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Eclipse (a.k.a Egads! Can it be? She’s finished it!!)

by Stephenie Meyer

Well! That was an effort in perseverance! I shockingly finished the book last night. I didn’t realize I had so little left. This is the first time that I have ever read a book in tiny bits and then read about 5 OTHER books in between reading those little bits. (Well, with the exception of all those boring books I was supposed to read in high school and never really wanted to… but that doesn’t count I suppose because it was a life time ago and in this case I wasn’t being forced to read Eclipse!)

I actually found the last 200 pages of the book to be not as irritating as the first three or four hundred (wait, how many pages were there? The book is upstairs now and I don’t feel like going to check… =P). I actually rather liked the “truce” chat between whasshisname and wasshisname while Bella was half asleep. A little bit of extra insight or whatever. But I still thought the entire plot and story was crappy.

Do I read the fourth book or do I give up on this series entirely? I suppose it depends on how breathtaking the covert art is. I do know that I will NOT be buying Eclipse for my collection. If I find it for like, $2 in a garage sale or something, maybe! But I doubt it.

Well, lookee here! Seems they are planning a Twilight movie! Interesting.


  • Maria

    I was seeing a pattern in your latest reviews and I was wondering when I’d see a review for this one. I think the only thing I didn’t like about the book was Bella whining. Otherwise, I loved the series – and I might be biased but I said give the 4th a shot. ;]

  • Cat

    Maria – don’t know what I’m going to do about the 4th book. If it’s as miserable as this one to get through I might end up in a coma. 😉

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