diary of a non-jogger

diary of a non-jogger – slow & steady

2.20 km total; wonky gps. Grr.

I have a four-day weekend and after being back at work full-time, I’m really looking forward to this weekend! I have been out running three times this week, I’m super proud of myself. I didn’t blog about the last run because I was tired. And I forgot. Plus, this blog seems to be just about running now and well, you’re probably all sick of that.


I had to force myself off the couch today so I could go run. I had grand plans for this long weekend. Plans that included running as often as I could. Not sure if I’ll be able to get 4 days in a row in, but I wanted to get out there more often so I can build up endurance.

With each run I have done this week, I have gone a little farther than the last time. Sunday I achieved my first full kilometre and Monday I went a few feet farther. Today I went a lot farther than I had but the gps didn’t track it at all. Grr. I know what I did though and I know how fast I did it.

In all I got 1.88 km of running in out of 2.20. I’m increasing at a snail’s pace, but I am happy with my results. I feel great during the runs and afterwards, so I know I’m improving. Right now I need to work on breathing because I’m stopping due to my lungs feeling like they are going to collapse and not because of any pain when I run. This is a good thing, and a new thing for me. My legs are stronger and I’m getting faster (I still run slower than I walk though!)

I have my first outdoor Crossfit of the year tomorrow morning. This will include some form of running so I might just count that as my exercise for the day. Not sure yet. I’m trying to build up endurance and strength before the Spartan race at the end of May. I will admit to being terrified about this race. I have registered and I paid, so I’m in it whether I like it or not. Let’s hope I can make it through in one piece!

I keep waffling on whether or not I want to try the Couch to 5K app again, or if I want to keep going the way I am now. I’m not sure what works best for me. I think I need to switch up my training programs once in a while in order to progress. I find that if I do the same thing too often it becomes difficult, or something. I can’t quite explain it. I sort of like my current routine so I’ll stick with it for a while. Who knows, maybe in a month I’ll be able to run that full 2km without stopping and then I can just build from there. Mostly, I need to work on teaching my lungs that they like to work while I run because I am enjoying the running so they should too!


  • Joanne

    😀 Yay! I am so glad you are doing so well and are enjoying the running! My old man friend who was helping me says you have to keep practicing deep breathing all the time to help with the breathing while running. Non-runners don’t breathe deeply he says. Keep writing about your running! It helps motivate I think.

  • Marilyn Healy

    You will ace the Spartan race! (Do ask your friends who ran it last year what the best bug repellent is. You need something to protect you from the black flies.)

  • Sammy

    That’s how I do things, at a snail pace but it’s at my own pace so I can at least enjoy walking. I think you’ll make it through the race in one piece, you are so inspiring to a lot of your readers/friends it seems (including me, of course!) there’s not a doubt in my mind about you failing at this race at all! You’re going to do wonderfully! 😀

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