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February Photo a Day Challenge: Feb 1 – 14

Have I told you lately how much I love my iPhone? I’m not about to divorce my husband over it (although his lack of iPhone does make him ever so slightly less sparkly in my eyes. Heh.) but I love this stupid piece of technology so much it’s not even funny. Heck, I hardly even use it as a PHONE if I was being honest. I think my most favourite app right now is Instagram (which I have mentioned a few times on here). I’ve been using this free app for over a year and I have enjoyed every second of it. It’s pretty much the sole way I take photos with my phone now. Last month I noticed a few people on IG posting photos for a January Photo a Day challenge. I only clued in towards the end of the month, so I didn’t participate, but I was more than excited to find out that the blogger who hosted the January challenge – FatMumSlim – was doing one again for February!

I present to you the first half of my February photos, based on this challenge. (photos link to the IG original with caption.)

7 years come July 2 that we acquired these rings and this dog. For all of forever. #febphotoaday 3. Hands

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I can’t recognize the girl I used to be. #febphotoaday 4. #stranger

Gluten free Rice Krispies. #febphotoaday 6. #dinner

A button that I never hit because I will NEVER get to work if I do! #febphotoaday 7. #button

Movie date with my Mum = success! #febphotoaday 10. Self portrait”

Husband, dogs & books. Love. #febphotoaday 11. #MakesMeHappy

If it’s hanging up in the closet, it means I rarely wear it. #febphotoaday 12. #insidemyclose

This used to be our anti-valentine tradition. I love Grumpy Bear. #febphotoaday 14. #heart

There you have it. Must admit that having a theme for the day greatly increases my ability to provide a photo a day. I know I tried to do 365 days of photos a few years ago and it didn’t work out, but having the ease of a camera on my phone AND a theme for the day makes this so much easier.

If you have an iPhone, get yourself Instagram and join in the fun! Tag all your photos with #FebPhotoADay and see what others are doing. I’m no professional photographer but it doesn’t matter. Be creative! Have fun!

Other apps that I used to edit/tag the photos are PicFrame, Frametastic (to make collages) and Labelbox (to label them, duh!). These are also free (I rarely pay for apps unless I am 100% certain I will get my money’s worth!). It’s just a fun way to interact and get that creative need fulfilled.

I realize many of you may have already seen these on facebook or twitter and yes, this is a cop-out of a blog post… but Internet, I have been SO BUSY! I have no free time anymore! Ugh! So I wanted to post something. You’ll have to just accept this and hope that I can find time to entertain you with something more exciting soon. 😉

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