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diary of a non-jogger: redux

I tried this last year. No, wait. I didn’t. At least not that I blogged about. The last time I wrote about the c25K thing was in 2011! I did try jogging again – briefly – in September of last year, but that fizzled out quickly. I always get the urge to start jogging in the spring. Honestly, I don’t know why as I have never enjoyed running. But there’s something about the dry pavement that you finally see after months of being covered in the snow that makes me want to run all over it. Not to mention the weather is that perfect mix of cool and warm so you’re not miserable while running.

So I though long and hard about WHAT it was about jogging that kept me from doing it. Something OTHER than the fact that it can hurt and my lungs burn and my nose runs…I finally had decent running shoes, so what was it. I realized I was just never comfortable in the clothes I was wearing to run. I didn’t have any pants or shorts that didn’t fall off me as I ran. No matter how tight that elastic seemed when I started out, the pants would eventually start to slip off my stomach and I’d be spending more time trying to pull them up and keep them on than focusing on running through the burn.

So I bought two pairs of sweat/yoga pants that have ties – for cheap, at Walmart. I tried the first ones out today and lo! It made a HUGE difference. I even managed to put on my little running belt that has space for my phone (for music and the training program) and a bottle of water.

I wasn’t sure I could make it through all 9 minutes of running (you walk 90 seconds and run 60 for the first day) and I thought I was on the last one when I still had one more to go, but I pushed through. I made myself complete this first day and I have never felt so good about an exercise goal ever.

So I didn’t feel fantastic during the run, but I didn’t feel miserable either. Today’s journal gets a great big OK for how I felt. It was pretty warm in the sun, too, but cool when it hid behind clouds. I did all 9 minutes of running and although it’s a slow pace and I felt like those 60-second running bits were getting longer towards the end (I am sure it was cheating) I managed to make it through all of them. I didn’t stop, didn’t cheat and just pushed through.

This is a testament to how helpful the last year of aqua fit classes have been. My body had managed to tone up and build muscle  without being in constant pain and I was able to accomplish something THIS cardiovascular finally. I hope the second day of training (which I think is supposed to be in 2 days?) is as successful as this one was. Fingers crossed.

Anyhow, the doctor at the ER told me that cardio was the best way to battle anxiety and since I am still very out of tune due to the events of Wednesday morning and I have a long weekend AND it’s nice out, I thought, why not try to get back into this attempt to run.

My music playlist, lovingly titled, “Running is Stupid” got me through the worst of it today. My husband came with me and the dogs sort of pooped out towards the middle (actually, Sophie pooped out earlier, she doesn’t like to run on leash). I will do the second training day without dogs, but hopefully with husband.

Now I am going to take a shower and prepare to see my parents for dinner tonight. Maybe I’ll take a nap. Hmmm. Nap. I also need to finish school work and work on a mega project. So mustn’t fill my weekend with too much other activity!

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  • Mummy

    Good for you! I used to try and jog from one telephone to another. I don’t think I ever made it past two of them!