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FairyLoot Unboxing – March 2018

Well, hey! I had so many other ideas for blog posts but I never got around to writing them. I’m torn, to be honest. I used to love blogging, and I think I still do, only I feel like I use instagram way more to quickly blog/photo blog, that I rarely open up the dashboard here to write anything. Hmm. I had wanted to write so many more things. But here we are a month after my last video post, with another one. And nothing in between.

So if you’re here to watch my video – enjoy! If you want to see photos of my dogs, cat, and bullet journal, just follow me on instagram while I try to figure out my blogging future. 🙂

This was the Second Anniversary of FairyLoot and the box was purple! Yay! And it had a lot of food-themed items inside it.

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  • Jeanna

    These unboxing videos make me so very happy- they really do! It’s like I get to open this mystical secret package along with you 🙂 You’re the grandest! XO

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