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i’d like to see that phelps guy break this record!

I blogged about it in 2005.

And in 2006.

And in 2007. – Wait.. What? Crap! Why isn’t there a 2007 post? Did I not go to the dentist last summer? HOW CAN THAT HAVE HAPPENED!! I am so DOOMED! I am going to hell! Improper dental hygiene is like blasphemy! I feel so wrong inside…

And now for 2008 – I would like to inform you, my faithful readers, that I am now at 32 years and NO CAVITIES! (which is even more amazing by the fact that I was a big loser and didn’t seem to go last year. How did that happen? How did time go by so fast without my cleaning? ARGH!)

I was really happy about my appointment today and was going to write all about it until I went and did that search thing to link up to my other posts and REALIZED I SKIPPED A YEAR! I have NEVER gone more than a year without seeing my dentist. Sigh. I am a failure. Lightning shall strike.

Though, I will pick myself up from my dejected slump to inform you that I tried a new dentist out this time. This is the first time in my entire life I have ever gone to another dentist to clean my teeth. My orthodontist didn’t count because that was braces related and not tooth related.

Anyhow I went to this new place, just around the corner, I rode my BIKE for the first time since I bought it (yes, I KNOW!) and because I was riding my bike, I finally got to take my awesome helmet out for a spin (since my other bike was a lost cause when I bought this helmet…). It took a whopping 10 minutes to bike there, so I was slightly early (30 mins) but that’s ok because I had to fill out some paperwork, etc.

This new place? Amazing! AND they said they liked me because I made them laugh. I am totally partial to people who find me enjoyable. 😀 It’s an ego thing.

After a long talk about how I should floss (I KNOW! But I HATE IT!) and a lot of laughter, I walked away cavity-free and with a new tooth brush, mini toothpaste and sparkly dental floss. I almost got a toy (since I had joked that the other place has known me since I was three and I still got toys at the end) but I politely declined and said “I have to grow up sometime!” Though I am thinking about it now and I should have at least checked out their toy stash. There could have been something exciting in there!

I shall now go eat something more than a tomato from my sister’s garden (though that was very yummy). I don’t know what to eat though and I don’t like to go into the kitchen because it’s a mess. We have had dishes on the counter and in the sink for like 2 weeks now and the thought of washing them all by hand makes me want to hide under the deck in the back yard. But they have been there long enough that some stupid spider has made webs around some of them and now I don’t want to touch them because – hello?? SPIDER! There is a SPIDER in there somewhere and I am so not going near that.


But I am hungry. What do I want to eat? Someone around here seems to be bar-b-qing things and it smells GOOD. I suppose I could take my bike back outside and go to the store and pick up some food, but I am too hungry to want to try and ride my bike right now. I might pass out from starvation!

Woe is me, and all that.

I shall find something. And I shall spare you all from more insane rambles. I am too shaken about the missing dental appointment in 2007 anyhow.

6 comments to i’d like to see that phelps guy break this record!

  • Cindy

    You’re supposed to go every 6 months, though…

  • Cat

    I never had time to go every 6 months because I didn’t have enough days left or it was too busy to go. So I started going in the summer on one of my Summer Fridays because I knew I could get there ok. Having stayed with the SAME dentist for 30 years – well, I moved around a lot and he stayed in the same place. Made it harder to get there when I had to travel most of the day. 😛

  • My great grandad removed all his teeth with a pair of scissors and threw them in the fire…

    Scaramouche Joness last blog post..Flame Off

  • I’ve gone my entire life and only have had two pinpoint cavities. Well, I also had one in one of my wisdom teeth, but since I had to have them pulled anyway, I say that one doesn’t count!

    Also, finding your old blog really does prove the point that everything you put out there on the Internet is out there forever!

    foradifferentkindofgirls last blog post..things I think are the tits*

  • I am going to pay you to come out here and teach Ryder about good dental hygiene since I couldn’t even tell you the last time I went to the dentist. It’s not that I am afraid, I am just lazy. And I desperately need to go. So sad…

  • Cat

    FADKOG – right! The wisdom tooth one does not count!

    MelMegaMom – If you’re paying for my visit to California, I am SO THERE!