i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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February Photo a Day Challenge: Feb 15 – 29

I’m starting to wonder if 2012 actually is the end of the world and the way it’s going to end is that time just runs out. The very few blog posts I have written this year all start the same way – I HAVE NO TIME! Once in a while I long for the days of my bookstore jobs – the university one, where I was able to complete all my work (awesomely, I might add, because I was VERY good at my job and I loved it) and then have some time to blog and read my friends’ blogs and comment on them. I also miss the retail bookstore job where my schedule was more random and left me with time on my hands to do as I pleased (which ended up being blogging).

Oh, well.

I am three days into the March Photo A Day challenge, hosted by Fat Mum Slim, but I wanted to post the second half of February on here. I actually managed to take a photo a day and not miss one! Very proud of myself. How I lived without my iPhone for so long is a mystery to me. heh Here’s February 15 – 29 in photos for your viewing pleasure.

My husband asked for a “hot & sweaty locker room photo” of one of my best friends. This is what I sent him. We had just finished and had changed to go back to work. Husband didn’t specify how many clothes Mo had to wear. This is now the lock screen on his phone. Heh.

Finally starting new notebook at work.

Bed time.

I am aptly named (Cat) because I hate getting wet. Of course, I also hate being dirty so there’s always an internal war over getting in the shower or bath.

The cost of two south shore only bus passes for March.

My favourite song off one of my favourite albums.

 And that’s it.

Never mind the fact that I seemed to have another 222 photos on my phone since the 18th day when I last imported my photos. I obviously take way more than a photo a day, but these ones are all specific to the challenge. I know many of you have either seen these through instagram, twitter or Facebook. But I like to have them all logged in one place to have a reminder of what I took and when. After all, this is a journal of sorts.

Maybe one day I’ll actually write something of interest on ye olde blogge. We can all dream, can’t we?

1 comment to February Photo a Day Challenge: Feb 15 – 29

  • envoy-ette

    Oh, this is very interesting! I think your pictures show me more about you- especially your work place! I love the photo of you & Head on your wedding day! He’s looking at you with such love! Warms the heart! You know what I like about the shower pic? It’s your reflection in the wand! Nice job Cat!