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i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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hourly christmas – part 2

I ended the first post at 2pm Christmas day as we were on our way to my in-laws’ for dinner once our own festive shenanigans were done! So here’s the second half of my Hourly Christmas in photos!

It was extremely cold outside and of course we realized we needed gas in the car before we left. I got to remain bundled up in the car with the dogs as Shawn braved the freezing temperatures and got us enough gas to get to his parents’ place. Heh. Nothing says Christmas like, “Car Selfie with Dog in Background”.

We arrived and Jinx was very happy to see everyone (he looooooves is Pawpaw and Maw) and sniff all of the bags around the tree. We also had a surprise gift that was cleverly disguised so we didn’t know what it was.

This is probably the best hat anyone has ever given me. It’s from my father-in-law. I proceeded to wear it the entire night. (Although I did take it off during dinner because I didn’t want the tassels to fall into my gravy! Mmm gravy.) I think this was a secret tactic to keep me from trying to steal one of his hats as I am prone to do every Christmas. I can’t help it if he buys himself a new (and nice) winter hat almost every year. I like his hats! And they look good on me. 😉

My plan had been to take a photo of our dinner, but I forgot because I was starving and it was delicious! So I was going to take a photo of the ice cream Yule log dessert. Obviously that didn’t go as planned either.

By 7pm we were all lounging around the living room while Shawn helped his dad with his laptop and chatting away. Bellies full (but not TOO full in my case!) and I was happily wrapped up in my new fuzzy blanket and warming myself by the digital fireplace. (Please note that my in-laws’ actually have a wood stove in their basement but it was too hot down there because of that! ;))

Since my husband had dressed up so nicely I had wanted a photo of the two of us before we went home. It’s hard to take photos of us with just the cellphone because all I can get is our heads. So I had my father-in-law use his fancy camera and then showed him how to use my phone. Family portrait!

Just before 10 we were home and I was tired and my Christmas was done. From Finnegan and I – Merry Christmas!

I am becoming quite the expert in digital fireplaces. Since everyone was amused by how amused I am by the one on Netflix, we turned on the one that comes with their cable station. It plays actual commercial Christmas music. We kept it on the entire evening. hee!

Once I got my new hat, my Santa hat came right off (since I generally wear a Santa hat all day Christmas day!) and Shawn took it. Here’s our Festive Hat Selfie!

Since my parents moved away, I have not received Birthday Toilet paper in a couple of years so my in-laws’ thought they’d help me out. ha! This was completely wrapped, too. Nothing says “Best Present Ever!” like toilet paper!

And that, internet, was my Christmas. And now on to a new year…

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