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cold veggie pizza and bacon – it’s a breakfast of champions, yo!

You know it’s bad when you leave the movie theatre and want to warn everyone waiting in line to see the next showing of the movie NOT to go see it.

I’m not going to spoil it for anyone… but I will say, don’t rush out and spend the obscene amount of money that a movie theatre will charge you on this one. Just get the final X-Men on DVD in like, two months.

And Cindy-Lou? I’m never, ever setting foot on that terrifying red bridge. You hear me??

Aside from the few hours of my life I want back from Friday night… this weekend has been nice. The only downside is that Shawn has had to work all weekend. Our original plan was to spend Saturday night in Ottawa since Chelsea was running a 10Km runny thing and two other friends of ours were walking a 32 Km marathon this morning. Sadly every bloody hotel/motel/whatever was booked solid. Probably due to the 22, 000 people apparently participating in this marathony weekend. And then as we were trying to figure out what else to do… Shawn was asked to work all weekend. Problem solved. 🙂

So this now means that my shoulders and knees (and lower legs) are burnt to crisps. Why? I decided it was so nice out yesterday that I would bathe the dogs. Ha! I didn’t realize my shoulder was red until this morning, it’s not much I don’t think as it isn’t really hurting me, but it’s a little sore when I would run it on the bed. My play was to only wash Annie in the little tub, with the hose, yesterday. I didn’t think I could do Jinx on my own – he can been a fiesty one! But he kept playing with the water in the hose and sticking his nose in the the little tub to see what was going on. He was almost as wet as Annie and I were by the end of her bath… so I grabbed him, hooked the leash on him and plopped him in the rubber tub. Hehheh. He wasn’t so happy then, let me tell you.

firestar digestOnce the two of them were free and running about in the back yard to dry off, I was covered in fur, mud and soaked through from the hose and shaking dogs. It was lovely. So off we went to tie them in the front of the house (where there is ample shade for them to sit in and still dry from the heat) and I took my new and exciting Firestar! comic digest and went to read on the front porch. All of me was in the shade except from my knees down. This of course has led to me having burnt my translucent skin to a crisp. All night my knees have been itching me like crazy!! ACK! I didn’t think I was out there long enough to burn. I didn’t have my legs up the entire time. Oh, well. It would be better if it wasn’t in an odd pattern. *sigh*

Oh, this made me think of something – Jill!!! Stay out of the sun down there in LA, you’ll be burnt to a crisp in no time!!! Kind of like this:

Today has been wasted though because I only woke up at twenty to eleven! Yikes!! I did not mean to sleep that late. I was up at 8 when Shawn left for work and was still sleepy, so I thought I would like there for a little longer. I was sure I’d be up before nine – because that’s just the way it works with me on weekends! But, no.

If it was restful sleep I wouldn’t be so upset. But it’s not. I’m back to having horrible nightmares, one of them had maggot/tape worm things all over our bed and pillows. Talk about horrifying. In fact that one kept recurring all night. Add to that the copious amounts of Veronica Mars we’ve been watching and those guys pop up a lot too. I think Weevil was my boyfriend in one of them. heehee. He’s a cutiepie.

As it is almost noon and the day is nice I should be out there (sitting in the SHADE) and enjoying it. I wish I had a book to read… oh wait! I do! Yay! I think I’ll go do that in a bit. First I need to finish my slice of cold pizza and see if I have any bacon left or if I fed it all to the dogs.. 😉

6 comments to cold veggie pizza and bacon – it’s a breakfast of champions, yo!

  • Jill

    I am in love with Neutrogena Spray Sunblock. It smells nice, doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and keeps me white as blue-veined, mole-sprinkled snow.

    Weevil is adorable.

  • i’m back! i finished at 1:02.56
    it was great times. i thought i was gonna die with the sun heat, but i survived, a lot better than a lot of people actually. i’m dying now though…all my muscles ache!
    talk with ya soon to tell ya all about it

  • Oh My! You are burned! EEkkkk!! Hope it doesn’t hurt tooo much! We took the boys to X-Men this weekend. It was perfect for them, but I see how all of us who are older, would be disappointed. I HOPE Pirates of the Caribbean is worthy!

  • wow!!!!! my top half is brown. brown like the mud, brown. my bottom half . . .not so much. i’ve considered shaving this year, after several several several years of not, and wearing shorts while outside to attempt a one-toned body. heh.

  • jo

    Mmm… weevil. I must ponder that for a moment……

    Ok I’m sad you didn’t like the x-men movie. Though, if you’re a comic book fan, I can see why you didn’t. I have not read a lot of them although I watched the cartoons religiously (which I know is like saying I read the book and watched the movie, they bear a passing resembelence to each other but aren’t really the same). But I liked it, of course there are very few movies I actually have completely disliked. I go in with a pretty low expectation most of the time.

  • Amy

    Yay for bacon. I love bacon. I wish I could roll around in it. Just, not when it’s super hot. Ouch.