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When we first moved in, the first thing we did was buy a set of wood venetian blinds for the living room. (I thought I had a photo of when we got them, but I can’t find it in my archives, so here’s a stock photo from our second year in the house.) We loved those blinds and had them custom fit to our oddly-sized living room window. Just before Christmas the blind started to break. Something became tangled and broken inside the mechanics of it and we couldn’t open and close them. We had to do it manually, but mostly the slats were in a permanent semi-open position. Ugh. It just wasn’t something in our budget or a huge priority to fix and it really wasn’t hurting anything. It was just annoying and… not very pretty. But we rarely have anyone over and to be honest, our coffee table was already chewed up by Sophie, so people who did come over would be more likely to see the chewed table than notice the blinds.

But the last couple of months, the strings that held up the blinds were fraying  To the point that one side was almost completely undone and the last thing we wanted was for the slats to come tumbling down on the dogs. So we decided we would go out and look for something to replace them. I did not want to spend another $300 or so dollars to have custom blinds fitted again. Especially right now while finances are rather limited. We tossed around the idea of getting curtains but we weren’t sure if it would work. Thursday we went out (since I was home on vacation) and hit up Wal-Mart (shush) to see if we would find a curtain rod that wouldn’t cost a small fortune and ended up finding one that had both an inner AND outer rod so you could have both a sheer curtain and a darker one over it. Great! Their curtain selection wasn’t all that wonderful though and OH MY GOD! since when did they start selling ONE curtain ALONE. Holy cow does this add up fast then. What a crock!

Shawn picked up these sheer curtains that had cursive writing on them and I thought they were pretty nifty. But we (ok, *I*) didn’t like any of the “real” curtains that Wal-Mart had to offer so we thought we’d head on over to Dix30 and check out the home decor stores. With no success, I suggested we stop in Pier 1 on the way to the car – on the off chance they had something on liquidation that didn’t suck (we tried three places and all had crappy pattens and cost about $70 A CURTAIN! No thank you!).  Turns out, we lucked out at Pier 1 (and I might even go back to get a curtain to replace the gross blind in our bedroom, too). I found these dark red (almost brown) flowered curtains on sale for $19.99 each (from $60 each!) and thought they would work. They did!

Having curtains, when we have had only a blind for the last 5 years, really changes things up in the living room. The entire feel and look of the room has altered. The lighting is different. Especially since we just spent 6+ months with a perpetually half-closed blind. I was worried about the room being too dark if we got a dark, single-toned curtain for the outer one (in brown or green) but then was worried it would be too LIGHT with the cream and red ones. It’s not really. The entire room has this nice, golden, warm glow to it. We’re especially subjected to light since we removed the tree in the fall last year (and still need to replace it… one thing at a time!) so I wanted to make sure we could keep the afternoon sun out and keep the house cooler. These (so far) seem to do the trick!

I still need to attach hooks to the wall and make some curtain ties to keep them open at times, but for now, I found this old left over Christmas ribbon (while we were looking for the drill bits – don’t ask) and that seems to work just fine! It even matches in colour!

And, BONUS!, it has stars on it. I like stars. In case you didn’t know that about me already. Heh.

The dogs are a little suspicious of the curtains but they’ll get over it. I have left them open slightly in the spot where Jinx likes to stand up and look outside (to make sure people are behaving properly and that there are no squirrels up to tom foolery out there!). He’s been able to brave the curtains so far. Although Sophie keeps walking by them and swinging her head around in a manner that can only be accompanied by a horror-movie, swelling strings crescendo in her head. That’s what it looks like anyhow. I’m sure she’ll get over it. If I’m lucky, maybe this will unnerve her enough to keep her snuggling on the bed with us all night. Diabolical plan on my part, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Muahahahaha!

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