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i have no time to be interesting

Good heavens.  I love to blog, I mean, I have been doing it for sooooo long and I love writing about my days and the silly things that happen to me but I just have NO time. I don’t want to be a weekend blogger, but the last year or so I have been and that SUCKS people, because I WANT to write more and chatter inanely about things but I have no time!

Work is extra busy right now because my boss had to leave suddenly for the month and I have been doing both jobs together and I have no idea how she did both jobs herself before my position was created because OH MY GOD is it insane. She is obviously a goddess of some sort, which I pretty much knew already since she solves all the world’s problems and Shawn and I always seek her advice even for our personal lives, so you know. Awesome Goddess Person. But seriously, handling the work in the office all by herself is just award winning work. Oh, wait, she DID win an award for doing her job excellently, that was the year I started. See? She’s award-winning excellent goddess person! I miss her.

Shawn also started a new job last week and now we’re both bus-riding people and Sophie has not been all that happy with being in her crate for 10 hours a day. Taking the bus changes our schedules pretty drastically because now we can’t just zip to the store on the way home and pick up dinner. This might get easier when (if?) I get my real grown-up driver’s licence, but really, we need someone at home to stay with the dogs. We can’t let Sophie out and then put her back IN the crate and both go out. It’s just rude. And hard on her! As it is she submits to us when we let her out when we get home and cries like we’ve beaten her. Also her energy level is THROUGH THE ROOF when we get home since she’s been cooped up all day. We’ve been getting up extra early and Shawn takes both dogs for a walk before we leave, but still, being crated from 8am – 6:00 or 6:30 (depending on traffic) is rough on the poor dog. Jinx is out and able to walk around, but of course, he also doesn’t chew up the house when unsupervised. It’ll be a while before Sophie is trusted on her own. heh Ahh, puppies!

One of the things I have thought about over the last year or so is how thankful I am for people in my life who have touched me in someway. I have also thought a lot about the people who should be thanked for things who generally aren’t. A few weeks ago I said to the parish priest after mass “I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your homilies. Normally I find them the worst part of the service but yours actually mean something to me and oddly, always reflect exactly what is going on in my life. So, thank you.” This priest seems rather shy and I think I caught him off guard. He is not familiar with me as I only rejoined my old choir at Christmas, and he’s not a priest that was around 13 years ago when I was still going to church. I missed choir a lot last year and so I went back. I might not agree with the Catholic church, and I don’t talk about religion (or politics) on this blog because, well, it’s none of your business what I believe or don’t and to be honest I don’t care what you think about either subject and I don’t see why you should care what I think. BUT, I missed the singing and my friends in the choir and I went back so I could sing and not pay attention to the rest, but oddly, when this one priest holds the mass something always resonates with me. He’s not the best public speaker, I can tell he’s nervous, so his jokes are often timed oddly, but he speaks about real day-to-day life in a current manner, not all past fire and brimstone. The other priest doesn’t capture me, he just makes me angry. =P ANYHOW I felt the need to thank him for what he says and let him know it meant something to me.

Just like my old high school principal (who also happens to go to the same mass I sing at). He was always a great principal, as much as teens in high school could like a principal. I had the advantage of being in choir with him while I was in school so I knew him outside the suited up authority figure role. But he did a great job leading a bunch of 12-17 year olds who mocked any authority figure in assembly. He cared about kids, was a father himself and did a good job of running the school. I always liked him, though who would admit that while in school, right? I always smile to myself when I see him at church because I liked him. This weekend I told him “I just wanted to thank you for being a great principal to us when I was there”. It’s a thankless job and normally people say “I had great teachers” and well, I did, but my principal was also pretty darned great, too.

I don’t know why these needs to thank people have suddenly come out so strongly. I also feel the same way about friends I have made through blogging and stuff too. Maybe I am approaching enlightenment and am going to die soon (so morbid!). I hope not, of course. But I just feel like after all the help I’ve had recently that I just appreciate people more and so few people let others know they are appreciated and I feel like that needs to be fixed.

Whatever, I am rambling way too much and my dinner is ready. So, I’ll shut up now.


4 comments to i have no time to be interesting

  • Mummy

    I bet those “thank you’s” really made their day. Good for you for taking the time and bothering to mention something that seems so small to you but so GREAT to them. (Everyone likes to know that they touched or helped someone.)

  • I get those thanking impulses, too. In fact, I’m a bit of a chronic thanker, thanking people numerous times for the same thing. It probably gets annoying. Your thoughtful thanking, on the other hand, sounds like the kind of gesture that would make someone’s day a lot brighter.

    Thanks for reading.

    Thank you,

    Grateful Calamity

    P.S. Thanks so much!

  • We should all thank people more often. It isn’t done enough. You are very sweet to be so thoughtful.

  • envoy-ette

    I would like to THANK YOU Cat, for being there for me in my moments of almost giving up over the past 7 years. When I thought no one gave a damn, you e-mailed me. When I wondered why I was still blogging, you left the perfect encouraging comment. Thank you Cat…for being there!