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Oh, how time flies. Eight years married. Fourteen years of knowing each other. Ups and downs but always together and always stronger because of the other. I can do anything with this man by my side. I can survive traumatic events. I can find the courage to run (even if he just walks the dogs behind me.) I can laugh. I can cry. I can be myself every second of the day and never feel bad about that. We can survive job loss and strikes and more job loss. We can pick each other up when we’re down and make ourselves laugh at little things and at nothing. But we laugh. We laugh so often and so loud.

We’re super sensitive and we both get rather down at times, but thankfully it doesn’t happen at the same time (too often) and we can both manage to coax a smile and laugh out of the other even then. Things don’t always seem to be easy for us and there’s always some new sort of crap that life tends to throw in our faces just as we think we are getting the hang of things, but we over come each and every crappy thing and stand stronger at the other end of it. It’s tiring though but we just hang out together in our home and close out the rest of the world for a while. We don’t always need to be out hanging with other people and socializing when we’re feeling tired and worn out. But we DO need each other. We will spend as much time together as possible, even if one of us might have to take a day off to do it. When that jumper guy landed in front of me in the spring, Shawn walked me to and from work the next day since I was adamant that I needed to go in to the office (I should have stayed home, I think, but at the time, I needed to do that. But he would have stayed home with me if I chose to stay home. He would have protected me from the panic attacks and nightmares as he did when I WAS home. I slept better once he came to bed. As soon as he was up stairs I knew I was safe.

We are rarely serious when we’re together. We don’t get into fights, though we do argue, but it’s never loud and yelly and heated. We disagree so rarely it’s sort of a surprise when we do. Most of the time we giggle like school kids and giggle at the silliest, and at times inappropriate things. We share the same sense of humour and sense of sarcasm. He’s way funnier than I am though. It’s one of the few things I let him be better than me at. 😉

Tonight we spent our anniversary at home rather than heading into town and the Old Port. I guess we’re getting old because the thought of driving through construction and traffic and then spending forever trying to find a parking place and then having to walk forever to get to the restaurant, just wasn’t all that appealing to us anymore. So we stayed home. Dragged our old, broken (and VERY heavy) BBQ through the house to the front yard in hopes that someone would claim it for scrap metal (they did!). We got dressed in fancier clothes and headed 9 minutes away to our new favourite place for dinner – an authentic Mexican restaurant called Tamales. It has such wonderful food. We splurged and got a bottle of wine (only because I could NOT get a single glass of Rosee wine.) and ate in a place that was pretty much just US the entire time. Some people left a few minutes after we got there and it was empty afterwards. The server (and his small daughter) waited on us like we were royalty. I joked with Shawn that it was nice of him to call ahead and book the entire place just for us on our anniversary. What more could a girl want? (We even left the little girl a tip for being so helpful and great at bringing us plates and water. ;))

This wasn’t our fanciest anniversary and it wasn’t flashy or exciting, but it was exactly what we wanted and needed this year. We just wanted to spend quiet time together and relax. It’s what we did and we are both perfectly content with that.

I think we had a fine Pookaversary. Eight years and counting. I love you.

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  • Happy anniversary! I love the term “pookaversary.” Especially since I’ve gone by “pookasluagh” as a joke referencing my relationship with Jason for the last 13 years. 😀