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glitter makes everything better

Hey internet! So, I’m sort of home on medical leave dealing with some unresolved PTSD crap from my trauma back at the end of March and well, I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that it sucks. It sucks a lot actually. Everything is difficult and overwhelming and crappy right now. But on the bright side, I happen to be home and healing throughout the month of December and what better time to be home than a time when you get to play in snowstorm snowfalls without worrying about having to go anywhere AND you get to spend all of your time enjoying super, sparkly Christmas decorations and realize you have time to MAKE THINGS even more sparkly and you get to use ALL OF THE GLITTER!

Little known fact. Glitter is part of the healing processes. No, really!

The first weekend in December I took a short trip to visit Monkey. This was planned and booked before I had my meltdown and saw my doctor. To be honest, I was worried about the visit, but I didn’t want to cancel it for many reasons, but being around people was hard for me. However Monkey is an awesome best friend and she gets me and my visit was super healing because she made sure that we wouldn’t be out in crowded, people-y places or do anything too stressful. In fact, we had an entire weekend of Christmas crafting and musical watching and it was fantastic. I felt more or less normal the entire weekend and I didn’t burst into tears ONCE! (Which at the time was a huge accomplishment for me.)

We really did use ALL of the glitter.

In fact, the one outing we did do (that wasn’t a nature trail walk) was a special trip to the craft store s we could buy MORE glitter. We were missing colours. You can’t Christmas Craft without white and silver and hot pink glitter!

Monkey lined the kitchen table with a ton of newspaper. We didn’t want to get  glitter everywhere. And we also wanted to limit the amount of glitter rage her husband was about to have as we opened up about 10 bottles of the stuff. Heh. I like her husband, he’s a great guy. I didn’t want him kicking me out of the house. 😉

We had an army of little creatures to glitter as well – all ready to be Christmas tree ornaments!

There were hippos.

Very, very cute hippos. (I might have a lot of hippopotamuses among my Christmas stuff. And yes, I really love the I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas song.)

We also had dinosaurs!

A little army of dinos and hippos just waiting to get their glitter on!

With the help of little hook thing that Monkey stuck into all of the critters, paint brushes and Mod Podge, we spent the afternoon sparkling up our army!

But wait! They weren’t completely done yet! Even though they could have been hung on the tree this way, they were missing something.

Pretty little bows! Doesn’t this photo just scream CHRISTMAS? I think it does. Now they were ready to pack in a ziplock bag and take back home on the train to hang on my tree!

I think my Christmas tree is even better this year than any other year, thanks to my glitter hippos and dinosaur!

We also did some crafts that were glitter-free (we’d have done more but to be honest, glittering critters was exhausting and we both wanted a nap by the time we were done!). We made Star Wars snowflakes while watching Pitch Perfect!

My house is extra sparkly and comforting this December thanks to some quality crafting time with one of my favourite people. Glitter aside, being creative and surrounding yourself with loved ones during hard times really is an excellent way to help yourself heal. All natural. No medication. Laughter, love and some sparkly crafting fun is a pretty easy recipe to follow.

2 comments to glitter makes everything better

  • Caroline

    That sounds like EXACTLY what you needed even though you were a little apprehensive beforehand. I must admit a weekend crafting, chatting and watching Pitch Perfect does sound pretty good to me. I hope the time off work and hopefully a wonderful Christmas will help you heal through the trauma you experienced.

  • Kay

    OK, this is just the AWESOMEST THING EVER. These are super lovely. 😎