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csi: house

This has been by far the most lazy holiday ever. I have remained in my jamies almost all week, only getting dressed if I absolutely had to. heh. Today is one of those days, let me tell you, I have to. We’re off to the inlaws for Christmas number..er.. four? I’ve lost count. I am hoping for a blender and mixer, yo. As long as Shawn doesn’t use up all the hot water, I’ll be hopping in the shower in mere minutes and then we’re off to open gifts and eat turkey and oh yeah, see his parents.

Not only have we spent all this time lazing about in jammies we’ve watched ALL season 5 of csi and we’re about a quarter of the way through season one of House. Wow. Can I just say my dreams are messed up? Oh my goodness!! Forget nightmares about work..  now every little thing is making me paranoid. I’m itchy, my nose is sniffly, I have a headache, anything.. do you KNOW how much paranoia these two shows together can produce??? I could have a million and one diseases. It could be caused by a billion and one things going wrong around the house – mould! fleas! termites! whatever! ack! Ha!

I love how in House they have to almost kill the patient like, twice before they find the right thing. It’s really quite predictable you know. But I don’t think I’d go there.. they never really say "oops, wasn’t that. Really we were just making a wild guess". They should. One doctor’s name is Eric Foreman. He looks nothing like that guy in That 70s Show. Hmm….

Also? I’m back on my never going to Vegas kick. Too much death and creepiness there. I’ll stay on this side of the border, thank you very much.

I think Annie is allergic to the Christmas tree. She’s been so sick this past week, and it cant be from the heaters, because we haven’t really had them on. It was quite mild earlier this week. Since her respitory thing has gotten worse in the last 3 weeks, I am blaming the tree. It’s the only new thing. And I know that if she’s out in the grass much in the summer she gets the same way. Her nose is all blocked and makes this little whistling noise when she breathes and then she does this thing called a reversed sneeze, which really just sounds like she’s gasping for air. It’s scary.. but after all this time with her, I’m a little used to it. Sometimes I don’t even get out of bed anymore at night. She’s fine and she gets through it fine. It really doesn’t bother her as much here as it did in my other place (you want csi to find scary stuff somewhere? send them to our old apartment next tot he factory that’s turning the ground toxic!) but she gets flareups here. I’m pretty sure it’s to vegetation. She didn’t have this when she lived in Tenneessee (I’ve doubled too many letters, haven’t I? :)) and only one other dog that came to Canada has this sort of problem and she’s in Manitoba. We haven’t figured out what causes it yet. Weird.

Anyhow, my point is I’ll be happy when the tree is down (this weekend, yo!) and Annie starts to feel better. I have also just renewed her allergy type pills with the vet today and we’ll pick them up en route to the inlaws.

So, that’s my day in a nutshell. I think I’m having a quiet New Years. I hope I am. I like this jammies thing. I should wash them though. I think I smell. heh. Laundry would be good anyhow or I’ll have nothing to go back to work (eep!) with on Tuesday.

Have a happy new year, all! Don’t forget as of midnight tomorrow night there will only be 23 shopping days left until MY BIRTHDAY. Get on that, will ya? 

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