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PassPorter Walt Disney World Resort 2008

PassPorter’s Walt Disney World 2008
by Jennifer Marx

Back in February of this year, my husband and I finally found time (and money!) to take our honeymoon – almost three years after we got married. We spent a glorious week at the Walt Disney World resort and the excitement of the trip started way before we got there because I had picked up this book! Back in 2004 we had taken our first ever trip together and with the help of a nice Christmas bonus and the extra chill in the winter, we made a last minute decision to head on down to Disney World and see what all the fuss was about. Before we went I was scouring the shelves in the Travel section of our local bookstore to see if I could find a book that would help with our planning and that would give us any and all information we would want – since we didn’t know ANYTHING. When my eyes locked on the PassPorter book I was instantly enamoured.

I love journals and agendas and anything where I can jot down thoughts and memories (you’d think I’d be a better scrapbooker in that case… alas, I suck at scrapbooking.) This book had it all! Not only that the back of the book is in daily format and each day has a handy-dandy PassPocket to keep your items in (like tickets, receipts, etc). AND… AND! There are STICKERS! Oh, how I am a sucker for stickers. The stickers can be used like labels, for instance I would use the ROOMS sticker to tab the pages that detailed the hotel we were staying in and then one to tab the page with the restaurant we’d made reservations at.

The PassPockets are already laid out for you to help you record your memories and important reminders. Each day I would record the weather and temperature and write down when and where we were going. We didn’t have our days totally planned out or anything, but there were things that we had already booked for some days of the trip and that’s where I recorded the confirmation numbers and times of the events.

When we went this year I KNEW that this book would be a MUST! And I ordered it online since it hadn’t hit the stores yet. PassPorter updates every year and they even have a great website that gives you free updates as they happen so that you can keep track of changes to times, attractions, prices, etc. I even joined their message board before I went on this trip and you can get a ton of helpful information and hints and even meet some friendly people who are always willing to help out with questions and others who share their dream trips with you.

The book is divided into sections: Lodging – detailing every place to stay in the Disney World resort (we’ve stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort each time and LOVED it!), what they offer, what price category they fall into, etc. Food – every food establishment in Disney World is rated and discussed here, very helpful if you’re looking for Character Dining information or information about how easy it is to actually GET a table in that place! Attractions  – from rides to shows, this is where you’ll read all about them.

They have a cool rating system, too. Both adult authors and their two kids (one teen and one child) rate each attraction and resort to give you an idea of how each person in the family might feel about it.

The book is also written in an awesome font, too, which I have tried to get but I am not about to spend over $100 on a font. So there. 🙂

There are other Disney travel guides out there, but I really think this one is above and beyond all others. Its interactive (if you like keeping track of things), has great pull out, detailed maps of all the parks which you can bring with you – those also have check lists on the back to help you keep track of what you want to see and do. It has stickers (did I mention the stickers?) and PassPockets and if you visit their website they have other awesome accessories you can order to help with your trip. These guys are serious Disney vacationers, they have been an insane number of times and have stayed at and tried all places. They do not rate it they have not tried it!