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hi! it’s me again!

Can it be? Are our walls finally finished? I think so! Next step – moldings and baseboards! Whee!

I was trying to find a way to show you the colours we are using in the living room-slash-dining room, but it was hard to get a good shot. However, I discovered that Behr has website where you can browse their colours! How exciting! So I did a sneaky little Print Screen and viola! The green and white we will be using in the room!

The main colour is the Egyptian Nile and we’ll be doing the trim Cottage White (which looks much better in person that on this website thingy).

The chianti is also cool, but I am not sure if we can use it for anything, though Shawn was suggesting the kitchen, I think it might be a little too dark even as an accent. I might go a little lighter with the kitchen and have the compliments white.

Of course this would make our main floor sort of look perma-Christmas, and I don’t know how I feel about that. 🙂


  • Jill

    My living room is in those same colours… seriously 🙂 Clearly we have excellent taste.

  • meritt

    Behr cottage white is one of my favorites! I used that in our last home for the laundry room and it was my favorite colored room in the whole house.

  • Maria Almeida

    Well, at least you got colors.
    All of my house is white – and this includes my room which I’ve been begging my mom to let me paint dark red for AGES.

    As for Blue is for Nightmares (you commented on my blog ;]), and it was different. Different in a good way through, I liked it alot.

  • Cat

    Jill – was there ever even any doubt?? 🙂

    meritt – I am very happy to hear that! On the website it looked greenish, but the sample we have from the store is just a warm white-cream thing. I was worried for a bit – we haven’t bought that one yet! Behr has the best paints!

    Maria – Every apartment I have rented was all white. I am happy to have my own home to put colour in there!

  • Cat

    em60 – At least in our last rented place I was able to paint the trim something other than white. The original landlord said it was fine since it wasn’t the entire walls. And then the new-ratbastard-landlord (that stole our place when it was rebuilt) didn’t even notice. But I am SO happy to have colour. Now to get the cigarette filter-orange bedroom repainted…

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