i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings. i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds. i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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i’m a really lucky girl

not in a “wow i just won the lottery!!!” way…oh no.. definitely not.. (we didn’t even get ONE bloody number out of 21 last night for the 20.5 million.. bah!)

but i am a lucky girl for the following reasons:

  • i have one heck of a great boyfriend who spoils me rotten and just treats me like a princess
  • i have a great group of friends who are always there to help me out – be it wedding preparations, cupcake making volunteers, there to cheer me up.. or anything…

i am just really lucky. and thankful. and happy to have these people in my life.

i know i have been cranky and bitchy this past week… i am not angry though. i am not mad. i was honestly just sleep deprived and that mutes my natural happy and cute nature. hee! now that i have caught up on my sleep and can see the world through my purple coloured glasses again.. i am soooo happy to have great friends and family and love. it’s been a long time coming. really. i have had lousy luck with friends in the past. it’s taken e a long time to chose wisely… and although i am slow to trust most people there are the few that i seem to click with right away and let in.

i’ve had these walls built around me for so many years not many people have been willing to scale them.. so i let them down a little and gave up caring about what others thought. and you know what? people started to like me for ME and not some fake wanna be persona – which i was never into. i hate fake people.

so thank you everyone for being so gosh darn terrific!

thank you chelsea
thank you sandra
thank you monkey (i swear i was going to use the post about me and you from before you left.. but that seems to have died with my old blog!!)
thank you mom
thank you cindy, mel, grace, ian & carissa for being such great blogger friends and making me laugh and caring about me (or at least doing a pretty good job pretending too.. hee!)
thank you marcel for having fun with the “let’s get reverendized” idea – not that you ever read my blog but just in case you do you’re there
thank you other bloggers on my blogroll for just being fun and entertaining and i am glad i met you
thank you young anthony for getting me into blogging (heh)
thank you linda for always being so generous with your Finnish Lapphunds and with all your help with mine.

gee… just THANK YOU to a lot of people. i want you all to know that i appreciate you. i am so grateful to have you in my life. i hope to be as great a friend as you have been to me.

7 comments to i’m a really lucky girl

  • Jay

    Friends are what keep us sane when we can’t do it ourselves, and for a girl so close to her wedding, I’m sure you need your friends now more than ever!

  • Thank YOU, I enjoy reading your blog and I promise the next time I go to Montreal I’ll let you know, maybe we can meet for a drink or something.

  • I am so glad to read that you’re happy and back to your chipper self. Your post was so sweet it made me smile!!! You are a lucky girl!! Lucky girls are allowed to have bad weeks too. This is a much better mood, however and I’m glad your in it. 🙂

  • darlin,youre glowin right now! think ill share a glow with you……
    any other glow takers?

  • I want some of that glow, please. Cat, you’re such a sweetheart! I just adore you.

  • i’ll take some (((glow)))!

    i’m lucky to have met you! can’t wait to see you at the wedding!

  • Cat

    GLOW!!!! 🙂 i’ll share the glow with everyone! woot!

    i just noticed i lost a line when i was cutting and pasting that from word to here.. huh.. must go make another post.. !