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five favourite silly films


Sometimes days are tough. Sometimes you go too long without smiling, or laughter. It’s impossible to completely distance yourself from negativity blasting out from every direction – tv, radio, newspaper, internet… And when things get to be too much, I sometimes turn to a comfort that isn’t reading, or music.

There are a handful of silly films that never fail to make me laugh, no matter how often I have watched them. Some of them I own, others I need to remember to buy so I have them on hand when I need it. I thought I’d share five of the films that I adore regardless of how cheesy or silly they are.

The Emperor's New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove

(Disney, 2000) I think this is possibly my most favourite Disney movie even though I have always said Snow White was my favourite. There’s something about TENG that makes me gasp-for-air-laugh every single time I watch it. There’s not one character I don’t like. The villains are hilarious. (“Why do we even have that lever?!”)  I think it helps that I have always found llamas amusing. But this movie is my ultimate feel-better-about-life comfort comedy, from Kronk’s self-sung theme music, to Kuzco’s silly llama shenanigans, to the the little old man who warns you beware the “groooooove”. This movie is just giggles galore. (IMDB link.)

Bring it On

Bring It On

(Beacon, 2000) If I’m not watching The Emperor’s New Groove to cheer myself up, I’m probably watching Bring It On. I fell in love with this movie the second I saw it. I’ve even watched all of the other sequel-type cheer movies, but this one is my heart movie. I can’t ever watch this one too often. It is so much fun! (except for the barfing scene. Ugh.) (IMDB link.)

Josie and the Pussycats

Josie and the Pussycats

(Universal, 2001) So much camp! So cheesy! So punny! But So! Much! Fun! This is a total parody movie, but by golly does it make me laugh. I also bought the soundtrack because I kinda love the music from this movie. This really isn’t the most intelligent of movies, but it’s sugary fun. And you sort of have to tune out any idea of the comic book group, because this is so far off from that creation that you wonder why they even used the name. Still, it makes me laugh. A lot. (IMDB link.)



(DreamWorks, 2010) This movie joined my top 5 favourites by total accident. I had avoided watching it for so long, and then when I was off on med leave a few years ago, I put it on since it was free on Netflix. I had zero expectations of getting through the movie, let alone liking it. It’s a surprisingly hilarious movie. I have only watched this twice, unlike the other movies that I turn to when I need a laugh, but it’s coming up on time to watch it again. The humour is a lot more subtle than I thought it would be. There are many laugh-out-loud moments in this film, too. One of the best things is finding a delightful movie when you least expect it. (IMDB link.)



(Disney, 2010) If you had asked me the first time I watched Tangled if it would ever end up one of my favourite movies, I’d have laughed at you. The first time I watched the movie I was extremely underwhelmed. I didn’t like it much at all. And then I noticed people talking about it all the time, and quoting from it, and talking about Flynn Rider’s “smoulder”, and I’d laugh. And I’d think, “hey, yeah, that WAS funny” Not to mention I did love the horse. I eventually watched the movie again – and loved it. I loved it a LOT. I have watched it a few more times since then and each time I watch it I find something else more charming, and more funny that I missed the first time. I am now totally Team Tangled. (IMDB link.)

Hmm, I just noticed that these films all seem to have come out around the same time. Three between 2000-2001, and two in 2010. I guess those are golden years for humour. Most of the stuff that comes out now isn’t nearly as entertaining. But that’s ok. I still have these films to pick me up when I am home sick, or feeling blue. They all make me laugh out loud, and help me get through the blahs.

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