i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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i think i can say that today was a good day

I got my stuff (woot!)

I went out at lunch and got pierced…
cool me!

I think I took the best photo ever of my two dogs…
treat? where? can we have one? treat?

My emily stuff is sooooooooooo cool. I will be wearing it tomorrow.

I totally meant to take a photo of me in my extremely cute Halloween outfit, but I forgot when I got home and changed into my pjs. Oops. Next year I suppose.

I can go to bed happy tonight. woot!

[I have a lot to change on my blog… the links and some other parts are in the wrong colours, but I will wait until I have time to fiddle with the entire thing… hope you all had a happy Halloween!]

6 comments to i think i can say that today was a good day

  • I likely the piercing.
    And that really is the best picture ever of the doggies but how come Jinx wasn’t in his pumpkin costume?

  • Errr that should say likey – not likely. I’m tired.

  • I lurve it! It’s a teenie little bar! Bitchin! You’re making me want to get that done, actually, I want to get my septum pierced (but the husband would have a heart attack).

  • Cat

    monkey… Jinx was in his costume earlier, I didn’t really get any good shots. I hope that my MiL did. We took Jinx out of the costume because, um… boys pee at a different angle than girls and well, the costume was a little soggy (didn’t think of this before though. oops!)

    betty… It will be something a little more exciting later. I wanted just something simple for the first piercing that a) would be easy to take care of and b) wouldn’t be all that noticiable at work. so far only one person has noticed (that didn’t know about it). And um.. I don’t think I would ever get that pierced, I’m more of an ear, eyebrow, tongue gal. 🙂

    Have I ever mentioned how much I miss my tongue piercing? 🙂

    meritt.. small and simple, yet I feel so spectacular!

  • Your dogs approved too! Look at those happy faces!!!