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stuff in my head while i’m trying to fall asleep

stuff in my face while im trying to sleep

WARNING: being alive is bad for your health. 

Ever notice how every couple of years there are new warnings about what’s bad for you, and will certainly kill you instantly if you don’t stop doing whatever it is RIGHT THIS FREAKING MOMENT, YO!

Yeah. I don’t take anything at face value anymore. You blink, and there’s some new scientific research that contradicts the scientific research from the day before. It’s like technology — as soon as a new computer is announced, it’s obsolete. 

Coffee is good for you. No, wait, it’s bad for you. No, wait! It’s GOOD!! Really! no, wait! It’s not coffee that’s good, it’s wine, or chocolate, or eggs — but not raw eggs! Those will kill you DEAD! Like, waaaaay dead. Unless they don’t because they won’t really kill you because they’re fine in small quantities. 

Rinse, wash, repeat. 

I was making cookie dough this past weekend to snack on. (Shut up) and the raw eggs thing popped into my head. And I though, meh. I mean, it’s not as if I was going to eat every single egg in the carton like some crazy person. And I figure the CUP of BUTTER, and 2 1/2 cups of sugar (the best part of dough) would likely do me in before any of that tiny egg did. And yeah, I grew up without eating cookie doing being A VERY BAD THING. (Not that it was a good thing, feeding your children cookie dough. Or like, most of the cookies that were made.) 

And so I snacked on that dough*  (in a reasonable quantity) and I thought, to hell with death by raw eggs! I’m brave! SPARTA! And all that shit. I didn’t die as a kid, so if this kills me now, so be it. I’ve lived 40 years. I have LIVED. I’m good. Death by raw eggs in dough seems like a better option than others out there. 

Because these days all you need to do is open your eyes, or ears, and you’re assaulted from all sides by what’s bad for you and will kill you and give you cancer or more cancer and give your cancer cancer. And I’m kind of fed up of warnings that come in the form of OMG DOOOOOOOOM UPON US ALL!!

Seriously. Calm down a little bit. Or a lot. Because being calm might be one of the safer options when trying to not raise the ire of the universe of things that are out there to kill you. 

Nobody wants to do anything anymore. I don’t think the children of today are being exposed to enough things to let them build up an immune system. Yeah, I was a sickly kid (and no, it wasn’t because I used to get to lick the spatulas after we made cookies or cake), but I wasn’t epi-pen allergic to everything under the sun. Including the sun. 

What I get most annoyed by are those who believe everything they read in the paper, or online, or from over-shared, click-bate Facebook posts and the proceed to lecture, judge, never shut up at you for doing something they JUST READ is blah blah blah IMPENDING DDOOOOOOM AND DEATH UPON YOOOUU!

And hey, you know what’s dangerous? Living. Because eventually you get to the end of life and you -gasp!- die. So maybe try to not be alive too often and you might be lucky enough to avoid death. Meanwhile, if you really can’t avoid it and need to be alive, go ahead and make yourself some cookie dough to snack on. Lick the cake batter off the mixer (not while on, or plugged in!). Have a glass of milk, juice, beer, wine, gin. Whatever. Have a cigar. Have some salt. Enjoy butter. 

Just don’t be an idiot about these things. Because — SPOILER ALERT! — we are all going to die eventually. Stop worrying about all of the little things and enjoy your life. Be smart about most of it, but enjoy it. Because if you read all those articles about what’s bad for you and will result in DOOOOOOM, they all go to the same place:

Being alive is bad for your health. 

So if being alive is eventually going to kill you, enjoy the time you’ve got going for you now. If I can make it to 40, I think I’ve been doing pretty alright. 

*Yes, Daddy. I did actually make two full sheets of cookies as well. 

stuff in my head while i’m trying to fall asleep: accomplishments & difficulties

lantana lucky sunrise small but bold

Every few months I feel the need to take a social media break. I don’t. Not really. I might cut back; and over the last year I have paid a little less attention to the loud, obnoxious, in-your-face, stream of information that the internet throws at you. But sometimes it’s still all too much.

Social media makes it way too easy to cut someone down. Social media makes it way too easy to judge others.

Yep, I judge people. Guess what? So do you. We all judge others. This seems to be a very common bad habit of the human race.

And social media makes bad habits too easy to give into.

I am tired of negativity. I am tired of people who feel the need to diminish someone else’s triumphant proclamation of accomplishment by either one-upping them, or dismissing the accomplishment all together, as not a big deal.

If you ran a kilometre, and are proud of it. BE PROUD.

If you left your house to do an errand, and had to deal with people (socialize! gah!), and you needed to rest when you got home? Be PROUD (and rest!)

Did you finish a book? Are you not an avid reader? Was it a struggle to get through but you wanted to finish it? BE PROUD.

Anything that is difficult for you, and you manage to accomplish, is worth celebrating. Just because something might be easy-peasy to someone else, doesn’t make it less of a big deal to you. Small, simple things that may or may not feel small and simple, can make a huge splash.

So you share these accomplishments, and someone always has to come around and stomp all over your sprouts. Others might think nothing of bursting through the soil to grow and reach for the sunlight, but sometimes you need a little more encouragement to dig through that dirt. And dirt can be heavy.

