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Today's Driving ManualToday’s Driving Manual
by Who The Heck Knows

It is so very, very difficult for me to read anything non-fiction. I had the same problem as I suffered through school. Now you may ask yourself, why is a 31-year old just learning to drive now? Well. Many reasons. So there. Of course I actually PASSED my Theory/Knowledge test and got my Learner’s Permit all of three and a half years ago. What I didn’t do was practice my driving. For many reasons I will not get into here, I wasn’t able to and so I never went for my actual Driving Test. And now that I have been able to drive in our lovely new car, I can’t book a driving test without first re-taking the Knowledge test. Fun stuff.

Last time, I had the advantage of a Driving School where I could spend hours and hours taking practice tests on their computer. I would go through many, many multiple-choice questions as much as I wanted to. This time I do not have that option. I just have this stupid book (which I never really read in 2004!) and I have to admit I am terrified that I will never pass this stupid Knowledge test again.

I am a Visual Learner. I fear I only passed that stupid test because the driving school had very good examples of the questions (though, not the same due to legal stuffs) and I used my photographic memory while taking the official test. I don’t have multiple choice examples anymore. And I sure as heck am not going to pay another $450 just to spend time at a driving school (boy does learning to drive cost a LOT in Quebec, one of the main reasons I didn’t do this when I was 16 like the rest of the world – my family couldn’t afford it and it was more expensive back then!).

So I am slowly plugging through this manual. My test is next Friday – when the hell did it suddenly get to be almost September 14?! When I booked this test two weeks ago it seemed so far away! The panic is starting to set in and the more I read about rules and regulations and signs and right-of-ways, the more I start to fear I will never remember any of this – even though I KNOW I KNOW pretty much all of it. I just suck big time on tests. Especially tricky multiple choice tests. People who have forms of dyslexia just don’t DO well on tests. At least I don’t.

If I can ever get this stupid Knowledge Test out of the way, then I can concentrate on panicking over the driving test. Heh.

(David Eddings post coming as soon as I have some more time…)

UPDATE: Test was a piece o’ cake, and I only made one stupid mistake. I would have had 100% had I not changed one answer at the last second. Drat! Anyhow, now I just need to work on the driving part. I still feel rather like a loser about this though. Hmm.

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  • Emsxiety

    I got one wrong too. What’s the no zone? I knew drug free zone, school zone, residential zone but no zone.. no idea. Turns out it’s about driving near a tractor trailer and if you can’t see him in his side mirrors then he can’t see you. So you can’t be there. It’s the NO ZONE. They even showed the places on a tractor trailer truck where it’s the NO ZONE.

    Stupid ass no zones!

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