finnish lapphund,  jinx

happy 5th birthday jinx puppy!

It really just feels like yesterday that Jinx arrived in our lives all tiny and fluffy. Jinx turning 5 today means that in 4 months we’ll have been married for 5 years. Wow. Time sure flies and a hell of a lot of things have happened in those 5 years.

Our baby turns 5 which is hard to get in our heads. He still acts very puppy-ish and has the same puppy expressions he had at 4 months old. Heck, we still CALL him Jinx Puppy.

Timid, good natured, hater of everything squirrel and a great soccer player, that’s our Jinx.

Some said that naming him such would cause us nothing but trouble but they were wrong. Aside from the Chewing & Digging Year (which we thankfully spent living with my in-laws so he got all of that out of his system then!) Jinx has been a wonderful dog. He’s gentle and inquisitive, and really, unless you are a squirrel, he won’t ever show any aggression. He really, really hates those squirrels though.

And now Jinx is two years away from being considered a senior in the dog world. I can’t imagine Jinx ever seeming like a senior citizen, he’s still got way too much puppy in him.

Big ol’ milestone this 5th birthday.

And next week I have to live with the fact that my Annabelly is turning 12! Where does the time go??


  • Joana

    Indeed! Where does the time go? 😆 Happy birthday to Jinx! So long as he is happy and loving life he will never be a “senior citizen”. 😉

    He looks adorable in that first picture btw, but the second, he looks kinda scary and the markings around his lower jaw make me think of blood in that lighting. lol Maybe Jinx wasn’t happy posing for anymore pictures? 🙂

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