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Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie

Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie
by Francesca Simon

Contains four stories – Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie, Horrid Henry’s Horrid Weekend, Horrid Henry’s Grump Card, Horrid Henry’s Olympics. (

Do you have a young reader who’s ready to make the move from mostly picture books to chapter books? If you do I’d encourage you to pick up any Horrid Henry book. I only discovered Horrid Henry through the Spooktacular Giveaway I was hosting courtesy of Sourcebooks, but these stories are fun AND funny!

When I finished reading all four of these short stories, I turned to my husband and said, “Holy cow is this kid Horrid!” He’s a mean, bratty little dude but you can’t help but laugh! I will be passing on the book to my sister for my 6-year old niece, though I will make sure my sister reads it first. You can laugh as a grown-up, but I’m worried the horridness will put ideas in my niece’s little head. heh

Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie – There’s a scary new movie playing and Horrid Henry’s parents won’t let him go see it. All of the other kids have seen it! One of the kids gets a copy and they all go to his house to watch it. Turns out, it was pretty stupid and Horrid Henry is certain he can make a much better monster movie! His parents tell him he has to include his little brother Perfect Pete though, much to Henry’s dismay. Many laughs and great illustrations!

Horrid Henry’s Horrid Weekend –  A trip to visit family (stupid cousin Stuck-Up Steve!) ends up with pranks and trouble making! The potential to play paintball and a pretty great revenge on his cousin at the end! (I laughed out loud at that one!)

Horrid Henry’s Grump Card – What’s better than a Get Out of Jail Free Card? A Grump Card! If you’re really good you get awarded this card which can get you out of trouble any time. Don’t want to do homework and toss it around? Just as you’re about to be grounded you whip out that Grump Card and your parents can’t ground you! Want to eat all the cookies before dinner? GRUMP CARD! keeps you from getting in trouble. Problem is Horrid Henry isn’t good, he’s horrid! His brother Perfect Pete has a ton of Grump Cards though. Now how to get those away from him… hmmmm.

Horrid Henry’s Olympics – This was actually my favourite of the four stories! Henry wasn’t impressed by the real Olympics so he decided to make his own. He figured he’d win all the events since they were things he was great at!

The illustrations in the book are fabulous and each little story is full of mischief! Check out the official web site to see a list of all the Horrid Henry books! (WARNING: There is auto-play sound on the site and it nearly scared the living daylights out of me! Make sure your speakers are turned way down or off!) I can’t believe there are so many and I only just discovered them now. I can’t wait to read more, myself!


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