diary of a non-jogger

diary of a non-jogger – spring in fall

2.56km if you wanted to be all technical about it

The weather was unseasonably warm and spring-like today. I had an outdoor crossfit class at 10am this morning and it was just gorgeous out as we worked out. The last few outdoor classes have been about 2 or 4 celsius and that’s cold! We were up around 10C today with nice, warm sun and I think that’s my most favourite kind of work out ever.

It was so nice out I was itching to run. I haven’t been out since September 14 and, honestly? I have missed it. I have a whole bunch of other activity in my life right now but there’s something about this jogging thing that I’m still digging.

I took Jinx with me and Shawn walked Sophie. I did a walk/warm-up around the block since I knew we’d pass the Sniffing Trees and trying to get Jinx by there without stopping would have been difficult and well, I’d feel bad. So we all walked as a family for the first little bit, less than a 5 minute warm-up if I were doing the Couch to 5K app program.

Since I knew I hadn’t really been out running (the sprints and warm-ups in my crossfit don’t count) for a while, I had a stern talk with myself before I set out about how I was not to expect miracles and I was NOT to get DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF if I couldn’t run much.

I was seriously surprised by how much I did run as I started. I would have probably have been able to go a little further than I did if everything wasn’t against me. Jinx was being a brat, wanting to pull and sniff and trip me, I was at a rather bothersome corner that had two cars coming around it and people walking on the sidewalk who looked scared of Jinx. I had to stop finally and pull over. I was getting to the point where I was trying to push myself just that little bit further to see how far I could go, but it was too complicated and I was uncomfortable so I stopped, paused my phone and texted Shawn to let him know where I’d be going next.

My next bit of running weren’t nearly as long as the first, but I didn’t walk much between them either. I’d run for about a minute and walk for about 15-20 seconds. I spent a lot of that time pulling at Jinx’s collar to keep in him line. Ugh. By the time we met up with Shawn and Sophie I just tossed Shawn the leash and told him to take Jinx because he was being a pain in the butt and I was fed up trying to deal with him. Normally he’s really good when we run, but he was full of Bratty Beans today.

I  ran/walked the rest of the way home and in all we came in just under 3km. I had to edit my distance manually since I had started Runkeeper only when I started running and not the first part of the walk. It also got confused when I paused it the first time.

Anyhow, I ran way more than I thought I could and although I was slow, I was also pretty steady and I was happy with myself when I got home. I miss running and I am looking forward to the switcheroo with the sun setting being later. Since I can’t run alone in the dark. I don’t feel safe.

I have heard that we’re supposed to get a ton of snow this winter and that both makes me happy and sad. I am happy because I love the snow but I don’t think I’ll be a very good runner in those conditions. Ice terrifies me and I won’t even walk the dogs when it’s icy. I both want the snow to stay away longer so I can try and get a few more runs in before winter really hits AND I want the snow to come SOON because, well, CHRISTMAS WHIMSY! And WINTER WHIMSY!!

But I went out today and I ran and it was nice out and I feel  a little less down in the dumps. Now I just need to spend tomorrow focused on school work. And Christmas card making. OMG I have no time for anything!! GAH!

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