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christmas 2017

Once there was an evil grinch who decided to try to steal Christmas from us, and possibly many others. That evil grinch should rot in hell. Finding out at 9pm on the 22nd of December that your bank account has been hacked and all your money stolen, is not the way you want to start the Christmas festivities. Trust me, I know first hand.

I have to thank both gentlemen I spoke with, while trying to not break down,  as I was in  the car, in the parking  lot at work. Both the bank call-centre guy, and the credit card call-centre guy, we calm, helpful, and kind. I also need to thank the bank teller, and bank manager,  from one of the handful of branches that are open on a Saturday, for being calm, helpful, and kind. Because realizing this happened on a Friday night, when nothing bank-related is  open again for another 5 days, and having no access to your bank account, or credit card, AND having all money drained from your accounts, is NOT even close to Feeling Festive.

We won’t find anything out with regards to the fraud claims until who knows when – because nothing will be  looked at until December 27, but the people I spoke with Friday  night, and Saturday morning, did their best to get the ball rolling. I would just like the money put back in our accounts before the  mortgage is due.

And of course we keep having snow storms. Which used to be normal, but hasn’t been for the past 10 or so years. All this shovelling and bad driving. Keeps us active  though.

But also this weekend was a wonderful, and much needed, visit from my parents on the 23rd. They drove for 6  hours through a snowstorm to make it into town and come for dinner.

I worked all day Christmas Eve.

Shawn and I had a quiet Christmas day, the first Christmas for Abigail. We postponed going to his parents’ place due to weather. I just couldn’t deal with extra stress on my one day off between Christmas Eve and Boing Day retail shifts. We’ll have Christmas with them next weekend.

We got each  other thoughtful gifts.

The floofs each  had their own stocking full of  goodies.

Abigail had her first Christmas. She was loved. She was spoiled.

I slept for the first time in three days, the anxiety from having my personal information & account  breached finally at a lower level than it has been since Friday at 9pm. We will eventually get our money back, but my trust in a lot of things is shaken. My dislike  of most people has risen a notch or two. I am ready for this year to be over.

We are together. We are safe. We will weather this new storm together. We are loved. We have friends who care about us. We have three furry animals whom we hug and spoil.

The evil grinch tried to steal our Christmas but we didn’t let him win. I hope that grinch gets run over by his sleigh though.



  • Mummy

    The stuff you have to deal with! Some people would get permanently buried under all that crap but you keep fighting and cope with it. I am so proud of you! The photos show the love that surrounds all of you. Big Hug, XO