation!” thought, away went the middle vine!

This one I let Shawn tackle all on his own. It was the largest clump but it came out pretty easily. This one also has thick, deep roots that will come back to haunt us. But for now it’s dead-ish.

Pile o’ roots. Stupid blasted roots. And you’ll note the tissue box on the steps as well. My allergies are bad enough right now that I am quite foolish to be messing with the vegetation rather than staying away from it. But I want this stuff out of my yard!

Jinx was helping us recycle our vegetation. Such a good boy.

And after an hour of digging and root-pulling, we finally got this front garden part to look slightly better. There are still random roots taunting us by sticking up, but damn it! We can’t seem to get them all.


So now I just have to figure out what I want to do in the front. I want it simple and clean and not something that will spread all over high heaven – I have neighbours to think about, too. It’s not fair if my property starts to invade theirs. I’ll be taking extra special care to look at all the flowers and plants that stores have to offer right now. And as long as my weekends are nice and sunny I can hopefully get this done in no time!

And I’d like to extra-specially thank Shawn who couldn’t care less about this sort of thing and stayed out there with me much of the late morning helping me shovel and pull up roots that I wasn’t strong enough to tackle on my own.

Oh, and if you’re going to suggest I plant some random thing that is apparently a flower, only I have to google to find that out – can you please tell me it’s a flower or plant in advance? That way my father won’t leave snarky comments in my posts (hahaha! Of course that comment cracked me up, but we’ll pretend he doesn’t read this and won’t notice I said that! ;)).

Thank you!

what to do? what to do?

So I am off work this week. Well, it’s only 3 days really since tomorrow and Tuesday work is closed due to the Canada Day holiday. Plus I’m about to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary (what? already??) but my point is this…

I wanted to paint things this week while off. I wanted to finish the trim and baseboards in the living room (saving the ceiling for later when I am not alone and can fall off ladders – and yes the living room is still unfinished, but the walls are done, so who cares?). I want to paint the basement. Not the main room where we watch TV and waste our lives away on the computers, but the room, um, foyer thing, inbetween the stairs and this room. I don’t even know what it would be called.

You know… THIS one…

(just ignore the snowman decoration on top of the watercooler base… *ahem*)

Anyhow… so I want to paint this room-ish place only I don’t know what colours to use (something light and bright and not too jarring for any potential home buyers when we might need them in the future) AND it’s so bloody humid with all the rain and heat and crap that I don’t know if the paint will even DRY in the basement.

But I WANT to paint it. I NEED to paint it. I HATE looking at these awful beige-dirty walls and I want them gone! (One day I will also get rid of that infernal carpet, but that’s money I do not have, or time or patience for that matter… but soon!)

So if the paint doesn’t exactly match the icky brown carpet I don’t really care, because it will be so gone one of these days (maybe next year?) and I want to put down a floating floor thing or something. Old carpet that used to have 3 dogs living on it and now two dogs? Gets messy and smelly in the humidity. And I hate having to vacuum that thing so often!

There aren’t too many basement paint ideas out there. I was thinking white ceiling (which I can do myself because it’s not that much higher than I am) and white trim I guess. Or if the walls were white I could do the baseboards some popping colour and the trim around the doors. But I don’t know!

And with nothing but rain and heat in the forecast, maybe it’ll be too damp to paint? I don’t know!

What do I do? I am so obsessed with the idea of painting right now it’s killing me. Gah!

what’s going on in my backyard – right now!

You wanted deck photos, I got you deck photos – only it’s not finished so you’ll just have to be happy with what I have. The men are out buying more screws and I am in the basement appeasing my demanding readers!

Note Foreman Jinx inspecting the work…

Hmm, this seems to be level.

Foreman Jinx is wiped out from a morning of supervision.

And, more importantly my new hair cut (self-inflicted).

sweat, blood & tears

Three hours and one almost-severed finger later, we finally have a new BBQ. Seeing as how it tried to kill me it bad better make damn good food.

RRRAWRRR!! Me, hungry! Must eat fingers!

RRRRAWRRR! Me hungy! Must! Eat! Fingers! RRRAWWRRR!!!

85% finished!

At least things are more or less back in place and we don’t have to paint those bloody walls anymore! Here are some shots of the more-or-less finished room!

Still need to hang the elephant bums painting back up over the couch, but other than that, my living room-slash-dining room is back to normal!

We’ve got the ceilings to do still as I mentioned and I can’t wait to take those stupid hooks out of the ceiling! Then I will plaster over the holes and woo! new room!