I am tired of people who can’t comprehend why something they think is simple and obviously a no-brainer might not be simple to someone else. Telling me to “just get up earlier” when I mention how awful I am with mornings, isn’t helping me. I can’t. I am just not a good morning person (rather, a good just waking up person). My brain takes way too long to boot up in the mornings. I joke about it being an accomplishment if I can remember to put on pants before I leave the house, but my reality isn’t too far off that path. I am not a morning person. I never have been, and I doubt I ever will be.

Doing anything that makes a person step out of their comfort zone is an accomplishment. Leaving the house to get groceries isn’t easy for everyone. And yet so many people judge others for finding something difficult they think nothing of.

There are many things I do in my life that are hard for me. I struggle with a lot of things that I don’t tell anyone about. Much of it is internal, and every so often I feel so proud of what I might have just managed to do that I want to shout it to the world – so I do. Others do to. But not everyone gets it. It’s not a cry for attention. It’s not fishing for compliments. (Sure, those people are out there, but it’s not everyone.) Sometimes you just need to tell the world you did something that you didn’t think you could do. Putting it out there in the universe is a way of proving that you did it.

And you know what? You don’t have to care about others. You don’t have to congratulate me because I made it out of the house WEARING PANTS in the morning. You can just IGNORE what I wrote and move on with your life. You don’t need to say “Ha! I ALWAYS wear pants. It’s EASY!” you don’t have to say “That’s stupid, it’s not a huge deal to leave the house with pants on.” You can say “Yay! Cat! I am glad your brain was functioning this morning!” you can just keep scrolling.

You do not have to care one whit about my pants. Just know I feel pretty darn pleased with myself when I accomplish this small feat every day. (I need to work on not leaving the house in my slippers though. But I focus on the more important body coverage first.)

Don’t judge someone because they find something difficult you think is easy. You’re not right just because you can do it and someone else can’t. You’re also not better than the person who thinks what you find easy is hard. It’s likely that something you think difficult is as easy as breathing to that person.

Be proud of what you accomplish, however small. Be bold in your pride over those accomplishments. Ignore those who think you’ve got nothing to be proud of because they feel they are better than you because what you’ve done is easy for them.

We each have our own struggles. We fight our own personal demons. Struggle, fight, overcome. Be proud of yourself. And remember the next time someone writes a post about something they are proud of accomplishing that  you think is easy – it’s not easy for everyone. So just shut up with your judgey comments. Keep scrolling. If you can’t say something nice… you know the rest.

travel pet peeves

I don’t travel often, but lately I have found myself going places way more than I used to. (It helps that  my parents moved 3.5 hours away a year ago.) Most of the time the travel includes stays at hotels rather than at someone’s house. There are a plethora of things in hotels that drive me crazy and I thought, “Hey, blog post idea!”

Hotel Peeves

  • light switch to bathroom OUTSIDE the bathroom. It’s like this in every hotel I go to and I find it frustrating.
  • having the toilet and sink in different rooms but all on the same light switch, with no way to block the light from the rest of the room. Very frustrating in the middle of the night. The only place I have seen this work is at Disney World in their resorts, they actually have a curtain that can be drawn across the sink area to block the light from the rest of the room. That’s pretty smart.

  • No light in the shower. One little light in the room that has the toilet & shower, but the shower itself is dark. I dislike showers that are not well-lit. Just a personal preference. (Also, it’s hard to shave your legs in the dark!)
  • crappy coffee machines. I was in one hotel in the last couple of years that actually had a keurig machine and that was BRILLIANT. That way you can go out and buy your own k-cups to make your coffee and you can get a decent size coffee. At least the machine in this hotel room was updated since the last trip. I am certain the machines were left over from the 70s.
  • Rooms without mini-refrigerators. Even in this day and age, some rooms come without mini-fridges and that annoys me. (The room we were in had one, I am speaking in general.) I like to keep my bottles of water cold and I like to occasionally bring back left overs from a meal at a restaurant, so I’d like a place I can keep things cold!
  • No safe in the room – and/or – a very unsafe safe. This mostly applies to when we travel to the US because I like to keep our passports safe and our extra cash. I am sure we could ask at the check-in desk, but I’d rather know I can access my stuff at a moment’s notice. The last trip to Toronto the safe in the room was upside down, on the floor of the closet and could just be picked up and walked away with. What the hell? We didn’t put anything in it, of course. What’s the point. Build the bloody things into the walls of the closets, don’t just toss one in there and hope for the best.
  • Hotel staff that come in a clean the room even when the Do Not Disturb sign is on the door. Yes, this has happened. We complained about it the time it did. Thankfully we did not have our dogs with us that time and we do hide/make safe the stuff we have (i.e. electronics) but we are particular in that we don’t want our rooms cleaned every day. We’re not slobs, we can clean up after ourselves and mostly we only stay in a place for a max of 3 days, so why have staff clean our room each day? This time someone STOLE our Do Not Disturb sign from our door and we had to go request a new one. WHO DOES THAT? Seriously. We didn’t want the cleaning staff walking into a room with dogs if we weren’t there. So we took them on an hour-long hike through wet-land trails while we waited for the front desk to find us a new sign. But really, do not come into a room with the sign on. What is wrong with hotels that do that?
  • Not enough electrical outlets. I know many hotels were made before we always carried technology around with us, so I’ll cut them some slack. But it’s really frustrating if you have to unplug the bedside lamp if you want to charge your phone. Our hotel this time had a lovely little power bar thing on the desk so you could plug multiple things in. Well done!

