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Annie hasn’t been eating lately. This is a BIG DEAL because normally we have to keep Annie away from Jinx’s food as she’ll wander on over to him after she vacuums her own food down and try to eat from his bowl. But lately she’s not been eating any food.

Any dog food that is.

Due to Annie’s tendency to not chew but just suction up her food, pilling her is ridiculously easy. We put the pill in her food and it’s gone in a nano-second with the rest of her kibble. It’s been harder this last month as she’s been sniffing her food, looking at us with disgust and then waddling to the other side of the room and plopping down tragically.

We’ve been trying to decide if she’s just playing the “I want something else” game, or if something is wrong. The vet checked her out yesterday at our annual appointment and she doesn’t have a fever or anything blocking her little doggy bum. It could just be her age. In fact the day she turned 12 (March 7) she seems to have just gotten OLD. That’s about the time she stopped eating her food as often. She’ll eat anything else if offered and she’s not throwing up or anything. So maybe she’s just gone back to her original ways of not being all that food-oriented now that she’s a crotchety old lady.

Jinx has never been one to care much about his food bowl. He’s one of those dogs who could just have his food left out and he’d eat it whenever. We got strict with the meal times due to Annie’s increase in appetite with her allergy medication. We couldn’t leave Jinx’s food down. He had to eat it in the allotted time or he’d get another chance at the next meal (breakfast and dinner).

Neither of them are really eating now, which is just an odd thing in our house. Part of the problem is Jinx tends to only start to pick at his food AFTER Annie has eaten. And by pick I mean eat one…piece…at…a…time. He’s the slowest eater I have ever met in the dog world. He chews each piece individually, walks around, checks everyone out and then goes back for piece number 2. Weird.

So pilling Annie is getting to be a challenge. We’ve been mixing in a quarter of a can of wet food on pill mornings, or if we’re out of that, we’ll wrap it in a kraft single. It’s not that we have to hide it from her, it’s just that we have to get her to EAT in order to get pilled. This morning I had heartworm pill #1 to give her and as she was coughing a lot all night I decided she needed an allergy pill as well. I put some left over hamburger in her bowl (and Jinx’s of course) just to encourage the eating this morning (she only ate yesterday’s breakfast at 4:30 pm that afternoon). And so she ate cleverly this morning and when I looked up I had food all over the floor. Tricky Missy.

She ate the heartworm pill in her gobbling of the meat, but missed the teeny-tiny allergy pill. Drat. Out came the cheese for that one. I wanted her to stop coughing, I could have given her the other pill any time today.

I love that she spits out the kibble from her mouthfuls of beef. (That’s what she said?) She also give me a glare with each piece she spits out. It’s heart warming I tell you. I can just feel her love.

Jinx isn’t as easy to pill. I put it in his food with the burger on the off chance he make a mistake. But that dog examines everything he puts in his mouth that isn’t mud or poop. So I put it in cheese. He spit out the pill and ate the cheese. So I ended up pilling him the traditional way by ramming my finger down his throat. I hate doing that, I feel cruel.

So my picky Belly is lying across the room staying as far away from her food bowl as possible. I’m waiting for Jinx to realize there is food on the floor (because that is the BEST tasting food!) and I’ll let him clean it up. Whether they eat from their own bowl or the other’s bowl I don’t care right now. I just want to make sure they eat. 😉


  • Calamity Jenni

    Hopefully Annie is just being picky and isn’t feeling unwell. Have you had warmer weather lately? My pups tend to go off their food when the temp rises.

  • sars

    Flatula was like that. Well, the pill part anyways… She could find the smallest pill in the biggest bowl of food, eat every scrap of food and leave the pill. Peanut butter was a gift from God.

    Velcro, on the other hand, is different. I can actually hand him his pills. Like, in my hand… I just offer them to him, and he eats them. The only difficulty with this is that I have to be very difficult when I’m taking pills. If I drop them on the floor, he will eat them before I can retrieve them.

  • kat

    Haha, funny post, though I do hope your dogs get to eating better soon. Jinz’s way of eating is amusing – maybe if I ate like that I’d be down a few pounds.

    Do you think Annie could have some teeth sensitivity? I am not a dog person but my mother is (so I hear about them), and I think older dogs can get weaker teeth right?

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