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diary of a non-jogger – i will be the unicorn!

End of  Week 1 Redux

Today marks the end of the second time I have done the Week 1 training routine for my Couch to 5K app. This means I have successfully run 6 times in the last 2 weeks. (And there was that unsuccessful almost half-way through the first day of Week 2 in the middle, so did run 7 days, sort of…) As much as I have to push myself through those last 3 60-second runs, I am seeing progress in my distance while running and my pace. I don’t feel like collapsing and giving up before I read the half-way mark and I am not as beat up when I end the 31 minutes.

I think I will give myself one more week of this schedule and then attempt the Week 2 schedule again. I am still not convinced I will be able to run for 90 seconds, since towards the end of this one I am struggling with the 60 seconds. I am not going to force myself to get through if it’s too painful/difficult. Right now I am at my limit of what I can push myself to do and I am not injured & beat afterwards.

I think I might also open my Runkeeper app and see if the distance matches up, I’m confused as to how it’s always so different. Not to mention it stops calculating when the time is up, so when my 5 minute cool-down is over, the distance stops. I still have to continue to walk HOME. I don’t just POOF where I am. Obviously. =P

As much as this can hurt physically while my body gets used to it, and as little fun as it actually is, I find that it is helping me. Not just with the weight loss/getting in shape, but with my mood and with the anxiety. I mean, to top off all the traumatic stuff from 2 weeks ago, this week my husband was given notice that he’s got 2 months of work left as his company laid off 2/3 of their office in Montreal. LOVELY.

I still feel like I might never be able to run 5K, or even more than 60 seconds at a time with a break in-between, but there’s a noticeable difference between now and the first day I tried this, so I am trying to believe it will happen. At my own pace. I try not to get discouraged and/or jealous of all the “I just ran 5, 7, 10k in x-amount of time!” posts I see my friends writing. These people are runners. They didn’t just step out the door for the first time and run 7km. Some people might be able to do that, sure, but it’s not me. I will just be happy when I can run those 90-second bouts in this training thing. The weather is HOPEFULLY getting nicer finally (I didn’t run on Friday because of the SNOW STORM. Really, April. Get over it.) and I hope running will be easier when it’s not so chilly.

I think I will have a teeny, tiny window of decent weather though before it gets way too hot to want to do anything. Running in damp, cold is one thing. Running in extreme heat and humidity isn’t going to be fun either.

But I will do this. I will don my Runnin’ Rhino t-shirt and I will BE that unicorn!


  • Amanda

    I admit, I still get jealous when I see people say they go from being unable to jog more than a minute one week, to running a mile two weeks later, to running a 5K by the end of the month. Glare. Really??? Frickin’ 18 months, it took me, and I still struggle. I’m still a very slow runner, and I’ve been running for nearly three years now. It’ll come – you’ll get there! Slow or fast. 🙂

  • Mummy

    Do you know of anyone who tries this with a stopwatch? I don’t have the platform for the app. (See, I can talk the lingo. :))

  • Val

    I was the same as you for the longest time. Should have seen the smile on my face the first time I was able to run 5 minutes straight. When I’m actually training now, I can usually do 10:1 without too much difficulty.
    Keep it slow for now, listen to your body… you’ll hit the 90 second mark soon enough. And if you find it too hard, you can always try alternating between the 90 and 60 second stints during your runs. Even if you only do 2 – 90 sec reps during your run it will still be a success!

  • sassymonkey

    Well… do you actually WANT to run a 5k? Because if that is not your goal then does it really matter? If your goal is to tamper down the anxiety and kicks its butt — anxiety really doesn’t care how long or how far you run. The act of doing it what counts.

    And, if you DO want to run a 5k, there’s absolutely NO rule that says you need to complete the training in the number of weeks laid out in the couch to 5k app. Everyone goes at their own pace. Maybe it will take you 12 weeks or 16 weeks to be able to run that far and that’s ABSOLUTELY FINE. It’s better to listen to your body and do what works for you than some arbitrary program.

    (Erm, if you do want to run a 5k you should sign up for the Army Run and come run with meeeeeeeeeee because the Army Run is awesome. It’s not until September, but will likely sell out by some point in June.)

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