Rest Stop Peeves

  • Not enough food options. I realize it’s kind of difficult to be able to please everyone on the road with food options, but on the way from Montreal to Ontario the rest stops have two options – Tim Hortons and Burger King. The last thing I want to eat on the road is Burger King because it will make me very ill, very fast. Same goes for my husband. There is also a little market in each stop that has other items, but I find it very difficult to find food on the road. Yes, we could pack our own food, but we tend to use space that a cooler would fit in for the dogs.
  • No garbage pails next to the Pet Areas. Ok, so you have designated a tiny patch of grass for people to walk their dogs on and a HUGE sign that says to clean up after them – but there are no garbage pails in sight. In fact, there are few garbage pails on the grounds. Recycling bins, yes… but where do you want us to put the dog poop? I’ll bet you that’s the main reason those tiny patches of land are covered in dog poop – why pick it up if you can’t toss it away easily? We always walk around and find one, not just because it gives us all a chance to stretch our legs, but because we’re responsible pet owners like that.
  • Pet Area right next to the MEGA HUGE TRUCKS parking area. I get that you might want a spot to relive dogs to be farther away from the building with the food in it, but do you have to place it so close to the truck entrance and parking? I don’t actually feel safe there myself, I don’t feel comfortable walking my dogs when 18-wheelers are zooming by. I think rest stops should have small, gated areas that you might be able to let your dogs run off-leash. That will let them get their energy out and it can be a safe place for them to relieve themselves.
  • Not enough bathroom stalls. This isn’t a problem in the Ontario rest stops now. The newly renovated rest areas have ample bathroomage. The Quebec ones? Not so much. (But the Quebec ones DO have better restaurant options.)
  • People who hang out in rest stop parking areas and take up parking spaces with their bodies. Everyone needs a place to park and stop when we get there. I get it. You’re tired and need to stretch. Then MOVE OVER TO THE GRASS AND TABLES and get the hell out of the parking lot. And don’t just wander around WITHOUT LOOKING while you’re in the lot, there are people in cars who will run you over. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THE ROAD. Ugh.

Sometimes I think I should go into the Rest Stop business and make my own and fill them with things I think people would like. And include a fenced dog-run and make sure there are enough garbage pails around. Wonder how I can get into that business? Hmm.

Do you travel a lot? What bugs you while traveling? What do you love about it? What’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in? (I’m going to say that the Caribbean Beach Resort in Disney World was pretty close to my fave spot. But the Marriott I stayed in when I roomed with Kristi and Shanyn in NYC for BEA in 2012 was a close second when it comes to awesome.)

go home, may. you’re drunk.



We have had a pretty lousy spring. Although I have noticed something in the last year – all our weather seems to be off by a month. Winter started in January, as we had a very mild December (and only really got the snow a few days before the new year), winter took a long time to thaw out and we’re having April-ish weather this May. My guess is that we’re just going to be off by a month for the rest of the year.

All I know is that this winter seemed really long and cold and never-ending and now our spring isn’t much better. I know we don’t get much of a spring in Montreal, but I think we were spoiled the last couple of years.

I’m cold and achy from the dampness and I want there to be sun (without 30+ degrees of humidity!) I have been feeling so blah for so long now, I’d like the sun and warmer (but not too warm) weather to just show up already. I worry about Jinx’s garden in the cooler weather.

Also, rain on weekends, but not during the week day, really sucks. Doesn’t seem fair to me. I’d like to be outside reading and puttering around in the garden. Not curled up in blankets on the couch. I put the HEAT back on yesterday (and yet, the weekend before I had the A/C on because it was so humid and hot!)

Stupid weather.

“but you always say you love winter!”

I am tired of people saying the above to me. Especially now. I do love winter. I am a winter baby and I love the winter season.

Got that? I said, the winter SEASON.

Have you looked at a calendar recently? Go ahead, look at one. I’ll wait.


Did you notice how the SEASON of WINTER ended on the 20th of March? Did you?

So, yeah. When I happen to mention that I am annoyed by the below freezing temperatures and the snow when it’s APRIL, I don’t need people to throw back the “but you say you love winter” back at me.

People. It is NOT winter anymore. I like winter DURING winter. By the time the seasons are ready to change, so am I.

Yes, I’m just posting a cranky post, but really the weather is making me cranky and so are people who don’t seem to get it.

I’m also supposed to start my second week of Couch to 5K training today. I don’t want to run in THIS! Yucko. The last run I did was in below zero temperatures and it was painful. It wasn’t even precipitating then. Today is yucky.

So, yes, I do love winter. But I like winter to be over at the end of winter. Y’know?