diary of a non-jogger

diary of a non-jogger – experimental

Tried to run a full kilometre and came short (0.76km) but kept going with walking and running. Managed to run just under 2km (by, like, 0.03 of a km, so let’s just round up ok?) out of the 5k. Concerned about my new shoes as I have major shin pain while running in them and I wasn’t having ANY leg/shin pain with the old shoes. Not sure if this will even out or if I made a bad shoe choice.

First time I hit 5km out though. The last almost kilometre was spent with husband and dogs. Sophie stopped for two poop breaks so it sort of cut into my time. 😉 I was averaging 10m 30s a km though per runkeeper and my walk/run splits.

I have iced my shins and I am off to soak in the tub for a half hour before I crawl into bed. First time I went out two consecutive days to run though. I wanted to run tonight. I needed to. My body said, “Let’s go!”. So I went.

I regret nothing. Woot!


  • joanne

    I had the same problem with my new shoes (not the minimalist ones the regular ones). They KILLED my outer calves. During one of my long runs I had to take them off and just walked around the track barefoot. I think either my legs have gotten used to running more or I’ve broken them in better because I ran in them on Friday and they didn’t bother me. I’m going to try them again tomorrow on my long run.

    • Cat

      Sounds like you have built up the muscles and/or loosened them up (?) as you have been progressing. I know people run in minimalist shoes but that freaks me out because I NEED the cushion when I hit the ground. At least, for now I do. I like the padding. It softens the blow. The calve and knee pain didn’t come back yesterday but the shins – oh the shins! However I am almost back to normal this morning so I am hoping that I just have to break the shoes in and I’ll be fine again.

  • Charity

    Most likely the issue with the shoes is that they’re too new. They probably need to be broken in more. I have problems with my feet and legs hurting just walking in new shoes until they break in. 🙂

    • Cat

      I am really hoping it’s just because they are new. I was trying to think back to what and where the hurt was in the other shoes when I first started out. Granted, I had been walking in the shoes for about a year before I really got going with the running – and some of that walking was daily, on a picket line (which is why I got the shoes in the first place and then thought I might as well learn to run in them!) So they were already moulded to my feet when I was running. I had to worry about the muscles learning HOW to run, but I think the shoes themselves were already pretty broken in.

      I feel like I run *faster* in these shoes because they are lighter. The heels are much more cushioned than the Brooks but I don’t think there’s as much for the ball of my foot when I land. I feel almost normal this morning so the icing and bath helped and it makes me think my muscles just need to adjust to the way my feet fall in the new shoes. I hope anyhow. Fingers crossed!

  • Amanda

    Honestly, the faster aspect probably has less to do with the weight of the shoes and more to do with the spring, since the old ones were worn out. Brooks makes running shoes that are very highly regarded. (I personally can’t wear them because they’re too tight on my achilles heel, but I know many people who do.) Maybe the Asics just don’t have as much of the support you need? I’ve had Asics twice and both times I got shin splints with them. I have gotten to where I won’t wear them at all. But I know people who love them, too. I hope you get it figured out!

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