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diary of a non-jogger – holy crap, I accomplished something!

C25K – Week 2, Day 1 (first successful attempt)

I just had a 4-day weekend and it was totally my intention to run each one of those days. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and I am pretty sure I know what being in outer space feels like with the lack of oxygen because of the heaviness of the humidity right now. Holy moly. You walk outside and the weather just robs you of all air. Ugh.

It was pretty bad with heat and humidity today, too, but on the bus on the way home there was suddenly a bit of a cool breeze through the windows. So much so that I got the shivers and when we stepped off that bus tonight it was *cool* out. At least, it felt cool even though it was still about 35C with humidity. I guess it broke a little? (As I write this it’s 23C but feels like 30C… so I guess it did!) The breeze made it feel so much better than it has been and I was determined to get out there and run tonight. So I did.

Because it’s been forever since I ran and I wasn’t sure that I could do the 1 song walk, 1 song run program I’d been trying, I thought I’d give this Couch to 5K app another try. I debated whether or not to start back on week 1 or to see if I could finally complete the first day of the week 2 program. Shawn wasn’t sure if I should go that hard with the weather and my lack of running, but I thought, “eh, why not? Let’s see what I can accomplish!”

And let me tell you – that first 60 second run? I thought my app was BROKEN it flew by and I didn’t feel like I’d been running long at all. IT WAS EASY!

Oh my gosh!

By the time I got the “You’re half-way tone” notice I was wondering if I’d be able to make it another 18 minutes but I kept on going. I only stopped once – right before the last walk and my last 90 second run to sit on a bench and adjust my right running shoe because my foot had gone completely pins & needly and it was travelling up my leg. I thought it might be best if I shook that out before injuring myself. I have really high arches and the top of my right foot is always pinched by my shoe no matter how loose I tie it. I looked this up online and it seems to be a common thing and it doesn’t seem to be too serious, you just have to wiggle your foot a bit to get the circulation going again.

While sitting on that park bench I was attacked by ALL OF THE MOSQUITOES! I will probably look like I have hives tomorrow. Ugh.

I then used my 60 second walk to cross the park and the last 90 second run was close to home. I actually made it about three houses away by the end of my 5 minute cooldown. I did pretty darn good.

AND I almost covered 4km in distance! I was 3.73 in the end and GAH! I wish I could have made it to 4km! But I was running slowly so I know I covered less distance because of that. But since I managed to make it through this program I am pretty sure I can only improve upon it. I hope, anyhow. 🙂

In a perfect world, I’d like to go out most of the nights this week, but I know that weather will play a hand in that. I won’t be able to go out when the humidity is as oppressive as it has been and looks like it will be. I was not too warm while running tonight and I had water with me. I also told myself that I would stop when I needed to and if I couldn’t make the runs it was ok. I went out with a completely positive outlook and just wanted to see what I COULD do and look! I actually completed a program that I have not been able to make it more than half-way through THREE other times.

Go, me!

For anyone interested, tonight’s program was this:

5 minute warm-up walk
60 second run
60 second walk
90 second run
60 second walk (repeat the run/walk 5 times each)
5 minute cool-down walk

So I got in 12.5 minutes of running and 23.5 minutes of walking.

What I got out of tonight’s experiment was that I truly am building up endurance and although this will probably be slower than most people, I am pretty sure I will eventually get to my goal of being able to RUN a full 5km. I just don’t know when that will happen. I’d like it to be in the fall, but I will try to not be too hard on myself if it isn’t. I am learning that I am learning to like being out there and I actually CRAVE the outings now and I feel weird if I haven’t been able to get some sort of jog into my life for a while. Never in my life have I thought this would be something I’d WANT to do voluntarily.

I might be safe during the zombie apocalypse after all. Who knows. Maybe I’ll be able to outrun those brain-eating dead guys eventually.

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