diary of a non-jogger

diary of a non-jogger: new shoes, new pains

C25k – Week 3, Day 1 (this time with a WORKING app!)

I have been feeling out of sorts all day. Kind of bloated and nauseous and I will admit the McD’s cheeseburgers I had at lunch were probably not the best idea (I do not need a McD’s lecture in the comments. I won’t listen and I don’t eat it often and normally when I do, I feel fine.) I think my body didn’t want both burgers but I’m so used to eating two that I just scarfed them down without thinking and I have been feeling way to full since then. Even now – it’s after 8pm and I am not hungry. I haven’t eaten since noon.

I haven’t been sleeping either, which is adding to the out-of-sortsness and that’s been going on since we got back from Ontario. I think I am just over being in this province and stressed about having to stay here and go back to a job that doesn’t fulfill me anymore. Also… full moon. Me and the full moon just do not play nice together. Which is sad because I am really all about the moon. I love her. Why she doesn’t love me back, I’ll never know.

It was nice out today. Nice enough that I knew I could go out for a run. I have these lovely new purple running shoes to break in, so why not?

First thing first – apparently if you run with a working version of the app on iphone you run more often than the broken one for android. I didn’t know that. So I was confused.

Run 3m
Walk 2m
Run 90s
Walk 2m
Run 3m
Walk 1m

Repeat once. I was so confused when I kept getting a 3 minute run prompt. I thought it was because I had accidentally hit “Stop” instead of “Resume” after having paused the program at a particularly long light. I was just about to start what I thought was the last walk before my last run. I was so confused when I kept getting these 3 minute runs. What was going on?

Secondly – the new shoes. They are not at all as cushioned under the ball of my foot as the Brooks are. I could feel the pavement in my legs way more than I was before, so I know I am going to hurt in the morning. Add in the fact that the shoes need time to mould to my feet and are currently making me feet land in a different manner than they would naturally, my calves and shins were tight like heck tonight. I haven’t had shin pain since the middle of April! I am hoping it’s not going to last too long and that I only have to break these shoes in a little.

The Asics are considerably lighter than the Brooks so I am pretty sure I went faster than normal because of that. At one point I had to slow the run right down to slower than if I was walking just to make it to the end of the second three minutes. As it was, I didn’t quite make it and walked for about 25 seconds before it ended. Alas.

I don’t know much about breaking in running shoes (so if anyone does, comments welcome!) but I might alternate with my old shoes every second run (especially if I go back out tomorrow, which I am hoping to do)? I don’t know if that will make my legs and knee better or worse? I’ll totally play it by ear tomorrow and see how I am feeling, but I sort of want to try and do this running thing multiple days in a row and not wait. I will wait if I feel my body needs it, but I think I am up for it.

All in all, I did 2 full 3 min runs, 1 at 2 minutes and 1 almost at the three minutes and I completed both 90 second runs. It was a confusing outing but I got almost 14 minutes of running in and that last 3 minutes – I made it! I looked at my phone to see what I had left because I HAD to STOP OMG! But I saw that I only had 14 seconds left so… I kept going and they were the slowest 14 seconds ever.

I stopped the program with 2-minutes left on the 5-minute cool-down walk because Shawn was coming to meet me with the dogs and we just kept walking. There was no point in waiting for the program to tell me the walk was over. 😉

We’re coming to help you, Mummy!! *waggle*

I had texted Shawn to see if he wanted to meet me on my walk back (not realizing I had a last 3-minute run to do. I thought I was done. So confused!) and it made me so happy to see these guys walking up the street towards me as I gulped water and gasped for air and felt so proud that I made it through the week 3 program without too many stops while running. It wasn’t perfect, but I felt like I had accomplished way more than my last attempt.

Lastly… these new running shorts I splurged on yesterday? OMG! Why did no one tell me that clothing that is designed for running is THE BEST FREAKING THING EVER!? The shorts didn’t get all heavy and sweaty and they dry, like, instantly. So, so comfortable. (As was the Fuelbelt I bought as well. Loved it!) It doesn’t have washing instructions anywhere on the shorts, so I will have to google that, but holy cow did that make a huge difference in comfort as  was running. And it still has a drawstring so I can make sure that my shorts don’t fall off when I run. Heh.

Bonus – I have been doing mega cleaning around the house and finally took in three pairs of pants that needed zippers replaced. Thankfully I fit into all of them again and I noticed as I was trying them on last night (to make sure the zippers were fine and the pants were ok) I noticed that my bottom is looking lovely and toned. I might not be losing weight super fast, but I have a nice booty now. Go, running! haha! (Shawn also approves.)

I just hope that these new shoes will not cause too much leg and knee pain going forward because I have been blissfully devoid of those issues the last 4 months. Hmm.


  • sassymonkey

    With different shoes (and with changing brands) you’ll probably find that they support you differently. Make sure you stretch your calves well after you run. (For me it’s normally my calves and hips that need a good stretch after a run but this week it was my my quads and i’m hella confused by that…)

    If you are still having shin pain, ice your shins for 10 minutes after your run. I HATE HATE HATE icing but I can’t deny that it works. I haven’t had to ice in awhile (though suspect I may have to tomorrow) but it helped so much with early season shin pain.

    • Cat

      The calve pain was only on one leg – outside right, above ankle. Oh, and I had a pull right below my right butt cheek. heh. I’ll have one really toned right butt cheek. Left knee bothered me. Both shins complained. I am trying to think back to what hurt where while starting to run in the other shoes, so I can figure out if it’s a New Shoe thing or a Wrong Shoe thing. Second day out no calve or knee pain but shins.. OMG. and right heel. Was worried about walking this morning but I have very little discomfort so I’m hoping I’ll get through this and have great shoes soon! (And I totally iced my shins when I got back last night AND took a 30 minute hot bath. I think that helped a lot!)

  • Amanda

    Foam-rolling works miracles on shin splints, though it hurts like the devil at first. It does get better as all those muscles loosen up. I highly recommend it! Usually, shin pain is because there’s not enough support under the arch. When the arch is compressed too far, it pulls the shin muscle away from the bone, creating little tears, and thus pain. Shoes can definitely cause that issue. If you continue to have pain with these, you might want to take them back to the store and let them know. Many times they’ll let you return them and get new ones that’ll work better for you.

    I’ve gotten several new sets of running shoes over the years, and I’ve never had to break them in, even in switching brands. Usually they help, rather than hurting. If these keep hurting, it might be an issue with the shoe rather than with you. I definitely recommend talking to shoe people.

    PS – running clothes are awesome.

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